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Child Development Educational Videos


Child Development Theorists DVD

Beginning with Sigmund Freud, modern child development theories have changed the way that parents raise their children and the way that teachers teach those children. This video is an entertaining and enlightening view of the major child development theorists, how the theories differ, and how more than one approach can be beneficial. Historical footage and photos are combined with candid documentary footage from day care centers in this informative video.
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Encouraging Moral Development in Children Video

A definition of morality, reasons for the decisions we make, and a look at the behavior of real children in a child care center are all covered in this fast-paced, informative DVD.
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Brain DVD Series

This set of DVDs bring a practical, easy to understand approach to how children's brains learn best.
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Confessions of an In-Home Childcare Provider and Montessori Teacher DVD

Peer into the world of experienced Montessori teachers and in-home childcare providers in this insightful video. Through interviews and live foot age of the experts, students will discover what it takes to succeed in these professions.
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Happy Mealtimes & Healthy Kids DVD

Comprehensive video for parents and caregivers. Based on the teachings of Ellyn Satter, this video teaches viewers that parents and children have separate roles to play in regard to eating.
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Building Strong Families Educational Video

Encourage and engage parents and children to create lasting bonds to build stronger families. Join parenting experts Michelle and David Neujahr and their grown children as they share their tools and ideas for helping to build steadfast family ties that last a lifetime. The Neujahrs share their experiences and explain that taking time to think about who you are as a family, what you believe, and what’s most important will help your family grow and stay strong for the long haul.
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The Brain: Developing Memory in Developing Brains Video

Discover how the basic workings of the brain influence our memory and how we learn and what can be done to encourage healthy brain development in children.
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Children and Divorce: Volume 1: The Experience and Feelings

The Experience and Feelings, chapters include What Divorce Means to Me, How I Heard, My Biggest Worry, Things That Help, and If I Had a Magic Wand.
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Children and Grief: Volume 2, Ways to Cope

In Professor Child’s Children and Grief series, chapters include What Has Helped, Advice, and Celebrate and Remember.
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Children of Military Families: Volume 1, The Experience and Feelings (DVD)

In Professor Child’s Children and Grief series, chapters include My Story, Deployment, We Are Unique, and The Good and The Bad.
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Children and Grief SuperPack

In Professor Child’s Children and Grief series, children teach others about the grieving process by sharing their personal stories of losing a loved one. We hear about their grief and loss and how they are coping and healing.
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Cooking and Children...A Learning Activity DVD

Studies show that life-long healthy eating habits start by having kids help prepare the food! Follow Nica and preschoolers in the kitchen as they have fun learning about nutrition through making healthy snacks
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The Power of Family DVD

Traditional, single parent, blended or extended - there are many ways we define a family. Our families help make us the people that we are today. Learn the different types of families and the developmental roles they play.
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Williams Syndrome DVD

Williams Syndrome is a rare disorder. For parents, teachers and care workers, learning about the emotional, physical and mental strength and weaknesses can be the key to understanding Williams Syndrome. Sandra Carter, special education teacher, is interviewed on-camera to share her knowledge of this disability.
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Parenting Principles Educational video

Positive parenting begins by creating an emotionally healthy environment for children to grow, filled with love, guidance, and respect. Join leading adolescence and parenting expert Laurence Steinberg, PhD, in an examination of the ten basic principles of good parenting. Parents share their personal experiences of raising their children while Dr. Steinberg delves into the important role parents play in shaping emotionally healthy children throughout the span of childhood.
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Children and Divorce: Volume 2: The Transition (DVD)

In Vol. 2, The Transition, chapters include What Has Changed Since the Divorce, My Parents’ Relationship Now, Caught in the Middle, and Back and Forth.
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Children of Military Families SuperPack (DVD)

In Professor Child’s Children of Military Families series, children teach others what its like to have a parent deployed in the military by sharing their personal stories.
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Early Childhood Professions

In this career day DVD interviews with a variety of high-energy, engaging professionals who work with children will illustrate the range of choices for students today.
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Fathering: What It Means To Be a Dad DVD

An interview with fathering expert Steve Onell is paired with interviews of young fathers to explain the impact and importance of a father in a child's life.
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Children and Divorce: Volume 3: Ways to Cope (DVD)

Children and Divorce: Volume 3: Ways to Cope video chapters include Advice to Kids, Advice to Parents, Hopes and Dreams, and I Am
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Children and Grief: Volume 3, Life After Death (DVD)

In Professor Child’s Children and Grief series, chapters include Life After Death, Hopes and Dreams, and I Am.
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Adult/Child And Infant CPR and AED - DVD

Adult/Child and Infant CPR and AED program focuses on review of adult, child, infant CPR and obstructed airway. The Automated External Defibrillator (AED) will be introduced.
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Children and Grief: Volume 1, The Experience and Feelings (DVD)

In Professor Child’s Children and Grief series, children teach others about the grieving process by sharing their personal stories of losing a loved one.
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Teens 101 - Complete Video Series

Teens 101 is a multi-media initiative towards reaching, guiding, empowering, and inspiring youth through the issues that can affect their mental health and well being.
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Child Care Safety Basics For In-Home Providers (DVD)

Another great training program designed specifically for smaller day care centers and in-home providers. Topics include: parent orientation, emergency information, child behavior, child abuse, childhood basics (infants/toddlers), supervision, potential child hazards, outdoor safety, kitchen safety, feeding tips, emergencies, medical, poison control, tornados, earthquakes, and child proofing the home.

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