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The Leadership Development Power-Pack - Download


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200 leadership activities that are ready-to-use and fully reproducible; implement them into an existing training program or build your own unique workshop

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Additional information about The Leadership Development Power-Pack - Download

The Leadership Development Power-Pack gives you the ways and means
  1. Taking risks and initiating change
  2. Making decisions and earning trust
  3. Enabling/rewarding high performers
  4. Engaging the workforce to innovate
  5. Managing Sideways
  6. Leading from an emotionally intelligent perspective
Experiential "learning by doing" activities.
200 activities are ready-to-use and fully reproducible; implement them into an existing training program or build your own unique workshop; each volume comes with detailed trainer's notes, clearly stated objectives, worksheets and a quick reference index to the activities.
50 Activities for Leadership Development, Vol 2 
by Lois B. Hart, Ed.D., Charlotte S. Waisman, Ph.D.
Adaptive leadership
Balanced leadership
Createing idea teams
Creating trust
Developing others
Do the right thing
Energizing groups
Finding a mentor
Kouzes-Posner model
Leading a meeting
Leading change
Leading with heart
Negotiating your agenda
Recognizing diversity
Selling your ideas
Taking risk
Team leadership and more..
50 Activities for Building Innovation 
by Glenn Parker and Richard Kropp, Jr.
A System of Innovation
Analyze an Innovation
Build an Innovative Culture I 
Building Inquisitiveness
Building Networks
Challenging Assumptions
Changing Roles
Creating Connections
Creative Collaboration
Creative Problem Solving
Deep Empathy
Deep Inquiry
Faces of Innovation
First Steps to Innovation
Formulate Deep Questions
Generating More Ideas
Green Innovation
Identify  New Market Space
Implement Innovation
Indentify Trend, Then Innovate
Innovating Services
Institute a Critique Process
Kill the Idea Killers
Learn Acute Observation
Levels of Innovation
Market Opportunities
Marketing Innovation
Methodical Innovation
Nourishing Creativity
Open Source Innovation
Organized Brainstorming
Personnel Innovation Readiness
Plan Innovation
Practical Creative Skills
Practice Innovation
Productively Using What if?
Purposeful Brainstorming
Real Learning from Failure
Re-engineering Processes
SCAMPER Brainstorming
Sources of Innovation
Test the Customer Experience
Think Outside the Box
Tolerating Failure
Using Visuals to Innovate
50 Activities for Developing Emotional Intelligence 
by Adele B. Lynn
A Grateful Heart
A Note of Thanks
Adding Fuel to the Importance Meter
Advice from Employees
Advice from the Pros
Ask for Feedback
Champion or Chump
Coming Through
Common Mistakes with Gratitude
Contribution Spirit Killers
Control and Empowerment
Doing a Fair Share
Dumped On
EQ for Communication Skills
EQ for Interpersonal Skills
EQ for Team Building
Fuel the Vision
Genuine Listening
Great Vision
I Value, We Value
I Was Appreciated
Importance Meter
Inspiring Words               
Interior Power
It's My Show
Lessons from Low Points/High Points
Listening Habits               
More Reflections
Music of Our Workplace
My Vision
Open and Friendly vs Friendship              
Personality Contest
Picture Yourself               
Picture Yourself               
Rank Order Your Employees
Sharing Your Vision
Spirit Killers That Stunt Your Growth
Steps for Growth
Take a Stand
The Boss's Fair Share
The Power of Pictures
Today's Actions Toward the Vision
Tuning into Our Employees
Vision Spirit Killers
Visions Apply to People Too
Who Invents?
Working Toward the Vision
Yes, but...
You Expect Me to What?
Your Leadership Coat of Arms
Your Most Inspired Self

50 Activities for Achieving Change
by Barry Fletcher with Ann Bell, John Buttery, & Mike Whittaker

13 activities on mastering change as an individual leader include:
Reordering Personal Goals    
Increasing My Creativity       
Raising My Confidence        Reducing Self-doubts     
Letting Go of  Old Behaviors

7 activities on overcoming resistance to change include:
Creating license to enjoy change
Making loss a beginning
Reducing harmful stress
Crisis into opportunity

11 activities on leading change include:
Removing the blinkers
Understanding reactions
Identifying strategies
Influencing culture
Innovating change at work
Discovering key goals

8 activities on change in the environment include:
Raising Awareness of change
Innovating new patterns
Shifting attitudes
Increasing customer markets
Lifting heads out of the sand
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