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Harassment Prevention


Harassment: Sex, Religion, and Beyond — Manager Version DVD

Managers need to understand more than the basic rights and wrongs surrounding workplace harassment. They also need a healthy dose of empathy—one that helps them appreciate not only the business implications of maintaining a respectful workplace, but the emotional aspects as well. This course is also California AB 1825 compliant. (DVD or Video Streaming)
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It’s Up to You: Stopping Sexual Harassment (2-Part Series)

With recent legal changes, and the ever-increasing need to confront sexual harassment issues in the workplace, the challenges to comprehensive training have grown. Free Preview
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Let's Get Honest (A Sexual Harassment Training Package) - DVD

A bold new approach to sexual harassment training that addresses the sexually-charged tension between our social lives and our work lives. Learn how to put your sexuality on hold while at work with this comprehensive training series.
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Let’s Face It: Harassment Training for Supervisors - DVD

Produced - 2007

Video Streaming Also Available!

Training managers and supervisors for their role in preventing and correcting harassment situations in the workplace is a critical concern for all employers.

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Sexual Harassment for Education: (Administration Version) - DVD

This clear-cut video makes teachers and administrators aware of potentially harassing behaviors for which they could be held responsible, answers their questions regarding sexual harassment and explains how to avoid the everyday situations that may provoke it.
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Gateways to Inclusion

Gateways to Inclusion: Turning Tense Moments into Productive Conversations is our latest program. Featuring Sondra Thiederman, this comprehensive training program shows how painful and disruptive diversity disasters can be, and offers simple tools to help your people turn these uncomfortable situations into productive conversations.
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Sexual Harassment In Healthcare: New Perspectives (DVD)

The cost of sexual harassment extends beyond the monetary and takes a significant toll on your employees' morale and retention. This program drives home key training points by focusing on the perspective of the victim. Free Preview
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Recognize & Prevent Sexual Harassment (Handbooks / 25 Pack)

This best-selling sexual harassment training booklet puts clear, easy-to-understand help in the hands of all your employees. Helps educate your staff on the often confusing subject of what constitutes sexual harassment at the same time it prevents expensive and disastrous lawsuits and claims.
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Sexual Harassment In The Workplace: Identify. Stop. Prevent. II - DVD

Viewers will learn about tangible vs. intangible harm; welcomed vs. unwelcome conduct; occasional teasing and simple rudeness vs. sexual harassment; sexual discrimination; the reasonable person definition; how to let others know that their words and behaviors are unwanted and unwelcome; and how to meet their obligation to follow your organization’s procedures for reporting a sexual harassment complaint
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Sexual Harassment: A Commonsense Approach — California Manager's Version - DVD

This California sexual harassment training video for managers helps you meet the requirements of AB 1825. (DVD or Video Streaming)
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Sexual Harassment: A Commonsense Approach — Employee Version - DVD

This best-selling training video offers a thorough explanation of what kinds of behaviors constitute sexual harassment. Dramatic scenes cover the two types of harassment recognized by the courts: hostile work environment and quid pro quo. (DVD or Video Streaming)
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Stop Sexual Harassment: Training for Supervisors

The U.S. Supreme Court has identified prevention training as an affirmative defense for employers facing sexual harassment claims. The state of California has mandated harassment prevention training for supervisors. But what's the smart way to train your organization's supervisors without a huge investment of time, money, and preparation? The answer is Stop Sexual Harassment: Interactive Training for Supervisors.
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Opening Lines Series: Exploring Harassment, Understanding Respect & Facing Diversity - DVD

These three short programs (each one between four and five minutes) can be used as new-employee orientation tools or as meeting openers or closer for any harassment, respect or diversity training.
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Bullying And Teens: Take A Stand DVD

Bullies can use physical intimidation, emotional blackmail or the anonymity of the Internet to humiliate their targets. This program takes place in an urban school where bullying results in suspensions, lost friendships, despair, and isolation.
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Bullying, the Internet, and You DVD

This video program takes a look at bullying and harassment as it manifests itself on the Internet. With the remarkable speed of the Internet at their disposal, kids are spreading rumors and gossip, embarrassing and tormenting their peers with a newfound anonymity that emboldens them.
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Don't Be A Bully DVD

This dramatic program helps young teens identify a wide range of bullying behaviors, understand why it's wrong, and find healthy ways to seek empowerment.
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End the Silence: Stop the Bullying DVD

It happens every day in our schools: one teen deliberately excludes another, a teen humiliates a classmate for fun, or a more powerful student physically intimidates or hurts another. This program shows teens that they are not powerless in the face of bullying when they decide to join together and end the silence.
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Elementary Bully Prevention 11 Pack (DVDs)

A comprehensive pack of 11 of our most popular bullying prevention DVDs for elementary students. This pack features award-winning DVDs teaching students what bullying is, how it effects others, how to cope with bullying, how to understand feelings associated with bullying, what a bystander can do and who to turn to for help.
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Personal Liability In The Worplace Pranks And Harassment (DVD)

This program was developed from the high demand for this training. Liability for pranks and harassment in the workplace is extremely high, with record lawsuits stemming from not only the practice of such actions, but from companies ignoring the problem and not taking action to prevent it.
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Ouch! That Stereotype Hurts

Video Steaming & USB Flash Drive Option Available!

What do you do if someone you care about is the target of demeaning stereotypes? What if you are being demeaned or stereotyped? How often do you speak up on behalf of respect? This new program, based on the book by Leslie Aguilar, can be used for training on Diversity & Inclusion, Communication, Teamwork and Leadership.

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Harassment Hurts Bundle (4 Pack) DVD

Using dramatic scenarios, real kid's revelations, and thought-provoking questions, the programs in this bundle will open student's eyes to the devastating effects of bullying and harassment to everyone involved. Free Preview
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Harassment: A New Look for Employees (DVD)

Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act forbids harassment and discrimination based on a person's race, color, religion, sex and national origin. Free Preview
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Harassment: The Real Scene - DVD

Get up close and personal with harassment issues and see how destructive they can be. Harassment: The Real Scene depicts various harassment scenarios that do occur in the workplace: scorning an Indian woman for her accent and mocking a man for his mental disorder.

Released - 2005

Video Streaming Also Available!

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Sexual Harassment: What You Can Do DVD

It is estimated that four out of five teenagers experience sexual harassment at school. Many harassers see their behavior as nothing more than harmless teasing. Often, victims of sexual harassment feel powerless and don't know what they can do to protect themselves.<.
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Sexual Harassment: Is It Or Isn't It? II - DVD

You can't assume everyone has the same perception of what sexual harassment is. Nor can you afford to leave any doubts in your employees' minds!
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California Immigration & I-9 Compliance Update: New AB 450 Obligations in Effect January 1, 2018 - On-Demand

Learn how to comply with AB 450, California’s new employment law impacting on immigration and I-9 compliance.
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Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation: A Complete Manual for California Employers

Discrimination, harassment, and retaliation describe a range of unlawful conduct that weaves a web of potential liability for employers of all sizes—California's law against harassment covers all employers in California. These types of lawsuits can be costly, as UPS recently discovered when a federal appellate court ordered the company to pay $700,000 in attorneys' fees even though the jury awarded the former employee damages of only $27,000 in her FEHA discrimination case.
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Preventing Sexual Harassment and Other Forms of Discrimination (Handbooks / 25 Pack)

Help prevent needless discrimination and sexual harassment problems in your workplace. Discusses race, gender, age, physical appearance, national origin, religion--plus important emphasis on sexual harassment. Includes brief highlights of laws and suggestions of how to prevent discrimination. Plus, dictionary, training quiz, and training acknowledgements. (44 pages)
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Workplace Investigations in California: Step-by-Step Guide from Complaint to Closure - On-Demand

Use this on-demand webinar to learn how to conduct a workplace investigation in California, stay compliant, and handle employee complaints effectively.
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It's All About Respect: Avoid Discrimination in Your Workplace (Handbooks / 25 Pack)

We're not supposed to talk about certain sensitive subjects on the job--race, religion, sex, age, physical appearance, physical limitations and ethnicity. But in the 21st century almost every workplace has a diverse workforce so the risk of narrow mindedness can occur.
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Preventing Discrimination in Your Workplace (Handbooks / 25 Pack)

Discrimination means low morale, damages to productivity, high turnover, and devastating lawsuits. This colorful 16 page booklet is the ready-to-use employee training tool to help prevent discrimination in the workplace. Use as a stand-alone handout or as part of a training class to reinforce your company's zero tolerance policy. Includes helpful training quiz.
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Sexual Harassment in Law Enforcement Part 1 (DVD)

Sexual Harassment in Law Enforcement: Part 1
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Preventing Sexual Harassment: A Guide for High School Students (2 Pack)

Alerts high school students to the facts and consequences of peer sexual harassment. Shows that sexual gestures, looks, taunts, and jokes create a hostile educational environment for victims and can have a negative impact on their self-esteem and schoolwork.
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Guidance Systems Elementary Series: Pride and Harassment Training DVD

It's important to do things that make you feel comfortable and safe; sometimes that means having to say no. When you do you'll feel better about yourself it's called pride. Young students are taught to say no with confidence and stand firm, they don't have to compromise with someone creating an unsafe situation. When you feel like you or someone you know is in
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