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Are Entrepreneurs Born or Are They Made?
What makes entrepreneurs successful? Is it how they’re wired? Is it a certain inherited ability, innate instinct, or genetic quirk? The truth is, there are some inborn traits that characterize successful entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs as a breed tend to be self-confident, action oriented, adaptable, and able to deal with uncertainty.

Young Entrepreneurs Teach Marketers to Use Social Media
Today’s teenagers spend a lot of time tweeting, Facebooking, and otherwise engaging via social media. A Pew Internet report (2019) on American teens’ usage of the Internet found that

Entrepreneurs Need to Learn the Art of Negotiating
From the initial launch of your enterprise through its various growth phases, you, as founder/owner, will be called on to negotiate with everyone from investors, loan officers and suppliers to employees and customers. To become a successful negotiator, you’ll need to be flexible and creative.

Want to Be an Entrepreneur? Go for Variety and Diversity
What does it take to be a successful entrepreneur? Characteristics common to most successful entrepreneurs include vision, passion, sense of purpose, focus, drive, self-confidence, decisiveness, and resilience. In addition, entrepreneurs typically exhibit a tolerance for uncertainty and ambiguity, a high degree of flexibility, a willingness to learn from their mistakes and failures, and a healthy appetite for risk.

Steps to Success: Marketing Your Business on a Budget
Good news: You don’t need a huge marketing budget to promote your business. Why not? There are abundant opportunities to gain exposure through social media.

When Should You Hire That First Employee?
Knowing when to hire is as important as deciding who to hire. Delay too long and you may be overwhelmed by mundane tasks that prevent you from attending to critical aspects of your business. Hire too soon and you add an unnecessary burden to your fragile budget.

How Customer Comments Can Be Your Best Marketing
For small or start-up businesses in particular, positive comments from customers who are willing to put themselves out there for you offer proof positive to other potential buyers that you are worthy of their business.

What Businesses Can Learn from Apple’s Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs has been hailed as a creative crusader, a technology pioneer and an entrepreneurial wizard. He’s known for insanely great products that are both functional and elegant and are at the forefront of commercial innovation.

Pros and Cons of Starting a Business
Are you interested in starting your own small business? If you are, you may already have your mind made up. If you are still toying with the idea of starting your own small business, you may be wondering whether or not your dream is one that should stay a dream or one that could actually become a profitable reality. 

How To Finance Your Small Business
If you have a great business idea or plan, or you would like to expand your existing business, don’t let a lack of funds stop you in your tracks. There is a wide variety of financing available for small businesses. Let’s take a look at the financing opportunities that small business entrepreneurs can take advantage of. 

Common Mistakes When Raising Startup Venture Capital
You have a great business venture idea and you are raising startup capital but why is that nobody wants to invest in your business? There is always room for improvement. There are several mistakes on raising startup capital that could be the reason why it is difficult for banks or for venture capital firms to invest on your business. 

Tips for Managing A Home-Based Business
Running a business from home is a tricky thing because, on one hand, you have decided to work from home for the flexibility; while on the other hand, everyone (including you, sometimes) seems to think working from home means a vacation with a computer. 

How To Make Prospecting And Selling Easy!
Most people starting a business forget about the most important part. They spend loads of time picking just the right product or service to sell. 

Choosing The Right Venture Capital Firm For Your Startup Business
Not all venture capital firms offer startup capital for your business. There are venture capital firms that are focused on a specific kind of capital, so it is pertinent to research about the capital venture firms that would cater to your needs before you even think of approaching one. 

Reasons To Avoid Start Up Venture Capital
Although there are many reasons for new businesses to seek start up venture capital funding, there might also be many other reasons why some businesses might want to avoid it. Venture capital financing is basically funding provided by a certain venture capital firms to help new businesses start out their operations. 

How To Get Your Business Noticed
Many people will tell you that to get your website noticed you need to 'optimize' your site for the search engines. You are then led up a path where you have to keep changing your web site as the search engines change their ways of listing things. As fast as you 'optimize' your site, Google and the others have moved the goalposts, meaning you have to keep optimizing over and over again. 

Analysis of the Success and Failure of Doing Business in China
Why some foreign-funded enterprise became successful when entering the China market while others fail, and why some grow relatively faster than the rest?

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