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HIPAA Rules & Compliance - Video


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This HIPAA compliance program reviews basic, unchanged requirements, qualified standards, and discusses critical changes.

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Additional information about HIPAA Rules & Compliance - Video

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) has undergone several modifications since its enactment in 1996, from the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (2010) to the HITECH Act. Recently, the Department of Health and Human Services issued the HIPAA Omnibus Rule to revise, enhance, and strengthen the HIPAA yet again. How does this new rule impact your compliance strategies? Update your training and give employees an overview of the HIPAA Omnibus Rule with HIPAA Rules & Compliance. This program reviews basic, unchanged requirements, qualified standards, and discusses critical changes on:

  • The Minimum Necessary Rule
  • PHI disclosure for marketing and fundraising
  • Breach notification and enforcement rules
  • Scope of enforcement

Added features and benefits of dvd training include:

  • a customizable powerpoint® presentation – makes training site–specific; excellent for training different personnel and departments
  • training points – outlines key learning points of your training; reinforces important safety points to your employees.
  • chapterized content – video–enriched training organized by learning objectives that facilitates classroom discussion; ideal for refresher training, specific training points and navigating through the course.
  • expanded leader's guide – excellent resource to help plan and implement your presentation. a quiz is provided that can serve as a pre and/or post evaluative tool.
  • portable convenience – perfect for those who train and travel!

Format: DVD

Length: 15 minutes

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HIPAA Rules & Compliance - Video 06/07/2018
By Jasmen
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