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Guidance Educational Videos


Happy Mealtimes & Healthy Kids DVD

Comprehensive video for parents and caregivers. Based on the teachings of Ellyn Satter, this video teaches viewers that parents and children have separate roles to play in regard to eating.
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Sex & Abstinence

This educational program takes a look at a controversial approach - stressing abstinence. Religious values are one of the most prominent reasons for waiting until marriage to engage in sexual intimacy.
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Addicted Teens: Ecstasy Addiction

Ecstasy, also called Molly, is a stimulant (man-made) club drug often abbreviated as MDMA that has hallucinogenic properties. MDMA works by providing a rush of Serotonin and Norepinephrine, two neurotransmitters that signal feelings of pleasure and happiness. Ecstasy is one of the most popular drugs among teens today.
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Addicted Teens: Legal Highs

Legal highs are man-made substances/chemicals and strong stimulants that have similar effects to illegal drugs like cocaine, cannabis or ecstasy. They are sometimes called club drugs or new psychoactive substances (NPS)
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Faith Behind Bars Women in Prison - Helping to Transform Lives through Faith in God

Leading Women out of Personal and Spiritual Brokenness & helping to Transform Lives through Faith in God. Women who have committed serious crimes are not beyond the help of God and the compassionate people who minister to them.
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Raising Young Children with Mental Health Disorders

This video program seeks to identify the difference between childhood challenges and behavior rooted in mental illness. Families share their stories, while mental-health experts discuss treatment and coping strategies.
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Fun Teen Rooms on a Budget! Video

Six teen girls give tours of their own bedrooms and offer creative and fun ideas for designing teen bedrooms!
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Learning About Harassment

I Was Just Kidding! Learning About Harassment (DVD)

Students learn to identify what behavior constitutes harassment, the different kinds of harassment, and the steps they can take to stop it.
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Career Planning - Building Self-Esteem & Getting Your First Job

Discover why self-esteem is so important in getting your first job. Learn valuable tips on how to raise your self-esteem & understand the importance of self-confidence in the workplace. This program provides crucial information designed to prepare students for success.
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Teen Nutrition: What's The Big Debate? Video

Two high school classmates prepare for a debate on healthy eating, a nutritionist gives advice, and student interviews give a "real life" view of eating habits.
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Teen Parties on a Budget

Learn to plan and enjoy a successful event! In this video, experienced event planner, Pepper Eggers, plans creative and innovative events for teens.
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Matthew - Guidance For Parents of Children With Autism

This program parallels the Autism in the Classroom principles, but is more in-depth for what problems parents may encounter with their Autistic child. This program for parents whose child have been diagnosed with Autism and are at a loss of “what to do now.” Features parents who explain how many of their problems were overcome, how to work with an Autistic child and how they are now beginning to see results of their hard work and experiences.

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Guidance Systems: Elementary Health and Confidence (4 DVD Pack)

4 video programs plus a digital workbook with activities, program summaries, discussion questions and further resources corresponding to each video.
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Character: Communication Basics Training Video

Join hosts Anne and Ben as they learn about the basics of communication! They discover how to communicate clearly through learning communication basics, active listening, non-verbal communication, and how we communicate online.
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Eat To Win: Nutrition For Athletes DVD

This action-packed video dispels 10 common nutrition myths with what to eat, when and why, using MyPlate as the guide. This DVD covers on-target nutrition information for athletes.
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Extreme Etiquette Training Video

Extreme Etiquette Training Video Set

Manners/civility/respect education is exciting when students learn the ins and outs of etiquette in interesting environments such as rock climbing and ballroom dancing.
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Food Allergies Video

Join in on a discussion of food issues with an allergy expert as well as real people who live with food sensitivities and life-threatening food allergies. Learn the steps you can take whether you have an allergy, work with food, or know someone with an allergy.
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Interview Attire Poster

Think that what you wear doesn't say anything about who you are? This poster demonstrates appropriate and inappropriate job interview clothing and conduct, showing that they do have an impact on a potential employer's opinion of you.

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Manners Boot Camp: Professional Courtesy Video

Manners Boot Camp: Professional Courtesy Video
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Having good manners will help you stand out from the crowd and knowing how to act with professional courtesy can help you land a job and succeed once you have your foot in the door. Join Sasha and Sean in Manners Boot Camp: Professional Courtesy as they work to get their etiquette in shape for the professional world of work.
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Money Smart Video

Make dollars and cents of your money now so you build financial security for your future starting today. Money Smart DVD features financial and business professionals sharing their knowledge and insight into all aspects of money to impart to viewers what they need to know about their finances.
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My Digital Life DVD

My Digital Life explores the perils and possibilities of the brave new digital world. This thought-provoking video addresses issues of privacy and the digital footprint; misguided notions about multitasking and learning; as well as the value of being wired vs. unplugged.
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Parenting Principles Educational video

Positive parenting begins by creating an emotionally healthy environment for children to grow, filled with love, guidance, and respect. Join leading adolescence and parenting expert Laurence Steinberg, PhD, in an examination of the ten basic principles of good parenting. Parents share their personal experiences of raising their children while Dr. Steinberg delves into the important role parents play in shaping emotionally healthy children throughout the span of childhood.
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Professional Manners Poster Set

Put your best foot forward and set a good first impression at a job interview or when interacting with clients and customers with the tips found on the Professional Manners Poster Set.

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Secrets to Money Management Posters

Discover the keys to good money management with the Secrets to Money Management Posters. Basic messages of planning, budgeting, borrowing, and investing are conveyed through clever photographic visuals. This poster set gives insight into the importance of being a skillful earner, a smart spender and disciplined saver, a trusted borrower, and a careful planner that encourages students learn to live within their means.

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Secrets: Landing and Keeping a Job DVD - Digital Download

What are transferable skills and why do we need them? They are skills acquired throughout your life that can be used at any job. Filmed in a sitcom format, like "The Office", this entertaining and informative DVD explains important job transferable skills including communication skills, problem-solving skills, and teamwork.
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