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Active Shooter Preparedness: Strategies to Anticipate and Respond to Active Shooter Events - On-Demand


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With the frequency of active shooter incidents on the rise in recent years it’s more important than ever to learn strategies to protect yourself and others if you’re ever in that situation.


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Additional information about Active Shooter Preparedness: Strategies to Anticipate and Respond to Active Shooter Events - On-Demand

Following the San Bernardino, Orlando, and most recently Las Vegas active shooter events, many employers continue to ask themselves how they can prepare and respond to such an event in the workplace. The frequency of active shooter events has increased in recent years, and both employers and employees can no longer believe that it will never happen to them. Because active shooter situations are unpredictable and evolve quickly, being prepared to respond in ways that can minimize risks of injury and death is critical.

In addition, there is a misconception among employers that their current insurance covers active shooter events. The reality is that general liability insurance policies do not clearly include or exclude active shooter incidents and additional coverage or policies may need to be considered. Another concern for businesses is the possibility of being cited by OSHA for exposing workers to potential workplace violence hazards.

Use this popular on-demand webinar presented by Kevlon Kirkpatrick and Audra Rigby of Certified Crime Prevention Consultants to share with attendees the lessons learned from the recent Las Vegas shooting. This includes strategies that can save lives, the cost of active shooter incidents, and assessments that can be used to deter the opportunity for an active shooter and other crimes on their property.

You’ll learn to: 

  • Recall facts of recent active shooter events in the United States, including the Las Vegas incident 
  • Identify potential workplace violence indicators 
  • Apply strategies to save lives 
  • Recognize liability insurance gaps 
  • Interpret OSHA Directive #CPL 02-01-058 
  • Explain value of risk, vulnerability, and CPTED assessment 

Format: Webinar On-Demand

License: One Year Access / One User

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