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Auto Shop Safety Training Videos

Business Training Media offers a variety of auto shop safety training videos and resources, including videos on hazard communication, personal protective equipment (PPE), and safety procedures.

Automotive Idustry - Hand and Power Tool Safety DVD

Good introduction to hand and power tool safety. Explains procedure for tool safety, housekeeping, and other safety procedures. Great refresher course.

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Automotive Industry - Hand and Power Tool Safety

Hand And Power Tool Safety - This program can't possibly cover all hand and power tools and all the safety rules associated with using these items, but the point we want to stress right up front, is safety importance, so lets begin the program with some basics

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Automotive Industry - Hazard Communications DVD

Hazard Communications - This program helps meet this challenge, by reviewing information you need to protect yourself and others when working with hazardous materials and chemicals. We can't possibly cover all chemical hazards, but we simply want to provide some basic information to help reduce health hazards.

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Automotive Industry - Human Behavior/Reducing Unsafe Acts DVD

The Insurance Industry, Governmental agencies, and the National Safety Council have analyzed employee accident investigations over the years and have determined that the overwhelming cause of most industrial accidents and injuries can be attributed to the unsafe acts of employees.
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Automotive Industry - Fire Extinguisher Use and Procedures DVD

The very first rule to remember is that life safety is paramount. This means that if your life is endangered by attempting to extinguish a fire with a fire extinguisher, dont do it! Make sure you or other are not put in a dangerous situation and make sure you can exit the building if the fire gets out of hand. Life safety is the most important part of extinguishing fires.

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Earthquake Safety (Automotive) DVD

Earthquake Safety - Let's start by looking at the earth, how it was formed, and the changes that it is still going through.
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Eye Protection - Automotive Industry DVD

Eye Protection Ė Automotive Industry (Non-Humorous) - Nature has tried to protect the eyes from injury by providing us with a number of built in devices. The eyelashes catch dust and light particles before they can blow into the eye. Eyebrows cushion light blows and catch falling particles before they reach the eye.
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Torquing Lugnuts (DVD)

Torquing Lugnuts – This video is going to discuss the who, what, when, where, and why we use torque wrenches in the automotive service industry.

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Carbon Monoxide Poisoning DVD

Carbon Monoxide (CO) is an odorless gas. CO is one of the most common chemical killers in industry and home. All industries include carbon monoxide among their potential hazards. The most common hazard of CO is poisoning. In 1970, the National Safety Council estimated that 1,600 people died from CO poisoning; 10,000 each year suffer from exposure the debilitating effects of CO. This program focuses on the danger of CO poisoning and the precautions to take in avoiding exposure.
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Chains, Cranes, Hoist, and Slings DVD

The most important safety feature is the operator's knowledge of how to use, inspect, and maintain the equipment. Safety around hoisting equipment is extremely important because one little mistake can be disastrous.

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CSA 2010 and How It Affects Your Organization - DVD

CSA 2010 And How It Affects Your Organization - FMCSA's compliance and safety programs improve and promote safety performance and save lives.
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D.O.T. - Out of Service Criteria DVD

D.O.T. - Out Of Service Criteria - In this video, we want to examine what's known as Motor Vehicle Out of Service Criteria. This criteria is published by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance or CVSA. If any of the conditions described in this program are present on your vehicle, the vehicle may be deemed Out of Service by the Department of Transportation.
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Distracted Driving (DVD)

There are three main types of distraction: Visual — taking your eyes off the road, Manual — taking your hands off the wheel, Cognitive — taking your mind off what you’re doing.

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DOT Alcohol and Drug Rules DVD

This program is a general overview of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administrationís (FMCSA) Alcohol and Drug Testing Rules for persons required to obtain a Commercial Drivers License (CDL).
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Fleet Shop Safety and Hazardous Materials (Automotive) DVD

Fleet Shop Safety and Hazardous Materials Ė program covers the importance of safety when working in this environment.
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Multi-Piece Wheel/Rim Demounting Mounting - Truck Split Rim (DVD)

The program is designed to alert you to the hazards of multi-piece rims and safety guidelines for using and servicing these types of wheels.
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Respirators: The New Rules (DVD)

Respirators: New Rules are explained in this program. Employers have protected their workers from potentially harmful gas, fumes, mists, vapors and airborne contaminants. Respiratory protection comes in a variety of models
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Bobtailing and Jackknifing DVD

Bobtailing And Jackknifing - This program explains what "Bobtailing" a tractor is and why itís dangerous. Also explains the basics of braking and different ways braking can affect the trailer and cause it to

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Driver's Daily Log DVD

This program explains the guidelines the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration requires when completing on the driverís daily log. Examples are shown on how to record daily log activities.
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Motor Fleet Maintenance Safety Training DVD

The motor fleet maintenance environment can be an efficient, safe and healthful place to work if you observe the basic rules. Safety is part of your job. This program reviews safety tips to help reduce the majority of accidents in a fleet maintenance facility.
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Consequences of Driving A Motor Vehicle Under The Influence DVD

Consequences Of Driving A Motor Vehicle Under The Influence - Manslaughter charges, murder charges, felony convictions, deaths, injuries, court costs, license revoked or suspended, attorney fees, public service, rehabilitation and of course, the police record that goes with the arrest and conviction. This video is not designed to tell you not to drink and drive, you already know that!

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Employee Safety Orientation For Automotive Personnel (DVD)

Statistics compiled over the last 50 years reveal the majority of all accidents and injuries are caused by unsafe acts by employees who take short cuts, violate safety rules and job procedures. Safety is an important responsibility for you, the company and fellow employees. This program is an overview of your safety responsibilities to help perform your job safely
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Utility Cart Safety Training DVD

This short program is designed to outline some of the safety responsibilities and provide information about utility cart safety.
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Workshop Safety - The Auto Shop

This program examines correct and safe procedures when working in an auto shop. It is designed for beginning high school students who have little or no experience in working in a shop environment.
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Battery Charging Safety Training - Video

Battery Charging Safety - Regardless of the type of electric material handling equipment you use such as forklifts, pallet jacks, rider pallet jacks, walkie-stackers, personnel carts, or others, one thing is assured and that's charging the batteries
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