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Business Law Videos for Students


SDS Business Law 5 Pack - Videos

The Cutthroat world of Business Law.
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SDS Business Law Module 5: Breaking the Deal DVD

Want to know how to get out of a contract? There are seven reliable defenses to get out of a contract, and they'll cover them all, plus what to do when someone else breaks a contract with you.
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SDS Business Law Module 4: Contract Law - The Sequel DVD

The return of the contract! This piece of paper is a monster that just won't go away. Once you sign your name, you're up to your elbows in alligators, legal detriments, enforcement options, and a theory inspired by an itty-bitty peppercorn!
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SDS Business Law Module 2: Torts DVD

What's a tort? Well, we'll give you a hint - a tort is a wrong one person does to another. That means assault and battery, theft, defamation and other forms of dastardly behavior.
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SDS Business Law Module 1: The Basics DVD

What exactly is a law? Where do laws come from? You'll find out as the Standard Deviants let the light of truth shine on common laws, civil laws, contract laws, and maybe even your in-laws.
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Legal Survival Skills for the Modern Manager- DVD

This popular video training program is a one-stop destination for the major legal issues that could come across your desk at any time. Start by making sure that employees are well versed in company policy. Then study up on fair employment practices and laws concerning such things as disabilities and medical leave. And use evaluations and discipline to keep things level across the board for all employees. (DVD or Video Streaming)
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Legal and Effective Interviewing II - The Right Questions - DVD

Protect your organization with Legal and Effective Interviewing II: The Right Questions video program. Knowing your legal boundaries is one of the most important facets of the interviewing process.

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Dealing With Third Parties (DVD)

In your daily business dealings abroad, your organization faces third-party risks, and it is up to your employees to detect and report wrongdoing. Educate them on these issues and help strengthen your defense against fraud, bribery, and corruption.
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