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Television & Filmmaking Videos


The Business of Film - Producer Barry R. Sisson

How to Make It In Film consists of a series of behind the scenes interviews with regional, national and international filmmakers, editors, directors, writers, cinematographers, producers and many others who work in the film industry.
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How to Create Old-Age Make-up Video

Featuring Rob Burman, Hollywood make-up effects artist & 30 year prosthetic veteran Burmans work includes legendary films; The Thing, Ghostbusters, The Fly, Super Mario Bros & Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.
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The Business Of TV News: The Story - Video

Follow two stories from assignment to air showing the contrast between the rookie and the veteran - First year reporter Robert Hughes - KWST, Yuma, AZ - and KGTV San Diegos Sal Rivera, a 20 year veteran.
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Ad: Organizing The Filmset

With a low budget and tight schedule plus setback and disasters ranging from the arrest of the caterer on day one of production to sudden schedule changes, actor illnesses and almost constant rain, this is the role of the AD in real-world production.
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The Command Course Basic Series - 20 Title Set

Start with The Command Course Basic - over 25 hours of instruction that teach Filmmaking from writing to post & all the gear use that enables students to produce a film or video successfully.
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The Command Course PLUS Series - 34 DVD Set Plus 1 Blue-Ray Disc

Over 50 Hours of Learning. For Filmmakers and students who want to go a step further and learn advanced movie production techniques, compositing & intermediate audio
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Golden Saddles, Silver Spurs - The History Of Western Cinema

The History of Western Cinema. Out of a cloud of dust and across the silver screen we all sat enthralled as the American West came to life in the movies.
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Basic Field Production: Sound Recording - Video

This program follows the sound recordist step-by-step through advance planning, evaluating the location, choosing the right equipment for the session, mixing strategies, test recording and session procedure.
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The Business Of TV News - The Bosses & The Legends Series

This video series is designed for those who want to be in the field of TV reporting and features interviews from first time reporters, discussing what the job entails and what to expect at your first station.
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Political Communication & Mass Communication Video

Political Communication & Mass Communication with Steven H. Chaffee: Steven H. Chaffee, communication scholar, theorist, historian, methodologist, and teacher, discusses his work in political communication and mass communication effects research.
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Tell Me How About Careers in the Media - Video

The Tell Me How series is a necessary addition to any library, guidance center or school curriculum. It explores a large number of career opportunities and different occupations to students, featuring real people doing real jobs.
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Basic Radio Skills Series

The Basic Radio Skills training series is geared for the radio beginner or for those wanting to improve their practical knowledge
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Technology and Society: Superpack

Just the Facts: Technology and Society examines the importance of technology in society. Beginning with important advancement in medicine, this collection presents a comprehensive overview the main technological advancements.
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Womans Representation In The Media - Video

Women and Media by Dr. Cindy Lont is a fast moving program with visuals of past and present media and interviews with Dr. Maurine Beasley, Sheila Gibbons and Junior Bridge, all foundational scholars in the field of women and media.
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Sports Reporting for Television & Radio - Video

Take students into the Broadcast Booth, production Trailer & on the field, for a realistic, close-up look at the work done by reporters, play-by-play announcers, sports anchors & sports broadcast producers.
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Safety On Set

A Safe Production is a Successful Production. A Guide to Crew Safety Procedures in Film and Video Production. Adopted by educators at Chapman, NYU & USC film schools.
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Lighting Faces

A comprehensive look at the art of lighting people. Teaches how to control the size, distance & position of your light source, contrast control & ratios and how to use hard & soft light
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Basic Video Production: Camera Operation

This introductory-level program focuses on camera components, white balance, zoom, focus, depth-of-field along with the dos & donts of basic camera operation.
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Sitcom Series: What is a Sitcom, Comic Toolbox, Writers Craft

3 DVD Set includes the programs: What is a Sitcom, Comic Toolbox and Writers Craft. This series is valuable for anyone writing comedy and absolutely essential for writers attempting the highly structured and demanding sitcom form.
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Media Researchers Series

Media Researchers" provides a bridge for instructors by offering a new approach for teaching and learning theory.
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Mask Making Step-by-step to Finishing & Painting Latex Masks

Explore the entire process from first conceiving your masks through preparing and finishing each project.
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Making Wolvy - Behind the Scenes Documentary

A must for students of special effects. This unprecedented documentary features footage and behind-the-scenes material from Wolvy - a six-character fantasy film.
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Behind-The-Scenes With Hollywoods Special Makeup Effects Artists

A rare behind-the-scenes from the set of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Watch the entire makeup process from beginning to end as effects master Dave Quashnick transforms actors J.G. Hertzler into Klingon general, Martok.
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Lon Chaney Tribute - The Master of Special Makeup Effects

Watch as a group of talented artists work their magic behind-the-scenes to bring Chaneys (the great silent movie actor) characters to life. The Hunchback of Notre Dame, the Clown from He Who Gets Slapped, the Phantom and Chaney himself are all recreated in great artistic detail.
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Westmore Monsters Of Hollywood

An in-depth docudrama exploring the Westmores Legendary Legacy. In the history of the modern American cinema, there are but few legacies of makeup artists.
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