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Child Care Safety Training Videos Package


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This 10-DVD video package offers a wide array of child safety training programs to help care providers keep kids safe.

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Additional information about Child Care Safety Training Videos Package

This 10-DVD package offers a wide array of child safety training programs to help care providers keep kids safe.

Package include the following programs:

Crimes Against Children And Teens On The Internet – Sexual Predators And Pedophiles - DVD (Cps1001)

This program was developed with the help of undercover police, detectives, a school teacher who has worked with the FBI on child abductions, and others. Predators are everywhere and now they can come into your home via the internet. This program points out some of the pitfalls parents make and what parents and teachers can do to help protect children who use the internet. (37 Min.)

Sexual Predators In Public Places - DVD (CPS1002)

This program is designed to provide you information relating to sexual predators and potential child abductors in public places and at work. The objective of this program is to provide you knowledge so you can help reduce or prevent abductions where you work. (35 Min.)

Child Care Safety Basics – Facility Providers - DVD (CCB1002)

This is an exceptional training program for educating providers in safety techniques and safety orientation for those larger facility providers. Topics include: training, child abuse, safe lifting, fire prevention, fire extinguisher training, electrical safety, power appliances, general housekeeping, kitchen safety, feeding tips, emergencies medical assistance, poison control, tornadoes, earthquakes, and child proofing the facility. (18 Min.)

Crib Safety and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome - SIDS DVD (CCB1001)

This program is designed for all child care providers to understand crib safety, what makes a crib unsafe to use, potential problems with cribs, and the dos and don’ts of crib safety. The sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) is discussed with potential causes and prevention procedures and techniques. The program also provides an interview with a child care provider that went through the painful experience of a child dying of SIDS, while in day care. (9 Min.)

Attention Deficit Disorder – What Teachers Need To Know - DVD (DISAB1003)

This is perhaps one of the best programs relating to ADD/HD, as it was designed by Barbara Berg, M.S., M.C.S.W, who has counseled thousands of youngsters with ADD/HD and has also been diagnosed as ADD/HD herself. She understands the difficulty children and teachers have in their daily routine. Barbara provides insight for teachers to understand the illness and what things teachers can do or not do to improve the education and behavioral environment of those children with ADD/HD. (21 Min.)

Foodborne Illnesses In The Child Care Setting - DVD (CCB1007)

Every individual in the child care system should review the information contained in this training program. Discusses foodborne illness prevention techniques, cleaning, sanitizing, and much more. Did you know that heating food in plastic containers in the microwave can be hazardous to health and a potential carcinogen? Program features an interview with an adult who recently experienced foodborne illness and explains his experience with this potentially deadly illness. (14min.)

Hand-washing and Bacteria In Child Care - DVD (CCB1008)

This program is so important, it needed its own video. Yes, everyone knows how to wash their hands, but do they really? In a child care environment, it is critical as young children do not have a fully developed immune system to protect them, so extra care and caution is imperative. What is the best hand drying method: hot air blower or paper towels? The answer may surprise you. (14 Min.)

Child care safety basics – in-home providers - DVD (CCB1003)

Another great training program designed specifically for smaller day care centers and in-home providers. Topics include: parent orientation, emergency information, child behavior, child abuse, childhood basics (infants/toddlers), supervision, potential child hazards, outdoor safety, kitchen safety, feeding tips, emergencies, medical, poison control, tornados, earthquakes, and child proofing the home.(20 Min.)

Autism In The Classroom - What Teachers Need To Know - DVD (DISAB1001)

Program designed by teachers and parents with autistic children and autistic children in their facilities. Features a short interview with Dr. Bernard Rimland, founder of the Autism Research Institute, author and noted expert on autism. Dr. Rimland was the technical director of the movie “Rainman” featuring Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise. (17 Min.)

Bloodborne Pathogens In Childcare - DVD (CCB1009)

All teachers and child care providers should be trained in this important topic. First aid is a normal function of providers when children get minor scrapes and small injuries, so it’s extremely important to understand the basics of bloodborne pathogens for the protection of both providers and children. (10 Min.)

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