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Entertainment Industry Training Videos


Acting In Film with Michael Caine

Academy Award winning actor Michael Caine, internationally acclaimed for his talented performances in movies for over twenty-five years, shares his personal insights into the art and science of film acting.
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Acting In High Comedy with Maria Aitken

By Maria Altken. "A lively session on high comedy, with examples from Coward, Wilde, Sheridan and Cosgreve." - The London Sunday Times. This program reveals the spark that transforms a routine reading into a vibrant one in a scene from Private Lives, which by the time Aitken has finished with it, it has attained something close to brilliance.
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Acting In Restoration Comedy with Simon Callow

By Simon Callow. "Taking scenes from The Relapse by Sir John Vanbrugh as the text, Callow directs a workshop of young actors and subjects them to his own rigorous and scrupulous appraisal."
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Acting In Shakespearean Comedy with Janet Suzman

By Janet Suzman. Totally and incisively in charge, her unscripted preamble is a dramatic lesson in itself; with all the right places to create a dramatic effect you can cut with a knife. Her dissertation on the difference between tragedy and comedy is masterly." - The London Sunday Times.
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Acting In Tragedy with Brian Cox

In this terrific 60-minute master class, Brian Cox covers the fine points of tragic acting. The London Times calls this video, "Full of common sense ... In the end, it is we actors who are on the spot ...
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Advanced Screenwriting Series with Linda Seger

Get the 3 DVD Set. 3 DVD Set Includes: Advanced Story Techniques, Deepening The Theme and Broadening The Characters. Advanced Screenwriting, script consultant and screenwriting teacher, Dr. Linda Seger, takes you to another step to further integrate your story and theme and characters.
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Basic Field Production 2 DVD Set - Sound Recording & Lighting Video

These programs follow a small crew through a location interview shoot, as they plan their strategy and solve dozens of typical field production problems
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Basic Field Production: Lighting Video

This program follows the cinematographer through an interview shoot as he demonstrates a variety of options for creating a distinctive look with limited equipment. This is lighting you can do from the back of a van.
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Basic Field Production: Sound Recording - Video

This program follows the sound recordist step-by-step through advance planning, evaluating the location, choosing the right equipment for the session, mixing strategies, test recording and session procedure.
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Basic Radio Skills Series

The Basic Radio Skills training series is geared for the radio beginner or for those wanting to improve their practical knowledge
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Basic Radio Skills: Announcing And Presentation

A lively montage takes us through a typical radio day as six announcers on talk, news and music shows provide insights into the specific requirements of their formats and into their personal approaches to gathering, organizing and presenting material.
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Basic Radio Skills: Radio Drama

Shaun Mclaughlin, director of over 200 BBC radio plays, leads a master class at the Australian Radio, Film and Television School in the rehearsal and production of a short radio drama.
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Basic Radio Skills: Radio News

Five seasoned journalists present an in-depth view of radio news at work. Topics include news sources, item selection and scripting, preparation for broadcast, presentation skills, telephone interviews, field reports and more.
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Basic Radio Skills: Radio Production Making A Commercial

The production processes of a humorous insurance commercial is amusingly narrated by producers Street Remley and Bob Dennis. We see them at work with the client and with the actors as the recording session proceeds.
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Basic Radio Skills: Radio Talkback

This program explores a wide range of styles and approaches for the live call-in show. A special instructional segment examines phone operation, delay systems and call dumping.
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Basic Radio Skills: Radio Writing

The specifics of writing for new and current affairs, commercial copyrighting and radio comedy writing are covered in detail. Specialists in each area lay out the basic requirements and share tricks of the trade.
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Basic Radio Skills: The Art Of Radio Advertising

Two of Americas most successful radio commercial producers, Bert Berdis and Alan Bartzman, discuss their approach to concept and development, copyrighting and directing for radio ads.
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Basic Radio Skills: The Radio Interview

A straightforward presentation of the two basic audiotape editing techniques: splice editing and dub editing. Graphics and overlays make the procedures clear and examples of music and voice edits are performed.
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Basic Radio Skills: The Radio Studio

This program introduces the radio novice to the operation of the hardware of a radio studio: console, microphones, telephone talkback, turntables, CD players, cart players, tape recorders, cassette decks, DAT recorders and more.
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Basic Video Production: Camera Operation

This introductory-level program focuses on camera components, white balance, zoom, focus, depth-of-field along with the dos & donts of basic camera operation.
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Beginners Guide To Animation Sculpting Characters With Clay

This program describes the properties of polymer clay, the tools used to sculpt, bake and paint the material and illustrates the basic forms that you can make out of clay that provide the basis for any sculpture.
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Behind-The-Scenes With Hollywoods Special Makeup Effects Artists

A rare behind-the-scenes from the set of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Watch the entire makeup process from beginning to end as effects master Dave Quashnick transforms actors J.G. Hertzler into Klingon general, Martok.
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Classic Hollywood Makeup Techniques Video

Top Hollywood makeup artist Christina Rodriguez, demonstrates one of the most popular and requested looks on a set, the clean face. This program shows how to create a flawless complexion by highlighting the face to look natural as if the person has no makeup.
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Complete Unarmed Combat Mastering the Techniques

Great as a class culmination, or for plays with unarmed fights. Learn advanced combinations and unarmed fight sequences as well as choke from behind, elbow strike, right hook block, contact stomach punch, straight kick and kick to the stomach.
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Complete Unarmed Combat Perfecting The Fundamentals

A must for performers and teachers! This DVD builds on the training taught in the first program including wrist grab with break, duck, non-contact stomach punch, strangle hold, upper cut, cresent kick and much more. It spotlights valuable lessons on acting and performing fights, combat safety, stage fright and adds several new techniques.
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