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Construction Safety Training Videos & Courses


Eye Protection (Foundries) DVD

Eye Protection (Foundries) program covers eye hazards and types of eye protection with emphasis on safety. Nature has tried to protect the eyes from injury by providing us with a number of built in devices.
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Eye Safety in Construction Environments

An estimated 24 million eye injuries occur in the U.S. each year. About 2,000 of them will occur today, and every day thereafter, while people are at work. All too many of them will cause the victim to lose some or all of their eyesight. But eye injuries can be prevented.
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Fall Prevention

Prevention of falls should be the focus of your facility. Two-thirds of seniors who have fallen will have a repeat fall within six months. The focus of preventive action needs to be centered on awareness of conditions that predispose a person to fall. This program provides practical guidelines to identify risks. (2 CE Contact Hours)
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Fall Protection - Construction (DVD)

Personal fall system protection can be a full body harness, lanyard, snap hooks and an anchorage point. Employees must be kept informed of fall protections, OSHA standards, equipment and everything necessary to prevent falls. This program provides information on the various types of fall protection, when and how to use the protective equipment with emphasis on safety.
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Fall Protection for Construction - DVD Training

This training video program helps learners in the construction industry recognize the hazards of falling and how to minimize them
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Fall Protection for General Industry - DVD Training

This program is designed to help learners understand OSHA fall protection requirements under the Walking-Working Surfaces rule. English & Spanish available all in one program.
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Field Operations Safety For Public Works and Construction DVD

Field Operations Safety For Public Works And Construction - As public employees and contractors working for public agencies, we perform many jobs that generally go unnoticed, but are a great benefit to the public by virtue of a safe and reliable water supply, well maintained roadways, and other portions of the public infrastructure
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Fire Extinguisher 2000 (DVD)

Not everyone understands or knows how to use fire extinguishers. There are different extinguishers for each type of fire. The object of fire extinguisher training is to save lives. This program will provide information and help become familiar with extinguishers, fire prevention and understanding an emergency action in the event of a fire.
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Fire Protection - Electrical Safety Training DVD

Fire Protection - Electrical Safety - Fire prevention is something no one really thinks about because we're busy at our jobs and home and we don't really believe a fire will happen to us. It's important to review the basics of fire protection periodically just to improve our awareness. The first rule is to keep all work areas neat, clean, and organized.

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Flagger Safety (Public Agency) DVD

The Manual of Traffic Controls for Construction and Maintenance Work Zones is the basic standard that provides guidance for flagger conduct, skill, and the science they use.
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Flagger Safety Training DVD

The flagger’s job is important to protect workers on the highway. They are highly motivated, and professional. The Manual of Traffic Controls for Construction and Maintenance Work Zones is the basic standard that provides guidance for flagger conduct, skills, and the science they use. This program includes information about equipment, flagging position, flagging situations, procedures, and proper conduct.
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Flammable Liquids Safety Training DVD

It is important to know the different signs and warning labels on flammable liquids and the harm they may cause. This program addresses the terminology used with flammable liquids with an emphasis on safety.
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Forklift Operator Training - DVD

Forklift Operator Training - This program is simply a review of safe operating rules.
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Forklift Safety For Construction Training DVD

With this construction-specific program, you can help meet OSHA's "formal instruction" forklift training requirements (29 CFR §1910.178 (I)).

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Forklift Safety Training Package

Topics included in this safety video are: rules and certification,certification, general types of equipment, engineering principles, automobiles and forklifts, fulcrum principle, forklift data plate, attachments, load centers, centers of gravity, technical terminology, operator responsibility, basic forklift operating rules, speeding, riders, seat belts and turnovers, raised loads, steering, operating surfaces, docks and ramps, braking and parking, pedestrians, and forklift maintenance.
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Forklift Training Package - 3 Videos In One Package

This package covers forklift rules and certification, certification, general types of equipment, engineering principles, automobiles and forklifts, fulcrum principle and more
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Forklift Workshop for Construction - DVD Training

Provides forklift operators - new and veteran - with training on key safety and operation practices
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Forklifts and Pedestrian Safety Training DVD

Forklifts And Pedestrian Safety - More injuries are experienced by pedestrians or persons not operating equipment than actual forklift operators.
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Front End Loader Safety Training DVD

Front-end loaders come in all sizes and shapes which include track loaders, skid steer, backhoe loaders, and tractor loaders. Loaders are often misused by stretching the lifting capacity and failure to follow safety procedures. Only fully trained and authorized persons should operate a front-end loader
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Gas Welding Safety Training DVD

Each company is responsible for developing specific guidelines, policies and procedures. Welding or cutting material can be a safe operation if you follow the rules and not take shortcuts. This program focuses on gas welding safety awareness.
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GHS Labels and Safety Data Sheets (English) DVD

The Globally Harmonized System(GHS) is an international approach to hazard communication, providing a new system for classification of chemical hazards, and a standardized approach to labels and safety data sheets.
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Grinding and Abrasive Wheels (DVD)

Grinding and Abrasive Wheels program provides the viewer with information on the proper use and operation of grinders in a safe manner. There are a variety of jobs in foundry operations in industries requiring the use of grinders.
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Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter - DVD

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters - Insulation and grounding are 2 recognized means of preventing injury during electrical equipment operation. Conductor insulation may be provided by placing non-conductive material such as plastic around the conductor. Grounding may be achieved through the use of direct connection to a known ground such as a metal cold water pipe.
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Hand and Power Tool Safety (Machinery) DVD

Hand And Power Tool Safety - Hand and power tools cause thousands of injuries every year. Safety must be exercised every time anyone uses hand and power tools. Safety awareness is of vital importance, so let's begin the program with some basics.

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Hand and Power Tool Safety Training DVD

When working with hand and power tools, your safety attitude and common sense are an important part of your job. This program focuses on the how to use these tools safely.
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