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Law Enforcement Tactical Response Videos


1st Response to Armed & Barricaded Situations Part 1: Conflict Resolution/Containment-DVD

Training in de-escalation of volatile situations. Response to "failure to comply" examined.
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1st Response to Armed & Barricaded Situations Part 2: Non-Verbal & Verbal Communications-DVD

Communications trainers teach this course in correctional officer safety,
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Private Security Targeted Training Module (50-DVD Set)

Private Security Targeted Training Module - Collection of 50 of our best Multimedia Training DVD specially compiled for the private security teams guarding facilities all over the country.
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Special Response Team Training 1: Overview & Objectives - DVD

Trainers teach when special response is necessary and who should deploy the team. Each team members role is examined. Demonstrations focus on proper restraint and handcuffing techniques
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Responding to School Violence Legal Considerations (DVD)

Responding to School Violence Legal Considerations
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Special Response Team Training 2: Application & Technique - DVD

This law enforcement training covers the basics and the team duties, the application and various uses of force.
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Line Officer Survival & Safety: Building Searches, Frisks & Equipment (DVD)

This multimedia training deals with some of the most common duties of a law enforcement officer. Training is given in safety and survival during searches, citizen contacts and vehicle stops. Have a plan, stop, look and listen, etc.
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Edged Weapon Defense & Disarming - DVD

Experienced defensive tactics instructors train in the art of knife defense. An array of shanks and home made weapons confiscated from prisoners is shown on the tape.
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Line Officer Tactical Shotgun (DVD)

Virtually every patrol car in the country is outfitted with a shotgun. Most are seldom if ever used. This multimedia training deals with the shotgun as an extremely accurate, useful tool. Specialty rounds such as beanbag and OC are demonstrated
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Use of Force: The Keys to Lawful Use - DVD

Police attorney and "Use of Force" expert Randy Means discusses the legal points of force escalation. Mr. Means is nationally recognized as one of the country’s foremost police legal advisors and law enforcement trainers
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Disaster Planning For Healthcare: Defuse the Bomb - DVD

Video Streaming Also Available

Whatever the disaster, your facility must react effectively to save lives, treat casualties and maintain high quality patient care. This program will teach your employees how to stay alert to preventing disasters such as fires, explosions and violence.

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Hotel Safety Series - Bomb Threat Procedures - DVD

Bomb Threat Procedures - Bombing and the threat of being bombed are harsh realities in today's world. The public is becoming more aware of those incidents of violence and the potential for destruction and physical harm.

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Bio-Terrorism / Anthrax Awareness - DVD

Bio-Terrorism/Anthrax Awareness: One of the most sought after topic experts in the teaches you about Bio-Terrorism. Anthrax and other weapons of mass destruction are discussed.
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Suicide Watch, Intervention & Response - DVD

Correctional officer training in prevention and reaction steps to an ever present jail problem. Prevention steps are examined in detail.
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Hazmat/WMD Self-Protection for Law Enforcement DVD

Hazmat/WMD Self-Protection for Law Enforcement DVD training video studies situations where police may need to use respiratory protection, protective clothing, and the limitations of protective equipment.
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IEDs & VBIEDs DVD training video teaches emergency personnel to respond effectively to incidents involving IEDs and VBIEDs in order to protect the community and save lives.
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Active Shooter: Rapid Response DVD

Active Shooter: Rapid Response DVD training video is designed for police training, school administration and others who may become involved with a mass casualty shooting event. Realistic, exciting and informative.
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Less Lethal Force Option/Sl-6 Multi Role Projectile Launcher (DVD)

Demonstration of a weapon that is in a growing trend in law enforcement - less lethal force. This projectile launcher has become a staple in many departments force protocol. It can fire a multitude of less lethal rounds. All are demonstrated in this tape.
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High Profile 2 Car Rescue (DVD)

Training in a very fast, extremely effective rescue of an injured officer or citizen in a crowd or mob setting.
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Response to Illicit Drug Labs DVD

Response to Illicit Drug Labs DVD training video trains law enforcement and other responders to safely handle situations where illegal drug labs, including meth labs, are a factor.
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Bike Patrols Part 1 (DVD)

An introduction into the use of bike patrols by law enforcement. Equipment and an overview of tactics are demonstrated.
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Traffic Stops 2: Known High Risk Contacts (DVD)

Special, high alert techniques for known high risk stops. Approaches, positioning and other potentially life saving tactics are trained.
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Suicide Bomber DVD

Suicide Bomber DVD provides important training and information for bomb squads, police, firefighters, EMS, security and military personnel responding to attempted or actual suicide bombings.
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Dynamics Of The Off Duty Encounter Part 1 (DVD)

Teaches the patterns of encounter, armed confrontations and more. A field tested off duty safety plan is explained.
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