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Construction Safety Training Videos Package


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This 30-video Construction Safety Training Package provides your employees with the most relevant safety-training courses to help you achieve a safe working environment.
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Additional information about Construction Safety Training Videos Package

Our 30-video Construction Safety Training Package provides your employees with the most relevant safety-training courses to help you achieve a safe working environment.

This package includes the following 30-DVDs:

Confined Space Entry

Confined Space Entry Must Be Approached With A Professional Attitude And A Methodical System Designed To Prevent Situations From Escalating Into A Disaster. The National Institute For Occupational Safety & HealtNIOSHosh) Found That In More Than 50% Of Confined Space Accidents, The Rescuer Becomes The VictiNIOSHosh Also Found That Very Few Organizations Provided Written Procedures.

Personal Protective Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment Is Provided By The Company. The Right Choice Is For The Worker To Make Sure The Appropriate Protective Equipment Is Worn When Performing Tasks That Are Hazardous.

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI)  

Insulation And Grounding Are Two Recognized Means Of Preventing Injury During Electrical Equipment Operation. Grounding May Be Achieved Through The Use Of A Direct Connection To A Known Ground Such As A Metal Cold Water Pipe.

Basic Electrical Safety In The Workplace 

The Different Types Of Electric Energy Are Low, High, And Static Voltage. This Program Is Designed To Make You More Aware Of Electrical Safety. This Program Gives A Basic Understanding Of Electricity.

 Hazardous Materials Spill - Clean Up 

Many Materials You Work With May Be Classified As Hazardous. That's Why All Spills, No Matter How Small, Must Be Taken Seriously. Hazardous Material Can Endanger Your Health Or Life And Of Others. Plans And Preparations, Along With A Practiced Response To Spills, Should Be Done In Advance Of An Emergency.

Eye Protection

All Eye Hazards In The Workplace Can Be Eliminated If Eye Protection Is Worn. Natural Defenses Protect The Eyes From Minor Injuries But Are Not Sufficient Protection From Heavy Exposures That Exist In The Industry. The Program Covers Eye Hazards And Types Of Eye Protection With Emphasis On Safety.

Hand And Power Tool Safety

Hand And Power Tools Cause Thousands Of Injuries Every Year. A Simple Screwdriver Causes Over A Hundred Deaths Each Year. The Injury Rate Tells Us That Safety Awareness Is Important When Using These Tools.

Lifting Safely In Construction

According To The National Safety Council And Medical Research, 70% Of Backaches Are The Result Of the Degeneration Of Spinal Discs. You Probably Heard The Warning Bend Your Knees And Lift With Your Legs. Back Injuries Can Be Prevented, It's Up To You.

Hearing Conservation

There Are An Estimated 33 Million People In The U.S. With Hearing Loss Enough To Affect Their Daily Activities. Occupational-Related Noise Exposure Accounts For 11 Million Cases Of Hearing Loss. Another 36 To 37 Million People Suffer From Tinnitus, Which Is A Chronic Ringing In The Ears.

Ladder Safety

Thousands Of Individuals Are Injured From Falling Off A Ladder Each Year. Most Injuries Are Caused By Slipping On Grease, Oil, And Solvents Left On The Rungs And Sides Of The Ladder. The Ladder Should Be Inspected Before Use.

Heat Stress Awareness And Prevention

During Summertime, The Risk Of Heat Illness Or Dying Of Over-Exposure From The Effects Of Heat Becomes Greater. Workers Whose Jobs Are Outside Are At Risk As Well As Professional Athletes

Respirators And How To Use Them

Respiratory Protection And Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus Are Used To Protect From Harmful Gases, Fumes, And Chemicals. Training Is Required On The Use And Proper Fit Of Respirators.

How To Fit Test Respirators

There Are A Variety Of Gases, Fumes, Vapors, Dust, Mists, And Other Potentially Hazardous Materials In Many Industries. Protection From Health Hazards Is A Goal Of All Employers And Employees.

Fall Protection & Safety

There Are Various Types Of Fall Protection Such As Guardrails, Safety Nets, And Covers For Open Surfaces. Falls From Any Height Can Cause Serious Injury. Osha Requires Fall Protection If Work Is Done At Six Feet Or Higher.

Forklift Operator Safety

Forklifts Can Save Time On Your Job When Used Safely. A Forklift Professional Does Not Cause Property Damage Or Injuries. Operators Are Expected To Have The Maturity And Responsibility To Operate A Forklift Efficiently And Safely.

Fire Extinguisher Safety

Not Everyone Understands Or Knows How To Use Fire Extinguishers. There Are Different Extinguishers For Each Type Of Fire. The Object Of Fire Extinguisher Training Is To Save Lives.

Lead Safety In Construction

Lead Can Stay In Your Body For Years Causing Serious Health Effects That May Not Be Treatable. Over-Exposure Of Lead By Workers In Many Industries Is A Major Concern. Lead Can Be Found In The Air At Home In Paint, Dishware, Water, and Lead Sadder Used In Plumbing.

A Primer On Fall Protection

Fall Prevention Has Been A Major Concern For Many With Recent Statistics Reported By The Bureau Of Labor Statistics Revealing That Fatal Falls Were Down 25% From A High Of 847 In 2007.

Bloodborne Pathogens

Great Strides Have Been Made In Promoting Knowledge About Bloodborne Pathogens. Training Programs Are Designed To Educate And Provide Awareness Of The Protective Measures Used To Avoid Exposure To Bloodborne Pathogens.

Preventing Electrocutions

Electricity Is Measured In Units Of Energy Called Watts. Watts Is Defined As The Amount Of Power An Appliance Uses When Operated At Its Maximum Capacity For One Hour. Within The Home Or Work, It Is Typical To Have Conductors Covered With An Insulator Such As Rubber-Covered Electric Cord; However, This Does Not Guarantee Safety.

Arc Welding Safety

Every Company Is Responsible For Developing Specific Guidelines, Policies, And Procedures. Welding Is A Safe Operation If You Follow Procedures And Not Take Shortcuts.

Portable Grinders And Abrasive Wheels

There Are Portable, Fixed, And Bench Grinders Which Come In Contact With Rotating Abrasive Wheels Or Disks. Rules, Procedures, And Protective Equipment Are Essential In Making Your Job Safe. If You Follow The Rules, This Equipment Can Be Safe.

Preventing Back Injuries Through Exercise

Working Is Great Exercise! The More You Work And The More Motion You Give Your Body, The Better You Will Feel. This Program Focuses On Reducing The Chances Of Back Injuries.


Work Safety Permits Are Designed For The Safety Of Those Working On A Project Or Employees Working Near A Particular Project. The Purpose Of Safety Is To Make Sure Personnel And Equipment Are Protected And Safety Procedures are Communicated With All Personnel.

Scissor Lift Safety

More Construction Workers Die From Falling From A Height Above Six Feet. General Construction Averaged Eight Scissor Lift Related Deaths Each Year.

Aerial Lift Safety

It Is Important To Know And Understand The Capabilities And Limitations Of The Aerial Lift. It Is Your Responsibility To Make Sure You Are Properly Trained And Authorized By Your Company Before You Attempt To Operate This Equipment.

Front End Loader Safety

Front-End Loaders Come In All Sizes And Shapes Which Include Track Loaders, Skid Steer, Backhoe Loaders, And Tractor Loaders. Loaders Are Often Misused By Stretching The Lifting Capacity And Failing To Follow Safety Procedures.

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