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Gathering and Using Information 5-Pack


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The Gathering and Using Information Profile is a self-assessment and workbook that explores how you behave as you process information at work. For example, do you follow established models for doing things— or create new ones that are meaningful to you? Are you action-oriented when solving problems—or drawn to conceptual solutions and approaches?


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We deal with all kinds of information everyday at work. Yet few professionals have had the opportunity to examine their strengths in this area and build on them. By completing the tool, you’ll gain fresh insight into how you work with information on the job and guidelines for expanding your skill at handling information by yourself and when working with others. You’ll quickly discover many new things about yourself by reading 25 questions, recording your answers on the score sheet and then interpreting your results. The action steps at the end of the workbook will clarify what the “next step” is in your effort to recognize your own behavior patterns when gathering and using information and accept those of others.

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