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Disease Prevention: Dirty Secrets Exposed DVD

Copyright 2002 - Students will learn what they can do to prevent health problems from colds to heart attacks.
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Disease Prevention: Growing Up Healthy DVD

Copyright 2004

Help children stay healthier by learning to avoid germs and illness. This program provides practical tips for kids to keep themselves healthy. Written to national health standards.

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Disease Prevention: How Your Body Fights Back DVD

Give students tips for fighting germs and keeping their immune system in shape. Written to national health standards.
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Diverse Families Poster Set

There are all kinds of families! This diversity poster set celebrates this by showing that families can come in any size or form.
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Doctor - Anesthesiologist Video

In this program, host Jeff Gardner visits with Dr. Grover and learns about the specialized training, challenges and rewards of the medical profession, as well as the role technology plays in todays medicine
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Doctor - Internist Video

In this program, host Jeff Gardner meets Dr. Judy Shaw-Rice, an internist. Dr. Rice discusses the route that must be followed in order to achieve such a specialized professional goal.
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Documentary Filmmaking Tips From The Trenches

This program is a chance to hear from emerging and seasoned filmmakers as they discuss technical, legal, ethical and business issues of documentary film.
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Does Your Partner Hurt You? Tri-Fold Brochures

Keep yourself safe with the advice found in the Does Your Partner Hurt You? Tri-Fold Brochures. This brochure provides information about reasons to get help and how to get help if you’re in an abusive relationship.

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Dog Trainer Video

In this program join host Melody Young as she visits service dog trainer Angie Sumpter who demonstrates how she trains dogs that help the hearing impaired.
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Dolphin Trainer - Career Video

In this program host Melody Young and Jeff Gardner learn about this exciting profession and meet dolphin trainer Chuck Cureau as they explore the new technologies that are used to train marine mammals.
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Don't Call Me Names DVD

Copyright 2000

This program highlights the reasons behind name-calling, the effect it has, and shows kids how to be assertive so they can stop others from calling them names. Strategies include: tell them how you feel, ask them to stop, ignore them or ask an adult for help.

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Don't Pick on Me! - Video

Most kids get teased at some time, but when teasing gets out of hand, it takes an ugly turn and becomes harassment. This program examines the dynamics behind teasing and being teased, and models effective responses to being harassed. Challenge viewers to explore the issue of peer cruelty through provocative discussion questions.
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Dress and Groom for Career Success - Video

Dress and Groom for Career Success - Video
Average rating:
average rating 90%
With the help of this video, your clients or students will better understand how to present themselves professionally for interview and career success.
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Dress and Groom for the Workplace - Video

This enlightening DVD presents the fundamental principles of dressing for success on the job interview and in the workplace. Viewers are shown examples of these concepts to reinforce what works and what doesn't in formal offices, as well as in blue-collar work environments. The video also provides tips for creative shopping methods to help viewers find the appropriate clothes on any budget.
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Dude, I Need To Find a Job - Video

"Dude, I Need to Find a Job" takes job hunters through the entire job hunting process, including how to seek out jobs that match their personalities, script out phone calls, build resumes and answer job or college interview questions like a pro.
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Dude, Wheres My Job Video

"Dude, Wheres My Job," is a six lesson program for a career guidance curriculum program that instructs students in the steps necessary to prepare, interview and find that elusive first real job.
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Early Childhood Professions

In this career day DVD interviews with a variety of high-energy, engaging professionals who work with children will illustrate the range of choices for students today.
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Earth Science Essentials SuperPack

Just the Facts: Earth Science Essentials examines the major areas of study in Earth Science. Concepts are illustrated with live footage, video clips, and animated graphics. Each video is divided into sections to explore specific themes, and concludes with a summary of key points. The award-winning Just the Facts series will intrigue and inform, using language that is easily understandable.
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Earth Science Essentials Superpack

Have you ever wondered what causes earthquakes, or how volcanoes are formed? This 12-part series will answer these questions and more by discussing the most fascinating areas of Earth Science. Beginning with the Earthís atmosphere, this program will explore the effect of contamination and pollution, the characteristics of land and sea, natural disasters, glaciers, biochemical cycles, and more!
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Eco-Environment DVD

Hosted by science enthusiasts, Jay Ingram and Natasha Stillwell, Daily Planet is a series that provides discussion and commentary on the scientific aspects of current events.
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Eco-Houses DVD

Hosted by science enthusiasts, Jay Ingram and Natasha Stillwell, Daily Planet is a series that provides discussion and commentary on the scientific aspects of current events.
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Elementary Bully Prevention 11 Pack (DVDs)

A comprehensive pack of 11 of our most popular bullying prevention DVDs for elementary students. This pack features award-winning DVDs teaching students what bullying is, how it effects others, how to cope with bullying, how to understand feelings associated with bullying, what a bystander can do and who to turn to for help.
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Elephant Dreams

Do elephants think like humans? Do they talk like humans? Do they laugh and cry and feel like humans?
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Encouraging Moral Development in Children Video

A definition of morality, reasons for the decisions we make, and a look at the behavior of real children in a child care center are all covered in this fast-paced, informative DVD.
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End the Silence: Stop the Bullying DVD

It happens every day in our schools: one teen deliberately excludes another, a teen humiliates a classmate for fun, or a more powerful student physically intimidates or hurts another. This program shows teens that they are not powerless in the face of bullying when they decide to join together and end the silence.
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Engineering - Fueling a Greener Planet Video

Revolutionary changes are taking place in the automobile industry. The standard petroleum gasoline fueled engine has some new competition from gas-electric hybrids, electric vehicles, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, natural gas vehicles and even some automobiles that get some of their power from the Sun.
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Engineering Careers of Engineers - Video

An engineer is one who practices ingenuity. Through the study, experience and application of the STEM curriculum, these professionals solve a multitude of humankind's problems
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Engineering: Dummy & Robot Heroes - Video

As human stand-ins, dummies and their mobile counterparts, robots have been sparing us risk to life and limb and saving our lives for decades.
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SDS English Composition 4 Pack DVD

Grab a pen, paper, and a seat because the Standard Deviants will start you off down the road of writing. Get ready to witness bold ideas, extreme penmanship and some handy-dandy advice on how to write the perfect English paper. Learn to free write your topics, wow your audience, and get that all-important feedback you need to write a grade-A paper. Learn how to knock your readerís socks off with cool openers that grab them from line one. Then check out the subtle connecting power of transitions, and a discussion on revising and rewriting.
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SDS English Punctuation 4 Pack DVD

The Untamed World of English Punctuation The English Punctuation DVD Pack contains Modules 1 through 4
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Enormous English DVD 5-pack

The Standard Deviants Enormous English Pack includes everything you need to become a terrific writer! You get 5 DVDs: English Composition, English Grammar Parts 1&2 and English Punctuation Parts 1&2
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Entrepreneurship: Be Your Own Boss - Video

It is said that entrepreneurs are ordinary people who achieve extraordinary things. How do entrepreneurs succeed in following their dreams, while making them profitable? Discover the struggles and successes of four different business owners in Entrepreneurship: Be Your Own Boss.
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Envision Your Career (DVD)

Envision Your Career is designed to measure career interests in people who have little or no English skills and/or limited reading and writing abilities. It is based on John Holland's Theory of Types. But its video administration requires no reading skills on the part of test takers, so it is an excellent alternative to language-based assessments and good for group administration. This is the only program of its kind.
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Essential Elementary Issues Series (10 Pack) DVD

This essential series explores the issues that are relevant to kids and presents clear strategies for improvement. Produced by experienced teachers, these videos feature enthusiastic hosts, interesting narration, colorful graphics, lively music and real-life examples. Each program is ideal as a complement to a specific classroom lesson or for general enrichment
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Everyday Math in Foods Training (Digital Download)

Join Chef Dave Christopherson as he takes a closer look at practical applications of math at the grocery store and in the kitchen. Basic math skills are used to determine recipe costs, converting recipes, determining timing, and more. Free Preview
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