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Light Speed Chemistry Bundle (DVDs)


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This chemistry science DVD series covers atoms, molecules, bonding, matter, bases, chemical reactions, stoichiometry and thermodynamics.


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Additional information aboutLight Speed Chemistry Bundle (DVDs)

ATOMS, MOLECULES, AND BONDING BUNDLE They’re not just for fashion; models are used to show how even the tiniest pieces of matter are outfitted! This program will outfit you with all you need to know about atomic mass, and will introduce the road map of elements known as the Periodic Table. Bonding happens more than just amongst your friends; it is an essential part of keeping matter together. Learn how sharing charges and building strength in numbers are essential parts of chemistry. The VSEPR theory will describe the shapes and geometric make-up of the friendly molecule.

STATES OF MATTER AND SOLUTIONS Follow the matter road and you’ll find solids, liquids and gases, oh MY! The structure and phase changes will be presented using cheesy examples (yes cheese), and we’ll find out why unruly gases have their own laws. This program stirs things up by showing how combining chemical substances turns substances into mixtures! You’ll have all the answers, or solutions, on how combinations can be dry, wet, chunky, hearty, smooth, creamy, strong and even invisible. So don’t lose your concentration when these solutions are being presented.

ACIDS AND BASES AND CHEMICAL REACTIONS You don’t have to go far to find acids and bases; they can be found in your kitchen, your garden and even in your lunch. This program goes a bit deeper to define what makes acids and bases do their thing, and what happens when they combine and react to each other. Chemical reactions happen all over, from the faraway sun to the cup of water sitting next to you. These reactions are a rearrangement of the same old atoms we know and love with some chemical magic. This program reveals the magic and terms involved in writing and understanding chemical equations.

STOICHIOMETRY AND THERMODYNAMICS The Standard Deviants are so stoked to present this branch of chemistry, it has a leading role. Stoichiometry will awe you with mathematical performances and move you with a balancing act of equations. You will be applauding Stoichiometry’s overwhelming performance. It’s time to get energized and make things light up, heat up, power up and breakup. This program will melt away the complexity of thermodynamics and the functions and laws behind it. Heat up your class and make things happen, just like the energy found in this video.

  • Media Format: 4 DVDs + CD Guide
  • Run Time: 241 minutes
  • Grade Level: 9 - 12

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