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TrainingToday HR Video Training for Supervisors Library - Online Training

The HR Video Training for Supervisors Library consists of courses to train new employees, existing employees and experienced mangers.
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Managing From The Heart - Video

Learn the importance of acknowledging the positive reasons behind new ideas. Never make others feel wrong, regardless the merit of the suggestion.
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Not Just Another Meeting

If your supervisors have trouble keeping track of performance appraisals and making them productive, then this program is for you. They can listen in on ten videotaped performance appraisals that go off track, pause the program, discuss the reasons for failure, sum up the problem, and get realistic solutions.
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Make Change Work for You: Anna’s Story

Give your employees the tools to win-not-spin during change. Whether you have a change to deploy or you need to build a change-resilient workforce, this program will help your employees develop the skills to quickly adapt to any change. Embed this program into all your change projects or add it to your core curriculum.
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After All, You're The Supervisor

After being promoted to supervisor, how does one move from individual contributor and co-worker to "boss"? Here are 9 important things to remember. This comprehensive training video is full of practical advice for supervisors who must transition from friend and colleague, to a position of coach and leader.
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Riding the Wave: Strategies for Change

The first step towards embracing change is recognizing behaviors that upset your progress." Riding the Wave: Strategies for Change goes on to demonstrate various balancing strategies.
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Nobody’s Listening

This humorous video shows the chaos that erupts when a busy manager fails to listen. Fortunately, he gets a "do-over" and things improve.
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Best Boss Inventory - Starter Kit

The Best Boss Inventory is a self-administered learning instrument that yields an "Overall Boss Score," as well as separate scores for each of the six "Best Boss Indicators." The Best Boss Inventory includes a feedback component that is particularly helpful, as it allows bosses to compare and clarify perceptions, and develop a clearer picture of how their actions and behaviors are perceived by others.
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Toughest Supervisor Challenges Customizable Course

The Toughest Supervisor Challenges gives both new and experienced managers the supervisory skills, tools, and techniques they need to evaluate the situation at hand and choose the appropriate response.
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Super Manager Customizable Course

Super Manager provides managers at all levels the necessary know-how to help their employees grow in their abilities and motivate them to go above and beyond expectations.Participants will explore the qualities, behaviors, skills, and tools to help them become the manager everyone wants.
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