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50 Activities for Achieving Excellent Customer Service - Electronic Delivery

Increase the creativity and skill level of customer service representatives, Demonstrate what excellent customer service is, Provide insights and practice to improve customer service, Develop your own organizations bank of customer service learning situations
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Customer Service Best Practices - Book

This practical new resource book includes 38 carefully chosen articles, training tools, case studies and job aids that you can use to positively impact your customer service through training, benchmarking, and new processes.

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25 Reproducible Activities for Customer Service Excellence

Make it easy for employees to provide great customer service with this collection of motivating and skill-building activities. There’s no need for a special training facility, no huge costs involved, or no prior training experience required. All you need is a group of employees who are committed to giving customers what they rightfully deserve—excellent service.

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50 Activities for Achieving Excellent Customer Service w/CD

Increase the creativity and skill level of customer service representatives, Demonstrate what excellent customer service is, Provide insights and practice to improve customer service, Develop your own organizations bank of customer service learning situations
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50 Activities for Developing Supervisory Skills

Ian Nicholls

Training Objective

  • Define the role of the supervisor
  • Develop key supervisory skills, including planning, organizing, and controlling
  • Improve communication skills
  • Develop skills for running effective meetings
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    50 Activities for Sales Training

    Novice and experienced salespeople alike will benefit from these activities which focus on strengthening essential selling skills.

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    50 Activities for Developing Emotional Intelligence


    Emotional Intelligence explains why, despite equal intellectual capacity, training, or experience, some people excel while others of the same caliber lag behind.

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    25 Sales Strategies and Activities

    25 Sales Strategies and Activities is a unique training and development tool designed to teach sales professionals how and when to use a variety of proven sales strategies.

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    50 Activities for Administrative, Secretarial, and Support Staff

    This manual of activities is written for support staff the unsung heroes and heroines of organizations who often are the ones for whom there is no training budget. Or who can not be spared from their work to spend time in training.
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    50 Activities for Team Building (Volume 2)

    Create high performance teams with these collections of fully reproducible activities. All the activities employ the principle of "learning by doing" to ensure that the skills the participants learn can be applied to real work situations.

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    20 Training Workshops for Customer Service (Vol. 2)

    Enhance customer service at all levels of your organization with these two volumes of 20 ready-to-use training workshops. Each workshop includes detailed trainers notes, transparency masters, and participant handouts. All materials are fully reproducible which makes them an excellent value for your training dollar!
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    Superior Client Service for Financial Institutions: Trainer's Package (Kit)

    Give your service personnel the cutting-edge skills they need to move their phone performance from “good” to “superior.”

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    Customer Service Skills Profile Leader's Guide

    This easy-to-use assessment solves one of your biggest headaches in customer service - ensuring consistency in your staff's performance. How? By giving employees a clear picture of their unique strengths and areas they need to work on - and the motivation to acquire all the skills of an all-around good customer service giver.
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    675 Ways to Develop Yourself and Your People

    We all struggle as professionals to stay on top of our game. Here is a book with hundreds of practical ways to take control of moving your career in the direction you want to go and of helping
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    Customer Service Commitment Profile Facilitator's Guide

    The Customer Service Commitment Profile is designed to help individuals understand how much "service excellence" is offered to the customer. The level of service excellence they offer and that is offered by the organization as a whole are assessed.
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    Customer Service - 5 Day eCourse

    Did you know that good customer service holds many benefits for your business and is often under-valued by many business owners? When in fact, if you want your business to be successful, you need to train yourself and your employees to understand that the customer must always come first.
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    Office Policies Procedures Manual (Download)

    Quickly create the office policies and procedures you need for multiple departments of your business. The easily editable prewritten MS Word templates speed your development time and improve performance.
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    Complete Managers Pocket Guide Library

    The Complete Managers Pocket Guide Library contains 40 books from our best selling Managers Pocket Guide series. Each pocket guide was written by a noted author/expert in the competency area covered by their book.
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    Insight Inventory Form B: Understanding Yourself & Others- 5 Pack

    In just 30 minutes participants can complete the INSIGHT Inventory and begin bridging communication gaps that are costing your company a fortune.

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    The 50 Activities Library - Download

    The 50 Activities Library provides trainers and other professionals with a comprehensive library of ready to implement training activities targeted at specific competencies. Everything you need is provided and is right at your fingertips.
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