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Housekeeping Safety Training Videos


Safety Housekeeping & Accident Prevention Safety Meeting Kit

"Safety Housekeeping and Accident Prevention Safety Kit" demonstrate to employees how to prevent workplace accidents by paying attention to safety housekeeping considerations. Available in English or Spanish.

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Slips, Trips & Falls Safety Meeting Kit

The "Slips, Trips and Falls" Safety Meeting Kit discusses the mechanics of slips, trips, and falls, the types of hazards that employees are likely to encounter that lead to them, and the safe practices and equipment that they can use to stay safely on their feet.
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Safety Housekeeping and Accident Prevention Training Video

Safety Housekeeping and Accident Prevention training program provide workers with the information they need to recognize on-the-job hazards and explain how they can prevent them.
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Safety Orientation Training Video

Our "Safety Orientation" training program discuss common job-related hazards and the safe practices and equipment that employees can use to avoid injuries.

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Housekeeping Safety Training DVD

Housekeeping Safety - Your work in housekeeping requires you to make use of many different tools, equipment and of course, a variety of chemicals. We would like to review some important points about housekeeping safety.

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Housekeeping On The Job Site (DVD)

Participating in the safety program means greater job efficiency, productivity and an injury-free work environment. This program will focus on the employee’s responsibility for a safe work environment.
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Housekeeping In Manufacturing (DVD)

Housekeeping In Manufacturing - In every working environment from office to manufacturing to construction, one of the most important responsibilities employees have is to maintain a clean, neat, and orderly workplace. Safety is an important responsibility and it’s a condition of employment. Maintaining your workplace in a neat, clean, and orderly fashion is a big part of your job; and it’s certainly a big part of the safety program.

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Slips, Trips and Falls Safety Training Video

Our "Slips, Trips and Falls" training program discusses the mechanics of slips, trips and falls, the types of hazards that employees are likely to encounter that lead to them, and the safe practices and equipment that they can use to stay safely on their feet.
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Hotel Safety Series Orientation Training DVD

Safety Orientation - Don't take short cuts or risks. There's only one-way to perform your job. If it can't be done safely, we don't want you to do it. That's our policy and your obligation. Accident and injury statistics compiled over the last 50 years throughout the world have reveal that 85% to 98% of all accidents are caused by unsafe acts of employees such as taking short cuts, violating safety rules, or job procedures.

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Sanitation and Disinfection In Health Care Environments DVD

Sanitation and good housekeeping can both be defined as the practice of rendering the hospital free from agents injurious to health. Microbiology, the study of microscopic living, plantlike organisms, including bacterial, viruses, yeasts and molds is the biological science on which sanitation is based. There are more than 10 communicable diseases known to man. Each one of these diseases or infections is caused by a specific organism.
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Reporting For Work - Your Safety Responsibilities DVD

Reporting For Work - Your Safety Responsibilities – This program is a reminder about basic safety information that everyone should know, may teach you some safety tips you don't already know and provides documentation of the training and safety information we're going to provide you.

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Responsibilities of A Supervisor DVD

You’re responsible for productivity, efficiency, safety, security, housekeeping, the list is endless. When something goes wrong, it's your responsibility. “What exactly are your responsibilities and liabilities, your capabilities, and limitations?” Well, that's what this program is all about. Let's start with a few basic statements. Your primary responsibility is also the most difficult…managing other people. The success you'll have in people management is directly related to a number of skills.

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Hexavalent Chromium: What You Need To Know DVD

Hexavalent Chromium: What You Need To Know - Hexavalent Chromium is a toxic form of the element chromium. The hexavalent chromium compounds are man-made and are widely used in many different industries.
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Safety For Framers Training DVD

Safety For Framers - This short training program is designed to review some basic safety policies and procedures you’ll be using while working at our jobsites.

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Infection Control Orientation in Home Healthcare: Winning the Battle - DVD

By following the basic infection control practices outlined in this vital video program, your home care workers can protect themselves and their patients from the spread of infection.
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Manufacturing Training Courses - 15 Videos

The standard manufacturing training package includes 15 videos and a CD-Rom of written materials.

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New Employee Safety Orientation Video - Advanced

The goal of this training program is to help you understand some of your job responsibilities that include safety. Safety is a major part of your job, no matter where you work or what type of job you perform. Meets OSHA training requirements for training new employees on safety basics.

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25 Most Commonly Cited OSHA Violations - Video

25 Most Commonly Cited OSHA Violations - Developing a program such as this is quite subjective and varies from state to state and it depends widely upon the individual OSHA inspectors. We've aimed this particular program at the manufacturing industry; however, the violations listed apply generally to any industry.

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Hazard Perception Challenge: Slips, Trips, And Falls - DVD Training

Teaches employees hazard perception skills using 16 real-life scenarios that feature many of the slip, trip, and fall hazards that cause real workplace accidents and injuries.
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Employee Safety Orientation Video Package

This DVD contains over 21 commonly used training topics.
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Employee Safety Orientation Videos

This Employee Safety Orientation Video package contains over 21 commonly used workplace training programs.
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Combustible Dust Can Explode (DVD)

Combustible Dust Can Explode - Pneumatic conveying equipment and dust controlled exhaust systems that transport combustible particulate solids need to be protected from fire and dust explosions.
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Employee Safety Orientation For Automotive Personnel (DVD)

Statistics compiled over the last 50 years reveal the majority of all accidents and injuries are caused by unsafe acts by employees who take short cuts, violate safety rules and job procedures. Safety is an important responsibility for you, the company and fellow employees. This program is an overview of your safety responsibilities to help perform your job safely
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Recycling Facility Safety Video - Ergonomics

All employees have the responsibility to work and act in a safe manner. The company provides safety programs and employees help to make them successful. This program provides basic guidelines for safety in a recycling facility.
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HAZWOPER Deluxe Training Package - 19 Videos In One Package

The Hazcom deluxe safety training package includes 19 videos and a CD-Rom of written materials.
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