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100 Activities for Developing Leaders - Download


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This powerful guide provides you with 100 proven leadership development techniques for building a high-performing organization.


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Additional information about 100 Activities for Developing Leaders - Download

Electronic Delivery of 2 Volumes that include 100 activities in 17 categories of leadership development

Authentic Ethical Leadership

  • A Metaphor for Personal Change
  • A Power Card Affirmation
  • Balance Balls and Balance Life
  • Grow Like a Garden: A Metaphor
  • How to Make Ethical Decisions
  • I Want Some Power! Types of Power
  • Just Do the Right Thing!
  • Lead Them on an Adventure
  • Making Connections: Networking
  • Organizational Leadership Assessment
  • Sort-Out Manager-vs-Leader Competencies
  • The Kouzes-Posner Leadership Model
  • The Talisman: A Symbol for Balance
  • Trust: The Glue of Leadership
  • Values: The Foundation of Ethics
  • You Be the Judge!

Communicating with Followers

  • Communicating the Benefits of a Vision Statement
  • Even Leaders Need to Listen and Paraphrase
  • Giving Feedback
  • Leading the Cheer
  • Mediating Conflicts Between Followers

Developing Your Leadership Skills and Staying Renewed

  • How Do You Learn Best?
  • Staying in Balance and in Good Health
  • Tips for Success as a Leader
  • Writing a Professional Development Plan

Empowering Followers

  • Empowering Followers Through Delegation
  • Following the Leader
  • I or We?
  • Motivating Your Followers

Ending the Leadership Workshop

  • Certificate of Self-Recognition
  • Closing Cheers
  • Closing the Leadership Workshop
  • Stick-on Strokes

Lay the Groundwork, Energize Them, and Then Close

  • Dear
  • ;Teams
  • Forming Professional Resource Groups
  • Get the Idea?
  • Get Them Ready!
  • I Learned a Lot!
  • Leadership Shield
  • Let’s Meet Soon!
  • Make It Rhyme with “Leader”
  • Meet My Leader—an Orange?
  • Saying Goodbye
  • Select and Prepare Your Participants
  • Take Time to “Journal”
  • Tell a Story and Make Your Point!
  • The Exhibit Hall
  • The Koosh Ball Review Game
  • The Leadership Puzzle
  • Walk and Talk
  • Word Scramble Closure Game

Leadership Theories and Research

  • Common Themes in Leadership Research
  • How Is a Manager Different From a Leader?

Leaping Into Leadership with Warm-ups

  • Name Tag
  • Opening Your Leadership Workshop
  • People Hunt
  • What Do You Know About Leadership?

Making Changes and Taking Risks

  • Helping Others Face Change
  • How Do You Feel About Change?
  • Taking Risks—Your Style and Opportunities
  • Trying Something New

Motivating Others

  • Add Heart To Your Workplace Celebrations
  • Alphabet Poem: Practice Your Creativity
  • Dare to Take Risks
  • Keep the Flame Burning: Recognizing Others
  • Leadership Stations: Your Final Journey
  • Listen Up! The Leader as Coach
  • Pass It On! The Leader as Teacher
  • Searching for Creativity
  • Successful Leaders Have Mentors

Our Leadership Models and Mentors

  • Mentors and Mentoring
  • The Best and Worst Leaders You’ve Known
  • What Did You Learn From Your Childhood Models?

Recognition and Rewards

  • Creative Rewards
  • Let’s Celebrate!
  • Recognizing and Rewarding Employees


  • Leading at Your Best
  • Your Personal Traits
  • Your Values and Beliefs
  • Set an Example
  • A Diversity Exercise
  • A Leader’s Guide To a Great Meeting
  • Claim Conflict
  • Energize!
  • Flex Your Style
  • Presenting with Pizzazz!
  • Sell Yourself and Your Ideas
  • The Leader as Negotiator
  • Where Were You When? A Timeline
  • You + Me = A Team

Solving Problems and Making Decisions

  • Brainstorming—An Old but True Tool
  • Problem-Solving Method
  • Reaching Consensus Through Collaboration
  • The Leader as Facilitator
  • The Problem-Solving Cycle and the Compact
  • Who Will Make This Decision?

Visionary Leadership

  • Creating an Organizational or Team Vision Statement
  • Let’s Dream!
  • Look Back to the Future
  • Tapping Into Creativity
  • The Visionary Leader Award

Working with Others in Teams

  • Building Commitment and Synergy
  • Setting Team Guidelines
  • The Emerging Leader in a Team
  • What Is a Team?

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