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Enriching Your Culture To Prevent Medical Error (Manual)

Preventing medical errors that harm patients is the goal of People-Based Patient SafetyŽ.

This easy-to-read, practical guide filled with ideas and case studies explains how to apply ACTS ? the specific skills that raise staff awareness about working safely and avoiding errors.

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Elder Abuse (Handbooks/10 Pack)

This important handbook stresses the importance of providing the best care possible for elderly patients, thus minimizing abuse.

Number of pages can vary though most handbooks are 16 pages in length and include a tear-out quiz.

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Workplace Wellness: Healthy Employees, Healthy Families, Healthy ROI - Print Version

This unique guidebook will show you how to assess and identify workplace health risks and implement custom solutions that will improve the overall wellness of your biggest asset - your employees! Wellness programs do not have to be complicated or expensive. Let this guidebook be your first step toward developing a healthier workplace.
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Managing an HR Department of One - Binder Version

The step-by-step guide for both seasoned and new HR department sole practitioners, with clear guidance and useful instructions for energizing and engaging your workforce, and avoiding potentially expensive employment law violations.
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Managing Stress On and Off the Job (Booklets / 25 Pack)

In 16 colorful, “I love these little booklets” pages, employees will learn the causes of stress and how to recognize its symptoms.

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HR Audit Checklists

Uncover potential HR compliance problems before they arise, while making certain each policy is current and provides the best information for your company. HR audit topics addressed include: How to conduct a self-audit, Affirmative action laws, EEO, Discrimination, Workplace harassment, Termination, Communication, Salary and pay, Discipline, Safety, Health and security, Retirement and pension, Benefits-including 2010 HealthCare Reform, managing flexible work schedules, telecommuting, electronic monitoring, workplace violence.
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Empathy Construct Rating Scale 5 Pack

Empathy in client/patient settings is essential for nurses, helpers/caregivers, physicians, associates, lawyers, counselors and other professionals.
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Injury and Illness Prevention Program for Assisted Living and Residential Care Communities

Our Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) will help with assisted living and residential care providers stay in compliance with OSHA employee safety regulations. We have recently updated our Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) to include information on the new "Globally Harmonized System of the Classification and Labeling of Chemicals " being implemented by OSHA.
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Complete Managers Pocket Guide Library

The Complete Managers Pocket Guide Library contains 40 books from our best selling Managers Pocket Guide series. Each pocket guide was written by a noted author/expert in the competency area covered by their book.
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