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Indecently Exposed with Jane Elliott - DVD

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"I'm your resident bitch for the day - welcome to the workshop!" - Anti-racism expert Jane Elliott. That's how anti-racism expert Jane Elliott describes her role in this reality-based documentary that challenges Canadian attitudes towards Native Canadians.

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Industrial Safety Career Series - Truck Driver Safety

Careers in safety are challenging and rewarding. The primary focus of safety practice is to prevent incidents and accidents that may lead to injuries, damage to property and equipment, or harm to the environment.
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Intercultural Communication: Interacting Effectively Across Cultures

To be successful in today's increasingly diverse workplace, you need to train your employees on effective communication in the cultural workforce. Intercultural Communication is a complete training program to help your people avoid misunderstandings and communicate more effectively with other cultures
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Interview Attire Poster

Think that what you wear doesn't say anything about who you are? This poster demonstrates appropriate and inappropriate job interview clothing and conduct, showing that they do have an impact on a potential employer's opinion of you.

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Is It Okay? How to Stay Safe DVD

Safety Sam the Fireman and his faithful dog Rescue, teach kids "Ten Super Safety Rules" that cover street safety, personal safety, and safety from strangers with lively songs and true-to-life situations.
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It's Not Working: Workplace Etiquette Training Video

It's Not Working: Workplace Etiquette

It's Not Working: Workplace Etiquette offers a much-needed refresher on etiquette training; the program stresses the importance of decorum at work, showing how bad manners can affect productivity and damage relationships.
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It's Your Body: You're in Charge (2 Pack) DVD

This video program helps them differentiate between good and bad touches, learn that they have the right to say 'no' to a touch that makes them feel uncomfortable, understand the 'touching rule' and realize if they experience a bad touch, they MUST speak up and tell an adult they trust what happened.
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It's Your Money: Financial Flight School Video

As students prepare to live on their own, they need to learn how to be financially wise. This current, relevant video features interviews with real teens and beneficial tips on budgeting, credit cards, debit cards, loans and more. Help your students be financially prepared for the future.
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Keep the Peace: Conflict Resolution Series (5-DVD Set)

The Peace Conflict Resolution Series which follows a group of teens who come into conflict with one another and have to learn the essential skills that help them take control of their lives and resolve conflicts peaceably. By focusing on the same group of teens, these six programs bringing continuity and realism to the discussion and facilitate the acquisition of conflict resolution skills.
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Keeping Control Of The Class DVD

Gives tips and advice on how to keep students from disrupting class-time, as well as addresses how to keep students interested in the lesson plan.
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Keeping Peace At Home DVD

Parents often find themselves coping with a host of hassles: morning chaos, sibling bickering, bedtime haggling. This program illustrates concrete, practical techniques for easing tensions, handling conflicts constructively, managing anger, and creating peaceful homes.
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Kelso's Choice "Putting Kelso Into Play" Conflict Management DVD

This program help's students see how kids use conflict management solutions to solve everyday problems.
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Kelso's Choice Conflict Management Complete Kit Series

Kelso's Choice Conflict Management Kit, has been beloved by school counselors and children alike for over 25 years. Helping empower children to make good choices and solve conflict on their own, school administrators and counselors often find that discipline referrals are reduced dramatically when the Kelso system is implemented comprehensively and school-wide.
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Kelso's Choice Conflict Management Skills Kit 4th Edition

Kelso's Choice Conflict Management Kit, our flagship program now in its 4th Edition, has been beloved by school counselors and children alike for over 25 years. Helping empower children to make good choices and solve conflict on their own, school administrators and counselors often find that discipline referrals are reduced dramatically when the Kelso system is used.
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Keys to a Better Life

Imagine it's one hundred eighty days from now, and your life is dramatically better. You're health, relationships, and career goals are all falling into place.
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Kids and Divorce (DVD)

Each year, over 1.2 million children see their parents get divorced, causing them much grief and many questions. In the non-threatening environment of a peer support group, children talk freely about how it feels - guilt, sadness, anger, jealousy, embarrassment, confusion, or even a lack of feeling - when parents split up.
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Learn It, Earn It: Respect In Conflict DVD

Vignettes illustrate the importance of respecting other people's dreams and interests, culture and differences, and personal tastes.
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Learning Character With Kelso DVD

This video program helps children understand the meaning of these complex concepts by presenting short, true-to-life vignettes. Watch as students approach an everyday situation without utilizing a good character skill, followed by a vignette of the students approaching the same situation, this time, using the good character skill.
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Legal But Dangerous OTC And Rx Drugs (2 Pack) DVD

This program also addresses the issue of substances sold in health food stores that are unregulated, and sometimes harmful. No quality-control procedures exist for these products that have been shown to cause serious harm, and in some cases, death.
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Lesson Booster Cliques? - Video

These four programs identify through real-life examples the meaning and effects, both good and bad, of cliques.
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Lesson Booster Elementary 2 Program Series DVD

This program includes 2 disc Angry? And Got a Problem? with 7 episodes to provide ways for children to identify, talk about, and handle their anger and problems
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Lesson Booster Everybody's Different DVD

Lesson Boosters presents Everybody's Different: In these 3 episodes, viewers learn that everyone is different in some way and that we must learn to accept those differences. Copyright 2010.
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Lesson Booster Got a Problem? - Video

Copyright 2010

This program includes 3 episodes to help children find a solution to their problems.

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