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Sexual Harassment Prevention - DVD Training


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Sexual harassment training helps all employees including bystanders. Addresses unwanted and unlawful sexual harassment in the workplace, and learn how to respond if an unfortunate event does occur.
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Additional information about Sexual Harassment Prevention - DVD Training

Produced - 2018


  • Now more than ever, news headlines report rampant, high-profile sexual harassment allegations almost daily. While employers are responsible for creating a safe work environment, for some there's a clear misunderstanding of what "safe" actually means. Help all employees address unwanted (including unlawful) sexual harassment in the workplace with this sexual harassment training program.
  • Bystander training helps employees identify harassment while creating a sense of empowerment and collective responsibility to stop it
  • At the heart of the program are the IDEA Anti-Harassment Actions, which are options a bystander can use to respond to observed harassment:
    • Intervene by distracting or interrupting the harasser
    • Direct by talking directly to the harasser after the encounter
    • Elevate by asking a manager or HR for help addressing the situation
    • Approach the victim and provide help and support
  • Covers how to confront a harasser; the difference between Quid Pro Quo and Hostile Environment; conducting thorough investigations; and much more
  • Includes a module aimed at management responsibilities
  • Developed by subject-matter and adult learning experts in cooperation with leading researchers
  • English & Spanish available all in one program
  • Closed-captioned for the hearing impaired

What's Included

  • (1) 50-minute video - Available in both English & Spanish. Combines engaging video and editing technology with expertise from industry professionals at all levels. Divided into six training modules, plus two bonus videos:
    1. What is Sexual Harassment? (13 mins)
      • Understanding Sexual Harassment
      • Quid Pro Quo vs. Hostile Work Environment
      • What is NOT Sexual Harassment (by Law, Anyway)
    2. Civility in the Workplace (7 mins)
      • It Starts With YOU
      • Hold Each Other Accountable
      • Put an End to "Normalizing"
    3. Taking Action (9 mins)
      • Stop the Harassment
      • Console the Victim
      • Document Everything
      • Report it
    4. Addressing Harassment (6 mins)
      • Determine if it's Sexual Harassment
      • Confront the Harasser
      • Document Everything
      • Follow Workplace Policy
      • Escalate the Issue if Necessary
    5. What Happens Next? (8 mins)
      • Investigations
      • Retaliation
      • Life Goes On
    6. Additional Management Responsibilities (9 mins)
      • It Starts with YOU
      • Responding to a Report
      • Returning to Business as Usual
    7. Bonus Videos (with Applied Learning Experiences):
      • IDEA™ Anti-Harassment Actions for Coworkers (5 mins)
      • IDEA™ Anti-Harassment Actions for Customers/Vendors (8 mins)
  • (2) Trainer Guides - 1 English and 1 Spanish - (not sold separately) - Provides basic information and guidelines trainers need to present sexual harassment training.
  • (1) Trainer Tools USB (not sold separately)
    • Main Video Programs
    • Bonus Videos (with Applied Learning Experiences)
    • Trainer Guide PDFs
    • Customizable PowerPoint® Presentations
    • Learning Activities
    • Quizzes and Answer Keys
    • Images
    • Training Log
    • Training Certificate
    • Links to state sexual harassment training requirements
    • Sample Anti-Harassment Policy
  • (11) Employee Handbooks - 10 English
  • Provide a portable, easy-to-understand reference to be used during and after training. Review key points and includes quizzes to check employees' understanding of the material.
  • (2) Awareness Posters - 1 English 

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