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Customer Service Training Videos & Courses


50 Ways To Keep Your Customers - Video

50 Ways To Keep Your Customers is an outstanding value. In a market where prices seem to be escalating, it is an old-fashioned good investment: versatile, comprehensive content delivered in an interesting fashion for an excellent price.
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The Right Words at the Right Time... Customer Service Recovery for Leisure & Hospitality

The Right Words at The Right Time presents your staff with a wide variety of realistic and challenging situations, from the suspicious customer who accuses an employee of ringing up the wrong prices, to the hostile customer who belittles an employee about their extended warranty program.
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Lila's Story - Healthcare Customer Service (DVD)

Customer satisfaction does not happen accidentally. It requires deliberate actions on our part to identify and then satisfy customer expectations.faction does not happen accidentally.
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Office Policies Procedures Manual (Download)

Quickly create the office policies and procedures you need for multiple departments of your business. The easily editable prewritten MS Word templates speed your development time and improve performance.
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The 50 Activities Library - Download

The 50 Activities Library provides trainers and other professionals with a comprehensive library of ready to implement training activities targeted at specific competencies. Everything you need is provided and is right at your fingertips.
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Customer Service: You’ve Got Customers

Video Steaming Also Available!

"You've Got Customers!" follows the trials of a young customer service provider in his first job. There he receives an education from a most unlikely team of teachers—a bowling team. From them, he learns six key customer service techniques which could be used in any business, anywhere.
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Dimensions of Service - DVD

In Dimensions of Service, you’ll discover the secrets of improving customer satisfaction by seeing all facets of the client experience. Larry is a manager facing declining customer satisfaction. He launches a new initiative to speed up response time – but satisfaction actually goes down.

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Levels of Learning DVD

The customer service field guide: discover how to identify and work with different types of customers and co-workers!
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Cross-Cultural Communication (high tech scenario)

Bridge cultural and communication differences with the universal language: great service!
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We're In The Band - Video

We're In the Band is one of the best inspirational training programs on teamwork and customer service we've seen in a long time
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Wednesday's Touch

This video tells a simple but moving story about the importance of one customer service rep in the eyes of her customer. (DVD or Video Streaming)
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Succeed By Listening (DVD)

An old philosopher once said: "One mouth, two ears," meaning (we think) that we should listen at least twice as much as we speak. It seems so easy to do and yet it can be oh so difficult. To help in this never ending battle, we are offering Succeed By Listening with listening expert Madelyn Burley-Allen.
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The Angry Customer - DVD

Find Out How to Calm – and Not Calm – the Caustic Client! Humorous, broadcast-quality packed with strategies for handling abusive customers.

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Service Leadership Facilitator Guide

This training is designed for managers and executives. It teaches 10 proven strategies for creating a service culture in your organization.
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Customer Service Strategies That Work – DVD

Your Company is Only as Good As Your Weakest Employee. Your employees and their customer service skills may be the only thing that differentiates you from the competition. Customers are more sophisticated and educated than ever before. That’s why it’s critically important to make sure employee skills are constantly updated to meet ever-rising customer expectations
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New Sales Game Workshop

The New Sales Game is a highly interactive, one-day, facilitated program that uses presentations, group discussion, games, and activities to help sales representatives better understand their customers and develop strategies to become more effective solution providers.

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Organizing Your Business Around the Customer DVD

Customer relationship management is all about keeping customers happy. But not all customers are created equal. Roger Siboni explains that the secret is in differentiating your best customers, giving them personalized service, and rewarding them for their loyalty.
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The Right Words at the Right Time... Customer Service Recovery for Retail

The Right Words at The Right Time presents your staff with a wide variety of realistic and challenging situations, from the suspicious customer who accuses an employee of ringing up the wrong prices, to the hostile customer who belittles an employee about their extended warranty program.
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Customer Service from the Heart - DVD Training

In this entertaining and practical customer service seminar, veteran speaker James Lloyd explores all of these questions, and many more.
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Pickle Bundle

Good things come in threes! If you thought that Give 'em the Pickle! was great on its own, just wait until you experience it bundled together with our two other pickle videos: What's Your Pickle? and Leadership Pickles! Together, these three videos are the perfect way to integrate the Pickle Principles into your organization
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The Leadership Pickles! Video

What Bob Farrell did for customer service in the run away hit Give `em the PICKLE!, he's doing again for leadership with The Leadership Pickles!
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Sales Effectiveness Profile - Package of 5

In an increasingly competitive world, an effective salesperson needs a wide variety of skills and competencies in order to be successful. These skills and competencies include the ability to:
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50 Activities for Achieving Excellent Customer Service - Electronic Delivery

Increase the creativity and skill level of customer service representatives, Demonstrate what excellent customer service is, Provide insights and practice to improve customer service, Develop your own organizations bank of customer service learning situations
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Hospitality Customer Service Training DVD

Hospitality Customer Service - The information in this program is one of the most important parts of your responsibilities regardless of your job. Not only will it help you be a better representative of the company, it will help you perform better on any job you may hold in the future
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The Service Pro: Better, Faster and Different Workshop

Overview: A comprehensive program targeting customer service IN’s and OUT’s, ideal for today’s competitive market. Program includes DVDs, stories, exercises, overheads, role-plays, and more for both managers and service personnel.
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