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CPR And AED: The Chain Of Survival - Video

Help arm your employees with important information on the cardiac chain of survival with CPR And AED: The Chain Of Survival.
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Creating A Restraint Free Culture - Video

Restraint-free care is all about assuring the highest quality of life for each person cared for.

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This program is designed for all child care providers to understand crib safety, what makes a crib unsafe to use, potential problems with cribs, and the dos and don'ts of crib safety.
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Cultural Competency: Just Good Healthcare

Trains healthcare professionals about patient assessment tools that allows employees to explain illnesses and treatment, identify healing, negotiate treatment, intervene and collaborate with patient family members Realistic healthcare scenarios representing many different cultures and beliefs.
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Cultural Competency: Problem Solving

Cultural Competency: Problem Solving
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This highly-recommended course will help your staff understand what cultural competency means and what constitutes a culture. They will recognize that being sensitive to other cultures will help them interact smoothly with their patients. They will also learn the five steps of problem-solving, namely: gather information; assess understanding; give explanations not orders; be sensitive to the patient's situation; and summarize and explain the next step.
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diverstiy training video

Cultural Diversity In Health Care- East Meets West

Culturally competent care adapts care interventions to the cultural needs and preferences (ethnic and religious beliefs, values, and practices) of diverse clients. This program provides practical and effective methods of recognizing and dealing with the special needs of different cultures. Special introduction and topic preview in Mandarin Chinese. (3 CE Contact Hours)
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diverstiy training video

Cultural Diversity In The Workplace - Video

Culturally competent care adapts care interventions to the cultural needs and preferences (ethnic and religious beliefs, values, and practices) of diverse clients. This program provides practical and effective methods of recognizing and dealing with the special needs of different cultures.
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Customer Service In Long-Term Care: Making It World-Class

Customer satisfaction does not happen accidentally. It requires deliberate actions on our part to identify and then satisfy customer expectations. Learn the 10 Rules of World Class Customer Service with Coastal's Customer Service In Long-Term Care: Making It World-Class

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Customer Service Recovery for Healthcare: The Right Words at the Right Time

When poor service occurs in Healthcare, even the newest or least trained employee can suddenly become the face of your organization to a patient or family member.
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Customer Service Zone - DVD

Featuring extensive expert research, Customer Service Zone has crystallized the essential learning points from dozens of sources; from customer service experts to dozens of real-life customers.
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Customer Service: Natural As Child's Play - Video

We all know that healthcare professionals are busier than ever. And, in the midst of handling all kinds of pressure, employees have to remember to smile and provide good service to patients and co-workers.
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Day To Day Management With COPD (DVD)

Learn all about COPD and how this vital information can help you live a long and fulfilling life. Provides helpful suggestions for dealing with your daily routines and activities. This program is part of our respiratory series designed to comply with the Joint Commission standards for education of patients and family
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Dementia & Alzheimer's Caregiving: Through The Looking Glass - DVD

Video Streaming Also Available

There are five million victims of the Alzheimer's disease in the U.S. alone.

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Dementia Care - Aggressive Behaviors Video

This video module addresses how aggressive behaviors often result from triggers, are not always intentional and may be the only way the resident feels he/she can communicate.
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Dementia Care - Dignity and Sexuality Issues Video

Seeing and treating each resident as an individual is what distinguishes outstanding care. This course is designed to train staff how to learn more about each resident and how to handle the sensitive issues of dignity, sexuality, and independence.
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Dementia Care - Effects of Medications on Persons with Dementia Video

Residents with dementia can be particularly sensitive to medications and at risk for inappropriate use. This course will assist your staff to understand the effects and side effects of commonly used psychotropic medications.
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Dementia Care - Hydration Video

This course will address signs and symptoms of dehydration, the effects of dehydration, effective strategies to ensure proper hydration, and dementia-specific care issues.
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Dementia Care - Wandering Video

In this module we will address how wandering is not necessarily a negative behavior. We will discuss providing meaningful activities that can help discourage excessive wandering, how wandering can easily lead to elopement, and actions to prevent elopements.
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Dementia Care Manual for Assisted Living and Residential Care

Sound dementia care policies and procedures are critical to safe and effective resident care. With over 40% of assisted living residents suffering from Alzheimer's disease or some other dementia, it is essential that you supply your staff with the tools, information, and best practices needed for success
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Dementia Care: Sundowning Video

This module defines and demonstrates the manifestations of sundowning behavior. In this module, we will address the caregiver’s role in successfully managing these behaviors, successful techniques and interventions, and implementing appropriate and enjoyable activities.

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Developing Cultural Competence (Healthcare) DVD

This program explores how cultural beliefs and values affect communication and understanding. Interviews with experts in the field provide further insight on how to provide culturally competent care.
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Diet, Nutrition, and Cancer Prevention - DVD

This program is about how you can take steps to help protect yourself and your family from various types from cancer. About one third of all cancer deaths may be related to what we eat. Making positive choices in your diet everyday promotes good nutrition and good health and may reduce your risk of some types of cancer.

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Difficult Behavior: Breaking Through - DVD

Video Streaming Also Available

This important program discusses the strategies for handling patients whose behavior is difficult.

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Dimensions of Service - DVD

In Dimensions of Service, you’ll discover the secrets of improving customer satisfaction by seeing all facets of the client experience. Larry is a manager facing declining customer satisfaction. He launches a new initiative to speed up response time – but satisfaction actually goes down.

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Disaster Planning For Healthcare: Defuse the Bomb - DVD

Video Streaming Also Available

Whatever the disaster, your facility must react effectively to save lives, treat casualties and maintain high quality patient care. This program will teach your employees how to stay alert to preventing disasters such as fires, explosions and violence.

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