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Drugs and Alcohol in the Workplace: Combat Substance Abuse and Limit Liability - On-Demand

Use this in-depth on-demand webinar on legal ways employers can combat substance abuse in the workplace and maintain a safe and healthful working environment.
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Bias on the Basis of Gender Nonconformity, Sexual Orientation and Sex: How To Prevent Claims - On-Demand

Use this on-demand webinar with Michael Greene Esq., member of the Affirmative Action and Federal Contract Compliance practice group, to learn the key issues that HR professionals should address to avoid sex bias claims in the workplace.
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Active Shooter in the Workplace: Tactical Strategies and Response Protocols to Improve Survival - On-Demand

Use this on-demand webinar when crime prevention and law enforcement experts will teach you what you can do to better protect yourself, your coworkers, and your business in the event of an active shooter or other active assailant situation through emergency operation planning and more.
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Sexual Harassment: How to Recognize & Prevent Devastating Claims & Workplace Culture Problems - On-Demand

Don’t stand by and wait for a costly lawsuit—or one or more damaging public accusations. Instead, use this popular on-demand webinar on how to address, and end, sexual harassment in the workplace.

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Background Checks Demystified: How to Screen Applicants and Employees Within the Law - On-Demand

When it comes to hiring new employees, many organizations conduct background checks as a matter of course. But there are legal limits on what you can and cannot do.
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Controversial, Potentially Dangerous Employee Conduct: Conduct/Trump Free Speech - On-Demand

Don’t miss our timely and thought-provoking on-demand webinar, when our speaker—veteran employment lawyer Mark Schickman—will clearly spell out what conduct is legally protected, what conduct is not, and how employers should respond during these turbulent times.

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Workplace Investigations in California: Step-by-Step Guide from Complaint to Closure - On-Demand

Use this on-demand webinar to learn how to conduct a workplace investigation in California, stay compliant, and handle employee complaints effectively.
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New EEOC Procedures for Position Statements: Discrimination or Retaliation Charges - On-Demand

Use this on-demand webinar when Susan Hiser and Naomi Oglesby, both seasoned employment attorneys, will explain the practical impact of the EEOC’s new nationwide procedures on position statements, best practices for developing and presenting your defense to the EEOC when responding to a charge, and much, much more.
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Age Discrimination in the Workplace: Review & Revise Policies and Practices to Minimize Legal Liabilities - On-Demand

Don’t become the next headline. Instead, use this all-new on-demand webinar on what you can do to prevent age discrimination in your workplace. You’ll learn what constitutes age bias in the workplace, how to set policies to prevent it, and what to do if you’re accused.

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Prescription Drug Use & Abuse in the Workplace: The Safety Impact & Your Legal & Obligational Risks - On-Demand

Use this on-demand when Susan Desmond, Principal at Jackson Lewis, will teach attendees how they can assure their programs are not only defensibly legal but address real and potential risks in the workplace.
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Social Networks for Building Candidate Pools: Smart Strategies for Using Online Networking Tools - On-Demand

Use this on-demand webinar to learn valuable insight on using social media for recruiting. You’ll discover the best ways to use social media for building a pool of potential candidates from a seasoned recruiting expert.
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HR Department of One: Practical Ways to Manage Your Workload - Webinar On-Demand

If your HR department consists of you - and only you - you’ve got a lot of ground to cover - from recruiting and hiring to employee training and relations and strategic planning. Plus, you must ensure your organization’s compliance with applicable federal and state employment laws.

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Intersection of OSHA and ADA Compliance: Workplace Hazards for Workers with Disabilities - On-Demand

Complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) and accompanying regulations can be extremely difficult for safety and HR managers. That’s because there are many issues to be reconciled under each of these federal laws, and you if you’re not careful you run the risk of meeting the requirements for one law and not the other.
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FMLA/CFRA, ADA/FEHA, PDL and Workers' Comp Overlap in California: Compliance Challenges - On-Demand

Use this webinar on-demand to understand how to unravel where California’s leave and disability laws intersect and how to navigate tricky waters with relative ease.
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How to Recruit Top Talent from College Campuses: A-Plus Strategies for Success - On-Demand

Learn how campus recruiting is different from standard practices and how to successfully use it to greatly benefit your organization.
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Drug and Alcohol Testing: Legal Ways to Manage and Enforce Your Substance Abuse Prevention Policy - On-Demand

Use this in-depth on-demand webinar on how to develop and implement an effective workplace substance abuse prevention and drug and alcohol testing program to improve overall safety and preserve your legal defenses under federal law.
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Pregnancy Accommodation: How to Manage Requests for Light Duty, Leave, Transfer, and More - Webinar On-Demand

Learn what constitutes pregnancy discrimination, the types of accommodations that may be legally requested, what you can and can’t ask of a pregnant employee, and more.
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Toxic Personalities at Work: How to Confront and Manage Effectively

Learn how to manage employees with toxic personalities and pointers on warning signs to watch for so you don’t hire them in the first place.
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California Immigration & I-9 Compliance Update: New AB 450 Obligations in Effect January 1, 2018 - On-Demand

Learn how to comply with AB 450, California’s new employment law impacting on immigration and I-9 compliance.
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Active Shooter Preparedness: Strategies to Anticipate and Respond to Active Shooter Events - On-Demand

With the frequency of active shooter incidents on the rise in recent years it’s more important than ever to learn strategies to protect yourself and others if you’re ever in that situation.

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Independent Contractor Misclassification: Legal Issues & Noncompliance Under Federal Wage and Hour Law - On-Demand

Use this in-depth on-demand webinar led by seasoned employment law attorney Kara E. Shea, who will explain the difference between independent contractors and employees and how to classify them correctly to avoid costly DOL citations.
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Workplace Investigations in California: Step-by-Step Guide from Complaint to Closure - On-Demand

Use this on-demand webinar to learn how to conduct a workplace investigation in California, stay compliant, and handle employee complaints effectively. You’ll get valuable tips on how to prepare for workplace investigations, stay compliant, and avoid court.
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California's New and Emerging Risks: Policy and Procedure Updates for Multistate Employers - On-Demand

Use this comprehensive virtual workshop on-demand, led by California attorneys Mark Schickman and Cathleen Yonahara, will update you on how to amend policies and procedures concerning employee leaves, wages, and more so you can ensure compliance.
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Canadian Employment Laws 2017: Best Practices and Key Rules for Operating North of the Border - On-Demand

Use this on-demand webinar to get an up-to-date explanation on the latest Canadian employment laws and regulations impacting how you conduct business, so you can minimize your company’s legal risks.
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