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Customer Service Articles

Dealing with Difficult Customers: What You Need to Know
Customers and clients can be tough. If you’ve been in the workforce for any length of time, you have most likely run up against a customer who was irate.

Is the Customer Always Right? Why It Pays to Fire Toxic Clients
Despite the cliché about customers’ inviolability, every businessperson knows there are times when customers are wrong and times when it makes sense to pull the plug on a customer.

How Customer Comments Can Be Your Best Marketing
For small or start-up businesses in particular, positive comments from customers who are willing to put themselves out there for you offer proof positive to other potential buyers that you are worthy of their business.

Customer Service And First Impressions
Customers make instant impressions of a business from the moment they walk in. A messy and disorganized store/business can leave a bad impression.

What Businesses Can Learn from Apple’s Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs has been hailed as a creative crusader, a technology pioneer and an entrepreneurial wizard. He’s known for insanely great products that are both functional and elegant and are at the forefront of commercial innovation. 

Telephone Customer Service
More and more companies are increasing their use of the telephone as the quickest and most convenient way of establishing customer contacts. Call centers and mail order is one of the fastest growing operations among many industries. 

Customer Service Training
As a business provider you want to ensure all those working for you are supplying the same service. This is so that each time a customer enters your store or place of business they can expect the same service quality. 

Customer Service Tips for Success
Ensuring the customer who keeps you in business is satisfied is crucial. Here are some simple tips on how to maximize your customer service 

Customer Complaints Are Not Always A Bad Thing
Complaining customers are a scary proposition for many professionals and businesses, but the complaint situation represents an opportunity - not necessarily a problem. 

Tips for Handling Difficult Customers
The customer is never wrong - and some customers use this principle completely. What can you do when faced with a difficult customer? Some customers make it their goal to ‘cause’ strife when they shop. Do you argue with them or do you let them abuse the system?. 

How You Can Improve Customer Service
Today, as companies find it harder to differentiate their products and services, and customers demonstrate less brand loyalty than ever before, the ability to deliver superior support is the key to maintaining a competitive edge. 

The Importance of Diversity Training for Your Customer Service Staff
The importance of diversity training being fostered within your employees helps to develop better and more understanding staff members while it also facilitates the efforts to increase revenue, expand the client base, and improve the workplace environment for everyone involves.  

Hospitality Customer Service: Achieving Nirvana
When a hospitality company has a reputation for offering excellent customer service, many weary travelers will opt to be pampered and comforted over cheap prices. Going beyond the expected with hospitality customer service involves taking that extra step to ensure customer satisfaction  

Collaboration by Difference - Harvard Business Review
Cathy Davidson, Duke University professor and HASTAC co-founder, shares new ways to collaborate, share, and learn, which make teams more productive. 

Customer Service In Hospitality: A Question of Attitude
In any industry, there are certain expectations and standards with regard to customer service; however, within the hospitality business, clients are more demanding and unforgiving therefore the employees must continually “raise the bar” by going beyond all expectations.  

10 Tips for Improving Your Telephone Skills and Etiquette
In this fast and furious age we live in, one of the more important issues being addressed in the workforce is a lack of effective and proper telephone skills and etiquette. 

10 Proven Steps To Dealing with an Angry Customer
It's very hard to keep your cool when dealing with difficult or angry customers. It's very hard to keep your cool when dealing with difficult or angry customers. After all, it's only human to get defensive and fight back or cave in and give them whatever they demand. 

Why Providing Excellence in Customer Service is Essential to Every Business 
Customer service is the end-all to any company's success or failure. The customer is what provides the income that a company needs to thrive and determines whether or not a company can continue to stay in business.

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