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Makeup Artist Training Videos


How to Create Old-Age Make-up Video

Featuring Rob Burman, Hollywood make-up effects artist & 30 year prosthetic veteran Burmans work includes legendary films; The Thing, Ghostbusters, The Fly, Super Mario Bros & Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.
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Special Effects Make-Up Artist - Career Video

In this program host Melody Young joins a team of professional make-up effect artists as they prepare actors for a chilling haunted house!
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Making Wolvy - Behind the Scenes Documentary

A must for students of special effects. This unprecedented documentary features footage and behind-the-scenes material from Wolvy - a six-character fantasy film.
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Making The Monster - Special Makeup Effects

Ideal for Special Effects Artists & Makeup Enthusiasts. From the original Jack Pierce Tribute, this short production features a step-by-step demonstration featuring the makeup and application in creating the Frankenstein Monster.
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Makeup FX - For Film & Television

With an emphasis on Airbrush Techniques for Higher Definition. Emmy-winning makeup artist (for Star Trek: Voyagers Threshold), Bradley Look, takes you behind the scenes of the Hollywood makeup artistry to show how to airbrush more effectively, in the growing age of High Definition format
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Mask Package - 15 MASK SET

Stephanie Campbells unique full-face character masks, representing a gamut of emotions and universal archetypes, have been created specifically for use with the Mask Workshop DVD and Book.
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Legends of Screen Make-up A Tribute To John Chambers

Planet of the Apes, The Munsters. With very few and special exceptions, there is no more influential an individual in the modern world of special makeup effects than John Chambers.
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Behind-The-Scenes With Hollywoods Special Makeup Effects Artists

A rare behind-the-scenes from the set of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Watch the entire makeup process from beginning to end as effects master Dave Quashnick transforms actors J.G. Hertzler into Klingon general, Martok.
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Lon Chaney Tribute - The Master of Special Makeup Effects

Watch as a group of talented artists work their magic behind-the-scenes to bring Chaneys (the great silent movie actor) characters to life. The Hunchback of Notre Dame, the Clown from He Who Gets Slapped, the Phantom and Chaney himself are all recreated in great artistic detail.
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Jack Pierce - A Documentary featuring The Man Behind The Monsters

This program re-creates 15 of Pierces characters with makeup wizard Robert Burman. Watch as costumes were created, sets constructed and the many hours of makeup preparation.
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Legends Of Screen Make-Up Featuring John Chambers, Dick Smith & Jack Dawn

Produced by Scott Essman. This three program compilation takes a look back on the cinematic pioneers & masters of make up of the 20th century featuring John Chambers (Planet of the Apes), Dick Smith (The Exorcist), and Jack Dawn (The Wizard of Oz).
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Westmore Monsters Of Hollywood

An in-depth docudrama exploring the Westmores Legendary Legacy. In the history of the modern American cinema, there are but few legacies of makeup artists.
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Horror & Special FX Makeup Video

Hosted by Michael Berryman. This program breaks down serveral techniques that can be used to create a multitude of monsters and FX characters.
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Mask Making Step-by-step to Molding & Casting Latex Masks

Learn the secrets of how the award-winning Hollywood special effects artists make great looking latex masks & special effect props.
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Mask Making Step-by-step to Finishing & Painting Latex Masks

Explore the entire process from first conceiving your masks through preparing and finishing each project.
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Classic Hollywood Makeup Techniques Video

Top Hollywood makeup artist Christina Rodriguez, demonstrates one of the most popular and requested looks on a set, the clean face. This program shows how to create a flawless complexion by highlighting the face to look natural as if the person has no makeup.
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