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Bullying & Other Disruptive Behavior: for Managers & Supervisors Training Program


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The words "bullying" and "disruptive behavior" often make us think of how children sometimes act. But "grown-ups" who bully and engage in other forms of disruptive behavior on the job can interfere with the functioning of the workplace, disturb and threaten coworkers and even affect their health.
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Additional information about Bullying & Other Disruptive Behavior: Employees Safety Meeting Kit

Fear, anger, frustration, humiliation, helplessness... these feelings shouldn't be part of anyone's job description. But they can be common in workplaces where bullying and other disruptive behavior is a problem. More than 35% of the employees in the U.S. say that they have worked with a bully. And bullying and other disruptive behavior not only harms workers but can damage the business as well. 

"Bullying and Other Disruptive Behavior: for Employees" provide the information employees need to understand this type of behavior and know how to shut it down when it happens. All of the products, the DVDs and interactive CD courses, discuss topics that are integral to employees' understanding of these issues.

Topics Include:

  • Workplace bullies and what they do.
  • The effects of workplace bullying.
  • How to handle a workplace bully.
  • Other disruptive behavior.
  • Defusing disruptive behavior.

Safety Meeting Kit Includes:

  • DVD or USB Flash Drive
  • 5 Posters
  • 30 Booklets
  • Leader’s guide
  • Quiz & Answer Key
  • Training certificate

Runtime: 17 minutes

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