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Correctional Officer Training Videos


Managing Mentally Ill Inmates (DVD)

The lead trainer is a jail administrator with a degree in psychiatry. Shot on location in the medical ward of a large county jail.
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Corrections Officer Survival & Safety 1: Relative Position & Escorts (DVD)

Corrections trainers teach the proper methods for safely escorting inmates.and what to do if things go bad.
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1st Response to Armed & Barricaded Situations Part 1: Conflict Resolution/Containment-DVD

Training in de-escalation of volatile situations. Response to "failure to comply" examined.
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Searches of Persons Part 2: Handicapped Inmates - DVD

Trainers explore the special tactical and legal problems that arise when searching handicapped inmates.
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Teamwork / Team Building - DVD

Corrections professionals demonstrate teamwork drills and explain why teamwork is vital to the safety and working skills of the CO.
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Use Of OC/Pepperspray in Corrections - DVD

Trainers who specialize in pepper spray show the benefits and the special considerations of using OC in a correctional facility. They provide useful information for training Correction officers in the proper use of OC/Pepper Spray. This program can be used to teach a Corrections Officer how to gain control and compliance without having to use lethal force by using OC/Pepper Spray.
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Youth in Prison - Giving Hope & New Direction

The number of violent crimes committed by juveniles nationwide continues to rise alarmingly. In response, the courts are sentencing more young offenders to tough prison terms
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Control & Compliance 1: Ground Defense & Custody Control Belts (DVD)

Officer survival based program teaches defense should you be on the ground facing an upright adversary. Custody control belts are growing in popularity and are demonstrated.
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Fitness in Corrections - Video

Examines the need for correction officers to be fit in order to properly perform your job tasks.
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1st Response to Armed & Barricaded Situations Part 2: Non-Verbal & Verbal Communications-DVD

Communications trainers teach this course in correctional officer safety,
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LVNR (Lateral Vascular Neck Restraints) for Corrections (DVD)

Jim Lindell's famous LVNR taught by Corrections trainers. Special medical and legal considerations are examined.
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Prisoner Transport - DVD

Training in the safe transport of inmates. Officer and inmate safety issues are explored.
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Professional Ethics in Corrections Training

Professional Ethics in Corrections Training DVD

Why do CO's get a "bad rap" so often. Career ethics trainers offer their expertise and training in this important topic.
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Special Response Team Training 1: Overview & Objectives - DVD

Trainers teach when special response is necessary and who should deploy the team. Each team members role is examined. Demonstrations focus on proper restraint and handcuffing techniques
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Special Response Team Training 2: Application & Technique - DVD

This law enforcement training covers the basics and the team duties, the application and various uses of force.
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Suicide Watch, Intervention & Response - DVD

Correctional officer training in prevention and reaction steps to an ever present jail problem. Prevention steps are examined in detail.
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Faith Behind Bars Women in Prison - Helping to Transform Lives through Faith in God

Leading Women out of Personal and Spiritual Brokenness & helping to Transform Lives through Faith in God. Women who have committed serious crimes are not beyond the help of God and the compassionate people who minister to them.
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Cross Gender Searches (DVD)

As the title suggests, this multimedia training explores the issues surrounding searches of opposite gender searches.
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Sudden Assaults On Officers By Inmates - DVD

Trainers demonstrate some relatively simple, yet extremely effective and potentially life saving defensive tactics that any officer can learn.
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Close Quarter Cuffing Techniques (DVD)

By it's very nature, cuffing in a corrections facility is almost always done in close quarters. Both basic and advanced techniques are demonstrated in this multimedia training.
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Legal Considerations in Corrections (DVD)

Legal experts who train in corrections explore maximizing job effectiveness while minimizing exposure to legal risk
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Report Writing for the Correctional Officer (DVD)

Report writing experts offer their tips on proper writing skills. Out with the old "less is best" mentality. Forget the industrial language, and much more.
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Searches of Persons Part 1 DVD

Trainers explore the special tactical and legal problems that arise when searching inmates.
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Bloodborne & Airborne Pathogens - Video

Medical experts train in the do's and don't of handling situations where body fluids and airborne pathogens are present.

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Team Work/Team Building - Correctional Training (DVD)

Corrections professionals demonstrate teamwork drills and explain why teamwork is vital to the safety and working skills of the CO.
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