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Performing Arts Training Videos


Karen Black on Acting - Video

Karen Black, the Academy Award nominee and Golden Globe winner shares 40 years worth of insights into the craft of acting. This in-depth interview covers everything from perfecting regional accents to finding a characters inner needs
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Makeup FX - For Film & Television

With an emphasis on Airbrush Techniques for Higher Definition. Emmy-winning makeup artist (for Star Trek: Voyagers Threshold), Bradley Look, takes you behind the scenes of the Hollywood makeup artistry to show how to airbrush more effectively, in the growing age of High Definition format
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Skills For Actors Voice Skills - Breath Control, Pitch & Professional Tone

Reach your full career potential by developing an exciting voice! Develop your speaking and singing voice to its maximum potential with this easy to use step-by-step program taught by acclaimed voice teacher and vocal coach Eric Vetro.
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Skills For Actors: Swordplay Skills - Theatrical Fencing Skills

Tim Weskes unique sword system (based on the traditional European fencing system as well as the Spanish circle) has proven to be an effective, exciting and most importantly safe method, producing dramatic and unforgettable results on film and television.
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Dance Class For The Actor Series with Cathy Roe

The Dance Class For Actors & Musical Theater With Cathy Roe - Level 1 & Level 2. Level 1 includes a full dance class forbeginners that includes basic warm up, exercises for building rhythm skills
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Mask Package - 15 MASK SET

Stephanie Campbells unique full-face character masks, representing a gamut of emotions and universal archetypes, have been created specifically for use with the Mask Workshop DVD and Book.
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The Complete Unarmed Combat Series - Learning the Basics, Perfecting the Fundamentals & Mastering the Techniques

Get the complete 3 DVD Set! The Complete Unarmed Combat Series teaches Learning the Basics, Perfecting the Fundamentals and Mastering the Techniques. Each program teaches students how to create safe, believable, exciting fights on stage, taught by two of the most prominent fight directors in the American Theatre.
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Skills For Actors: Martial Arts Skills

Omar Guerrero is a 2-time World Champion in the National Blackbelt League and has trained numerous actors for film and stunt work.
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How Hollywood Does It - Film History & Techniques 12 Program Set

A 12-part multi-part look at the history, techniques, movements and people who create the magic of film. Early Cinema: This program looks at the very birth of cinema in the late 1800s through the talkies in 1928. It is a multi-part look at the history, techniques, movements and people who created the magic that we call motion pictures.
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