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Your Space: The BASICS of Furnishing & Decorating Video

John Ewoldt is a specialist on bargains! As a columnist for a major newspaper, his column is Dollars & Cents. John shares his advice on furnishing your space, whether a dorm room or an apartment. Interior design on a budget!
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Design: The Elements Training Video

The elements of design are the components that are used to create a complete design. Interior designer Brandi Hagen presents a basic overview of the elements of design applied to interiors and fashion
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Career Education Series: Workplace Basics: Essential Skills (2 Pack)

Copyright 2006 - With two young hosts to introduce vignettes and a short on-screen quiz after each section, this program will convince students of the direct connection between the skills they learn in school and their success in the workplace.
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The Netiquette Edge Educational Video

Teens get in on the ballroom dancing craze and realize that learning the steps of technology manners is a lot like learning dance steps. By applying good manners to the Internet, cell phones, iPods and other gadgets, they see how to keep wired to today's technology without losing the personal touch.
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The Courtesy Challenge Training Video

The members of a rock-climbing team realize they need to brush up on the basics of manners. The more they learn, the higher they climb. To master extreme etiquette they must follow the "CLIMB" protocol: use Common courtesies, watch their Language, make smooth Introductions, know Mealtime manners, and go beyond the Basics.
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Design II: The Principles Training Video

A lively, entertaining, quickly-paced video narrated by an award-winning actress! Take your students on a whirlwind tour of the natural world, the fashion world, ancient times, modern past-times, interiors, exteriors, and everything in between for a thorough grounding in the PRINCIPLES of design; balance, rhythm, scale, and harmony.
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The Power of Color Educational Video

A video to help students understand the most powerful tool in decorating – COLOR! The right colors can calm, stimulate, create emotion and energy, make objects appear larger or smaller — and it is believed by some that colors can aid in healing.
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Ex-Offender Transition Package

The Ex-Offender Transition Package features a collection of resources that work well together to educate ex-offenders about career and life transitions.
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The Table Manner Murders Educational Video

Stephanie is throwing a dinner party for eight of her high school classmates. What starts out as a fun evening turns into a terrible case of manner murders! Presented in a detective/mystery format, this fast-paced, interactive video will have your students laughing and learning as they try to name all the manner infractions that occur.
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The Fashion and Design Curriculum

Survey the world of fashion design! Students explore their talents within the fashion industry for higher education options and career choices. The Fashion and Design Curriculum follows industry specifications through research and hands-on activities
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Design: All About Textiles Training Video

The human body is almost constantly in contact with some form of textile, whether it be the clothing that we wear or the interiors that we live and work in. Join interior designer Brandi Hagen as she showcases samples and explains different types of natural fibers including plant, animal, mineral and synthetic fibers
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Mental Health Nursing Complete 5 DVD Series

Mental Health Nursing Complete 5 DVD Series
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average rating 90%
Follow along with this series of vignettes where nurses interact with clients experiencing a wide range of mental health challenges. In each situation there are two scenarios, the novice scenario helps students to see and anticipate some of the more common errors that a student nurse may make when first dealing with these clients.
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It's Not Working: Workplace Etiquette Training DVD

It's Not Working: Workplace Etiquette offers a much-needed refresher on etiquette training; the program stresses the importance of decorum at work, showing how bad manners can affect productivity and damage relationships.
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Compendium of Questionnaires and Inventories Volume 2 - Download

The second volume of the popular Compendium of Questionnaires and Inventories has arrived – with 48 new assessments, checklists and surveys for increasing self-awareness and stimulating discussion in training and development activities.
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The Basics of Business Etiquette (DVD)

The way you handle yourself in a business and social environment can reveal a lot about you, and your position within an organization. From meetings with the boss to meetings with clients and customers, knowing the right things to do and say can make a tremendous difference in helping you and your company reach its goals.
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Careers in Interior Design: The Business of Structure & Style Video

This video explains the difference between interior decorating and interior design, with an emphasis on the latter. In this career day DVD interviews with professionals from a variety of avenues in the interior design field will provide students with a deeper level of understanding of interior design and the opportunities available in that field.
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Interior Design Project: Green Design Video

Join principal designer Brandi Hagen of Eminent Design as she shares the components of green interior design. Explore green furnishing that not only create beautiful spaces but also take an extra consideration for environmental impact. Discover “green” options as Brandi shows examples environmentally friendly design options

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Good First Impressions (DVD)

This DVD teaches viewers about the importance of appearance, confidence, maturity, emotional stability, and enthusiasm, and reveals how to improve upon these areas before an interview.
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Interior Design Training Video

Interior designer Robin Strangis introduces the basics of interior design by giving a guided tour of decorating styles in the display rooms of a furniture store. She encourages people to think about three important things when decorating a room: personal style, how the room will be used, and who will be using the room. This beginner decorating video will help students to learn that anyone can make good decorating choices.
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Design: All About Color Training Video

Color has the ability to create emotion and influence our moods. Color is a powerful tool in interior design and fashion. Interior designer Brandi Hagen
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Smart Jobs CD

We've compiled over 700 carefully selected examples of written job descriptions in this powerful CD-ROM tool to make your job easier.
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Your Career Search: Taking The First Step DVD

This program helps students examine eight different personality types to see which one best describes them, use brainstorming techniques to uncover their abilities skills and strengths, and identify what values are important to them as they look for a career.
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Resumes & Cover Letters 1: Basic Layout DVD

Find out how to get an express ticket to a job interview. The Standard Deviants detail the construction of an A+ resume from top to bottom. From the big picture to the little details, you'll find out the best ways to sell yourself to potential employers.
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Resumes & Cover Letters 2: Standing Out DVD

Hit the ground running and make your cover letter stand out. From the big picture to the little details, you'll learn the best ways to sell yourself to potential employers. The Standard Deviants also show you how to dodge those cover letter no-nos.
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Skills On The Job: Communication DVD

Using vignettes demonstrating good communication, this program covers such topics as introductions and titles, phone etiquette, asking questions, active listening, using I-messages, and communicating a positive attitude.
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Communication: The #1 Job Skill DVD

Using vignettes demonstrating good communication, this program covers such topics as introductions and titles, phone etiquette, asking questions, active listening, using I-messages, and communicating a positive attitude.
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Exploring Human Nature - Video

Release - 2013 Professor Emeritus of Psychology, Stanford University - Narrated by Dr. Zimbardo, this fascinating program offers insights into the underlying forces driving individual and group behavior. (DVD or Video Streaming)
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Networking Skills That Work DVD

In this high content, high energy seminar, you’ll get the keys to unlock the treasure of creating powerful relationships – because people are the source of our greatest joys and triumphs! Effective face to face connecting and interacting can help you increase sales, gain a promotion, get hired, make more friends, and be a more effective leader. The way you interact can easily make the difference between rich, long-term, rewarding relationships, or contacts that lead to nothing.

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RIASEC at Work (DVD)

This DVD introduces you to one of the best ways to discover which jobs are right for your personality. It's called the RIASEC personality theory, and it is a time-tested tool for exploring and deciding on a career. You learn how the tasks and work environments of several different jobs correspond to various personality types and which jobs are a better fit for each type. Along the way you will discover careers that match your personality type the best.
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Advanced American Sign Language Super Pack DVD

This series utilizes the skills and techniques of performers and teachers with extensive experience in the Deaf community and Deaf education. Each individual program presents a lecture, signed by Angela Stratiy, that focuses on a significant facet of ASL.
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Check It Out Series Super Pack DVD Set

Check It Out is a six part series for library staff, and anyone working with the general public on a regular basis.
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Art And Work Of Choir DVD Series

The choral conductor must combine these two elements, creating a masterpiece to be enjoyed by many. This program exposes the choral enthusiast to an understanding of choral direction as an art form and describes the work required to attain both proficiency and
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Progressive Careers (Hardcover Set)

Progressive Careers focuses on occupations that defy traditional gender roles; that offer exciting work in science, technology, engineering, and math; that are growing at higher-than-average rates; and that make the world greener.
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Play Nice and Stay Employed! Workplace Relationships & Conflicts (10-Pack)

In today’s job market, individuals will find it hard to keep a good job if they lack the soft skills to successfully handle workplace situations. Provide job seekers with tools for career success using the new Soft Skills Solutions. Individual booklets offer practice activities and exercises prepare job seekers with the necessary soft skills to achieve their career goals.
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