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Career Skills Training Videos & Courses

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Release and Beyond: Relapse Triggers (for women) DVD

Upon their release, offenders may face relapse. This video helps offenders understand what factors may trigger their relapse and how to avoid and replace those triggers. Viewers are introduced to rational self-counseling as a means of helping them see circumstances clearly.
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Goal Setting: Discovering Your Gifts Training Video

Do you know what you want to do when you grow up? Do you know how to get there from here? Walk through the steps and strategies of goal-setting, and discover how these steps can help you accomplish your goal! Interviews feature real students who are pursuing their goals in order to discover their secrets to success. No matter what your dream in life, you will be inspired.
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Why We Wear What We Wear Training DVD

A group of teens goes on a clothing scavenger hunt and discovers there are many reasons people choose certain types of clothing. Viewers will begin to understand how comfort, lifestyle, taste, age, time, school, work, climate, occupation, age, culture, and cost - as well as personal style - all influence our decisions about what we wear.
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Careers Bingo

Playing BINGO is a great way for students to learn and review career concepts, as they select the appropriate term for the definition read. Master terms list, definition cards and instructions included.
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Conflicts in the Workplace: Sources & Solutions

Use this conflict management video to reduce workplace conflict and help employees learn conflict resolution skills that improve collaboration, compromise and creativity.
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Fashion Design Careers: Do You Have What It Takes? Video

Do you have what it takes to be a fashion designer? Join eight up-and-coming fashion designers as they discuss the characteristics, traits, and skills needed to make it in the fashion industry. Candid interviews with young designers tackle questions about careers in fashion design
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Writing for Business Results DVD

This clear-cut, non-threatening approach gives you the principles you need to make your writing powerful, interesting and relevant to the reader. You'll improve all aspects of your business writing - from memos to e-mails to detailed annual reports

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You're Fired! - Video

This program reveals the ten most common reasons people are fired, and uses vignettes to help viewers understand which attitudes and behaviors to avoid in the workplace. In addition to learning what not to do on the job, viewers also gain strategies for making positive changes to improve their performance at work.
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Secrets to Money Management Posters

Discover the keys to good money management with the Secrets to Money Management Posters. Basic messages of planning, budgeting, borrowing, and investing are conveyed through clever photographic visuals. This poster set gives insight into the importance of being a skillful earner, a smart spender and disciplined saver, a trusted borrower, and a careful planner that encourages students learn to live within their means.

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Careers: Exploring The World Of Work DVD

Using the framework of the Holland Hexagon, this program uses a variety of vignettes to explore six personality types. Interviews with actual workers give students a first-hand look at what types of jobs match these personalities and strengths.
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Job Survival Workbook (Third Edition)

This special workbook is for those with different job needs. It teaches readers how to adjust to their workplaces and retain their jobs. It covers the basic job retention topics, including attitude, skills, goals, problem solving, stress, following rules, and having good habits and manners.
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Ability Explorer, Third Edition (Assessment)

In less than 30 minutes, individuals learn their strongest abilities, plus related careers for developing and using these abilities. Written at an 8th-grade reading level, this 120-statement assessment raises self-awareness, provides practical insights and information, and creates a foundation for informed career
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Keys to Getting Hired for Job Seekers over 50: Resumes and Cover Letters That Work - Video

Your clients' resumes and cover letters have an important job to do: to quickly convince employers to contact them. In this video, your clients will discover how to customize these documents to effectively introduce themselves to employers. They will learn about different types of resumes and get career coaches’ top tips for creating, formatting, and submitting resumes and cover letters.

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It's Your Money Poster Set

Build a strong foundation for financial success by learning the basics of money management with the It's Your Money Poster Set. This series of eight posters is great for teaching financial literacy and tackles a number of financial education topics including investing money, balancing a checkbook, managing debt, understanding a paycheck, safe online banking, protecting your credit, personal debt, and types of investments.

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Attitude Is

Attitude. A little thing makes a big difference in your life AND career. This short program shares thoughtful and poignant messages regarding the power and impacts of your attitude.
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Mindset, Motivation and Leadership - DVD

People are fairly evenly divided between those with either a growth or a fixed mindset about intelligence and talent. And leaders’ mindsets, Professor Dweck shows, influence their ability to grow on the job and to develop successful teams.
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Increasing Your Contribution at Work (e-Learning Course)

Individuals develop the skills required to deliver high performing results. (8-courses)
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Exploring Career Clusters and Paths (DVD)

This engaging DVD inspires young people to think about their future careers and guides them through the exploration process. In a documentary style, this DVD features real students describing their interests, what they like to do, and what they are good at as the basis for exploring career options. Next, the program demonstrates how this insight is fundamental to a young person's career exploration.
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Work Readiness Inventory (Pack of 25)

Identifying areas of concern is often the first step in helping an individual become work ready. The Work Readiness Inventory (WRI) does just that. It is an assessment designed to help workers recognize and address the demands of the workplace by identifying their readiness concerns or areas of weakness. Research shows that readiness assessments can also assist in the career-planning and decision-making process, leading to more informed choices.
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50 Web Based Lesson Plans - Careers

Summary, web address, questions, and creative homework assignment or activity for each lesson. Includes Choosing a Career Path, Career Education & Training, Getting A Job and more
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Professional Manners Poster Set

Put your best foot forward and set a good first impression at a job interview or when interacting with clients and customers with the tips found on the Professional Manners Poster Set.

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Getting to Keep the Job You Find, Sixth Edition (DVD)

This video focuses on the trickiest part of the interview process: answering the questions. You learn a time-tested method for answering any interview question.
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Cross-Cultural Communication (DVD)

Video Streaming Available!

As our world becomes increasingly interconnected, people increasingly encounter problems when communicating with people from other cultures. This can lead to problems ranging from employee frustration and decreased efficiency, to losing billion dollar deals.

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Cash, Credit, and Your Future Video

What are your students looking forward to? More education? A great job? A cool car? Dreams are free but achieving them takes good planning, hard work, and money. This DVD demonstrates how to get a head start, learn how to manage money, understand paychecks and the basics of credit and debit cards. Follow along as two teen viewers watch a financial awards show and learn the right way to manage their money.
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Leadership for Innovation - DVD

What kind of leadership is needed when innovation is your competitive advantage? From her research on companies that have achieved breakthrough innovations, Professor Hill found a common leadership approach. (DVD or Video Streaming)
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