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BLR Training Solutions for HR, Safety & Environmental


Essential Safety Policies - Binder/Book

A strong workplace safety program will boost productivity and your employee's morale. BLR's Essential Safety Policies is an authoritative source of guidance and information to which managers and supervisors can turn not only in situations where the "right" course of action is unclear, but also in cases where they are tempted to act on memory or instinct.

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Managing an HR Department of One

The step-by-step guide for both seasoned and new HR department sole practitioners, with clear guidance and useful instructions for energizing and engaging your workforce, and avoiding potentially expensive employment law violations.
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Bloodborne Pathogens: Staying Safe at Work (Handbooks/25 Pack)

Virtually everyone in every workplace has the potential to be exposed to highly contagious and dangerous viruses from bloodborne pathogens. The federal Occupational Safety & Health Administration requires employers have an Exposure Control Plan in place and that they train all employees to protect themself.
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Quick Guide to Employment Law

This complete compliance resource covers 150 hot employment law topics by state, including: employee rights, discrimination, employment at will, labor relations, privacy, workers' compensation, child labor, affirmative action, and much more.

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HR Audit Checklists

HR Audit Checklists - Human resource audit checklists make reviewing every policy, practice, and procedure quick and easy. Uncover potential HR compliance problems before they arise, while making certain each policy is current and provides the best information for your company.
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Preventing Date Rape on Campus (Handbooks/25 Pack)

Increase student safety awareness on this important campus fact of life. This booklet defines date rape, its causes and effects, and recommends what a rape victim should do. For both male and female students, it makes it clear that date rape is a crime with serious consequences.

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50 Employment Laws in 50 States

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50 Employment Laws in 50 States, 2021 Edition is the revolutionary guidebook that puts ALL the most need-to-know employment law information — for each of the 50 states — right at your fingertips.

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California Employee Handbook Template

Whatever shape your employee handbook's in, it could probably be better. More comprehensive. More clear. More helpful for communicating your rules and expectations clearly and keeping you out of a lawsuit.
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California Employee Handbook Template - Download

Whatever shape your employee handbook's in, it could probably be better. More comprehensive. More clear. More helpful for communicating your rules and expectations clearly and keeping you out of a lawsuit.
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diverstiy training Handbooks

Diversity in the Workplace: Challenge and Opportunity (Handbooks/25 Pack)

This booklet helps you get each individual in your organization to understand that diversity in the workplace is an opportunity to capitalize on the strengths of a diverse workforce. Your employees will understand not only why diversity is essential in your organization but also the challenges it can create.
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Drug-Free Workplace: It's The Law (Handbooks/25 Pack)

Features deluxe artwork and easy-to-read text about the Drug-Free Workplace Act. Includes effects of specific drugs, sources of assistance for a drug problem, and what companies and employees must do to ensure compliance with the law.
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Electrical Safety (Handbooks/25 Pack)

This 16-page illustrated electrical safety training booklet educates employees on the dangers they face from electrical shock and fire. Booklet includes important safety tips to make your workplace safer and your employees more prepared.
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Employee-Driven Safety (Handbooks/25 Pack)

It is a fact that on an average workday 20 employees in America die from workplace injuries. Thousands more suffer painful and expensive injuries. The GOOD NEWS is that almost all of these injuries could be prevented. How, you ask? The simple answer is employee involvement in creating a safety-value culture.
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Federal Labor Law Poster (with Latest Updates!)

Make sure your business has the most up-to-date mandatory posters required by both the Federal and State governments.
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First Aid Pocket Guide (Handbooks/25 Pack)

This easy-to-understand pocket guide gives you economical peace of mind. You get how-to instructions for all common first aid symptoms, how to conduct a primary survey for life-threatening injuries, plus carefully reviewed care advice for 35 different emergencies, and more. (Color, illustrated, 44 pages)
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FMLA: What You Need to Know Handbooks (Handbooks/25 Pack)

FMLA tops the list of confusing regulations, and HR managers and employees both shake their head over it. Here's the easy way to educate your employees about their rights and responsibilities under the Family and Medical Leave Act. You'll find it helps head off repetitive questions about this important benefit, while avoiding unreasonable expectations and misinformation.
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Forklift Safety (Handbooks/25 Pack)

When it's time to train your employees on forklift safety, this colorful booklet goes a long way toward reinforcing your safety message. Covers all of OSHA's key forklift training points - inspections, refueling, maintenance, safe and responsible driving, parking, stacking, and unloading. Includes basic safety precautions for operating a forklift. Colorful and clear illustrations combined with easy-to-read text make this a training powerhouse. 16 pages.
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How To Comply with California and Federal Leave Laws

This information-packed 156-page guide, written by an experienced California employment lawyer, features in-depth coverage of all the topics you need to know about in an easy-read, quick-reference style
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How To Comply with California Wage & Hour Laws

This information-packed 170+ page guide, written by an experienced California employment lawyer, features in-depth coverage of all the topics you need to know about in an easy-read, quick-reference style
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Infection Control Pocket Guide (Handbooks/25 Pack)

In this handy pocket guide your employees will be trained on proven infection control procedures--a vital part of health care.
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It's All About Respect: Avoid Discrimination in Your Workplace (Handbooks/25 Pack)

We're not supposed to talk about certain sensitive subjects on the job--race, religion, sex, age, physical appearance, physical limitations and ethnicity. But in the 21st century almost every workplace has a diverse workforce so the risk of narrow mindedness can occur.
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New Overtime Regulations: Classifying Exempt and Nonexempt Employees Under the FLSA - Download

This report provides an examination of the final overtime regulations, an explanation of how they differ from the old regulations, and an overall review of who and what the FLSA covers.
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Performance Appraisals Handbooks (10 / Pack)

When it's performance appraisal time, you want to do the best job possible - for your organization and for your employees. Make this pocket guide available for everyone, and you will help managers and supervisors conduct a thorough, productive, and thoughtful appraisal, and employees will come to their appraisals prepared, knowing what to expect from the process.
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Personal Protective Equipment Training Pocket Guide (Handbooks/25 Pack)

This training tool covers OSHA's PPE standard, matching PPE to identified hazards, getting a good fit, choosing and using the right PPE, inspecting and caring for PPE, and much more. Let this helpful guide train your employees on the RIGHT way to use PPE.
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Prevent Violence In The Workplace (Handbooks/25 Pack)

Count on this booklet to foster an awareness of the dangers of violence in the workplace in every one of your employees. Use it in conjunction with a training program, a wellness program, as a handout with your company policy, or as a tool to use one-on-one.
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