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Essence of Success – DVD


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We already know what we need to do to achieve the success we desire. But knowledge alone doesn’t get us there. In this life-changing program, Chip Madera helps you to develop the DRIVE to put your knowledge to work for you. You’ll get inspired to develop a strategy for change and then do it.

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Additional information about Essence of Success – DVD

A sought-after motivational speaker, Chip Madera has the unique ability to help you uncover your own driving passion, that personal essence that stirs your emotions and impels you to action. At that moment when your passion is congruent with your action, you develop the most important element to your personal and professional success: confidence. When that happens, success is inevitable. No one can mess with you or tear you down. Download Note Guide

You’ll learn how to:

  • Cultivate deep down, soul stirring happiness and contentment
  • Develop a strategy for change that squashes fear
  • Fill up your energy tank so you awake with enthusiasm every morning
  • Discover your passion: the essence of your true value
  • Get engaged and inspired every day
  • Apply one idea that can get any floundering career back on track
  • Control your attitude under all conditions

Be entertained, challenged, and encouraged through Chip’s captivating stories and engaging personality as you discover your passion, find your purpose, then pursue your dreams. That is the essence of success.

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