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Violence & Television: George Gerbner

Violence & Television with George Gerbner: George Gerbner, communication scholar, theorist, teacher, poet, and the founder of cultivation theory, discusses his work which influenced four decades of research on violence and television.
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Mass Communication: How Television Ratings Work

Discover what those television ratings really mean. Television programming including news, sports and entertainment is driven by RATINGS.
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Mass Communication Cable Television: How It Works

Excellent for use in broadcast courses. This program shows you why and how cable television was started, reviewing the Head Ed, Distributing system and House Drop while exploring some of the major operations.
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Basic Radio Skills: Radio Drama

Shaun Mclaughlin, director of over 200 BBC radio plays, leads a master class at the Australian Radio, Film and Television School in the rehearsal and production of a short radio drama.
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Basic Radio Skills: Announcing And Presentation

A lively montage takes us through a typical radio day as six announcers on talk, news and music shows provide insights into the specific requirements of their formats and into their personal approaches to gathering, organizing and presenting material.
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Basic Radio Skills: The Radio Interview

A straightforward presentation of the two basic audiotape editing techniques: splice editing and dub editing. Graphics and overlays make the procedures clear and examples of music and voice edits are performed.
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Basic Radio Skills: Radio Talkback

This program explores a wide range of styles and approaches for the live call-in show. A special instructional segment examines phone operation, delay systems and call dumping.
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Basic Radio Skills: Radio News

Five seasoned journalists present an in-depth view of radio news at work. Topics include news sources, item selection and scripting, preparation for broadcast, presentation skills, telephone interviews, field reports and more.
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Basic Radio Skills: Radio Writing

The specifics of writing for new and current affairs, commercial copyrighting and radio comedy writing are covered in detail. Specialists in each area lay out the basic requirements and share tricks of the trade.
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Basic Radio Skills: The Radio Studio

This program introduces the radio novice to the operation of the hardware of a radio studio: console, microphones, telephone talkback, turntables, CD players, cart players, tape recorders, cassette decks, DAT recorders and more.
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Horror & Special FX Makeup Video

Hosted by Michael Berryman. This program breaks down serveral techniques that can be used to create a multitude of monsters and FX characters.
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How Hollywood Does It - Film History & Techniques of Early Cinema

How Hollywood Does It is a look at the history, techniques, movements and people who create the magic of motion pictures. This program looks at the very birth of cinema in the late 1800s through the talkies in 1928.
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How Hollywood Does It - Film History & Techniques of The Golden Age of Cinema

How Hollywood Does It is a look at the history, techniques, movements and people who create the magic of motion pictures. The Golden Age of Hollywood motion picture making was a period of almost 30 years, beginning in 1928 and ending in the mid-1950s.
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How Hollywood Does It - Film History & Techniques The Directing Process

How Hollywood Does It is a look at the history, techniques, movements and people who create the magic of motion pictures. This program discuss three big jobs in motion picture making; screenwriting, producing and directing.
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How Hollywood Does It - Film History & Techniques of Editing

How Hollywood Does It is a look at the history, techniques, movements and people who create the magic of motion pictures. This program focus is on editing and how this process helps tell the story in a motion picture. The editing process follows some simple steps
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Techniques Of TV Interviewing

Respected television journalist Mike Minehan highlights the ingredients of a dynamic and successful television interview, using well chosen excerpts that include examples of great technique, as well as, of the pitfalls that await the unwary interviewer. This program is full of role models and cautionary tales. One classic excerpt, in which Margaret Thatcher turns the tables on an ill-prepared journalist, is worth the price of admission all by itself!
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Mike Fentons Actors Workshop - Entertainment Business Partner & Resumes

The video Bible for Actors and is the A-Z on everything you need to know to make it in Hollywood. Mike Fenton, with over 35 years of casting experience and renowned casting director of titles such as The Godfather II, Back to the Future I, II & III, Total Recall, E.T., shows his expertise covering in depth, topics such as Entertainment Business Primer, Resumes, Headshots, Video Demo

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Complete Unarmed Combat Learning The Basics

Great for beginners, drama teachers, play directors and drama camps. This DVD includes instruction in pushes, pulls, knaps, slaps, punches and falls, plus fighting distance, eye contact tips, stance and balance. Tips are also included for teachers plus sections on staging and rehearsing fights.
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Complete Unarmed Combat Perfecting The Fundamentals

A must for performers and teachers! This DVD builds on the training taught in the first program including wrist grab with break, duck, non-contact stomach punch, strangle hold, upper cut, cresent kick and much more. It spotlights valuable lessons on acting and performing fights, combat safety, stage fright and adds several new techniques.
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Mask Making Step-by-step to Molding & Casting Latex Masks

Learn the secrets of how the award-winning Hollywood special effects artists make great looking latex masks & special effect props.
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Legends of Screen Make-up A Tribute To John Chambers

Planet of the Apes, The Munsters. With very few and special exceptions, there is no more influential an individual in the modern world of special makeup effects than John Chambers.
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Making The Monster - Special Makeup Effects

Ideal for Special Effects Artists & Makeup Enthusiasts. From the original Jack Pierce Tribute, this short production features a step-by-step demonstration featuring the makeup and application in creating the Frankenstein Monster.
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Jack Pierce - A Documentary featuring The Man Behind The Monsters

This program re-creates 15 of Pierces characters with makeup wizard Robert Burman. Watch as costumes were created, sets constructed and the many hours of makeup preparation.
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Music For Film

British composer Ron Goodwin demonstrates film music production procedures with an emphasis on timing and synchronization. He shows how timings for a scene are taken by a music editor and the transformed onto a score
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Makeup FX - For Film & Television

With an emphasis on Airbrush Techniques for Higher Definition. Emmy-winning makeup artist (for Star Trek: Voyagers Threshold), Bradley Look, takes you behind the scenes of the Hollywood makeup artistry to show how to airbrush more effectively, in the growing age of High Definition format
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