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Safe at Schools Series:Improving School Climate DVD

Looks at how to maintain a comfortable and peaceable school climate, discusses negative factors that may diminish school morale, as well as assesses how change can occur within an educational environment.
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Safety Orientation For High School Students (DVD)

This program isn't about not using drugs or alcohol; you already know that. Itís not about driving safely, but it is information that will serve you well today and in the years ahead. This particular program is designed to help you become more aware of safety in school, at home, or in the industrial work environments.
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Say No and Mean It (DVD)

Empower students to say "no" and mean it. This programs provides real scenarios that adolescence will face, and motivates youngsters to stick with their decision. Children learn how doing the right thing can benefit others.
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Secrets: Landing and Keeping a Job Training Video

What are transferable skills and why do we need them? They are skills acquired throughout your life that can be used at any job. Filmed in a sitcom format, like "The Office", this entertaining and informative DVD explains important job transferable skills including communication skills, problem-solving skills, and teamwork.
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bullying training video

See a Bully! Stop a Bully DVD

This lively program encourages kids to consider the consequences of their own behavior, understand the behavior of others, and feel comfortable turning to adults for help when they need to. After viewing this program students will: recognize that bullies are not alike; feel comfortable turning to adults for help; understand that the target’s feelings, rather than the bully’s intent, make something a bullying behavior.

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Sex Too Soon (2 Pack)

Documentary-style interviews with real teens who were sexually active at an early age give students a realistic view of the negative consequences of having sex too soon.
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Sexual Harassment For Education

Sexual Harassment For Education (Student Version) - DVD

This program focuses on teaching the important difference between innocent flirtation and sexual harassment.
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sexual harassment training video

Sexual Harassment: What You Can Do DVD

It is estimated that four out of five teenagers experience sexual harassment at school. Many harassers see their behavior as nothing more than harmless teasing. Often, victims of sexual harassment feel powerless and don't know what they can do to protect themselves.<.
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Sexually Transmitted Infections: What You Should Know

This program presents the facts and symptoms of common STIs, the pressure teens experience to have sex, and the social and emotional fallout of their actions. It urges teens to take responsibility for their own health and see abstinence as a realistic, positive choice and the only 100% safe way to avoid STIs.
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Why We Ignore Bullying DVD

Silent On The Sidelines: Why We Ignore Bullying DVD

Copyright 2004 - What is it about bullying behavior that is so powerful it silences the people who witness it? This program, designed to help students and staff create a school climate that stops bullying behavior, will help answer these questions.
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Staying Safe On The Internet DVD

Introduced by a funny, computer-savvy host named Chip, the three scenarios alert viewers to online dangers, and teach the appropriate safety rules to follow: don't open messages from anyone you don't personally know; don't give out personal information to anyone; never agree to meet with strangers you meet online.
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Staying Safe Online: Digital Footprint Video

Like everything on the web, digital data cannot be washed away - it remains forever, a permanent footprint. Discover how the things you do in a digital environment can ultimately impact your life. Free Preview
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Staying Safe Online: Digital Footprint DVD - Digital Download

Like everything on the web, digital data cannot be washed away - it remains forever, a permanent footprint. Discover how the things you do in a digital environment can ultimately impact your life. Free Preview
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Staying Safe Online: Digital Footprint DVD and Activity Packet

Discover how the things you do in a digital environment can ultimately impact your life. Included in this complete kit is the Digital Footprint DVD and Activity Packet.
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Stop Picking on Me! (Bundle) DVD

Show even the youngest students the effect that name-calling, bullying, bossiness and aggressive behavior have on others. The three video programs in this bundle offer easily accessible skills for youngsters.
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Stranger Danger Awareness: The 5 Traps (DVD)

This comprehensive stranger danger program shows young viewers how to avoid five common traps ‘bad strangers’ use through a series of dramatic vignettes, and shows them how the strangers they encounter everyday on their way to and from schoo

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Talk It Out :Complete Eating Disorder Series (3 DVD Set)

Talk It Out: Complete Eating Disorder Series Includes the Following Titles: What Is an Eating Disorder?, What Causes Eating Disorders? and I Have an Eating Disorder. Now what?
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Talk it Out: Sex, Self-Respect and Social Media - Video

The program begins with an explanation of how new communication technologies have changed the way people in relationships communicate with each other, and how its revolutionized dating and romance.
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Talk It Out: Teens, Substance Abuse And Addiction Series

Through vintage footage, animation, graphics, and scientific demonstrations, this series explores the various types of substance abuse and addiction and their impact on individuals, families, and society as a whole.
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Talking about Harassment DVD

Talking about Harassment (Bundle) DVD

Any type of harassment is difficult to cope with, but sexual harassment in particular is not only devastating, but illegal as well. This highly effective workshop presents brief vignettes that show young teens — who often have no idea that their behavior could be construed as harassment — exactly what sexual harassment looks and sounds like. A nationally known expert offers insight and commentary.

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Talking About Tobacco DVD

This program has been designed to help young teens gain a better understanding of addiction and their own vulnerability, increase awareness of why teens smoke, counter the image of smoking as “cool.”, understand the impact of advertising, and see the choice not to smoke as an empowering decision.

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Teen Dating Abuse (DVD)

An effective video program to combat teen dating abuse is an essential part of any high school health and guidance curriculum, and this one is a great tool.
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Teen Safety: Dating and Relationships Video

This video program uses realistic scenarios and interviews to provide teens with resources if abuse is occurring at home or school.
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Teen Safety: When You are Alone Training Video

Prevention is the key to stopping abuse, sexual violence or abduction. This program uses realistic scenarios and interviews with experts to provide teens with safety strategies.
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Teen-Adult Conflict: Working It Out (2 Pack) DVD

The drive toward autonomy, a normal feature of adolescent life, is all too frequently sidetracked by battles with adults over issues of power and control. Using scenarios illustrating typical adult-teen conflicts, this program teaches conflict resolution techniques specifically aimed at helping teens get along better with the adults in their lives. Emphasizes good communication skills, brainstorming for solutions and negotiating for win-win solutions.
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