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Maritime Training Videos


Advanced Marine Firefighting Training Series

Advanced Marine Firefighting Training Series is a five-part series that instructs senior officers and their crews on how to tackle marine fires using advanced techniques and team leadership.
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Advanced Marine Firefighting: Engine Room and Machinery Space Firefighting

Advanced Marine Firefighting: Engine Room and Machinery Space Firefighting DVD illustrates firefighting techniques for combating engine room and machinery space fires using portable CO2 extinguishers, hose lines, and foam. Entry, safety, and teamwork also are covered.
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Chains, Cranes, Hoist, and Slings DVD

The most important safety feature is the operator's knowledge of how to use, inspect, and maintain the equipment. Safety around hoisting equipment is extremely important because one little mistake can be disastrous.

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Material Handling Equipment Safety - The Ups and Downs - DVD Training

Topic-specific training covers the safety issues unique to drivers, loading dock workers, and warehouse employees
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Dangerous Cargoes Package DVD

Dangerous Cargoes Package provides video training about the hazards of and response to Certain Dangerous Cargoes identified by the U.S. Coast Guard as most vulnerable to terrorist attack.
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Cutting Torch Safety Training DVD

In the public work sector, the cutting torch is a valuable and useful tool designed to cut metals in a variety of applications. It is important to consult your local OSHA requirements for cutting and welding safety. This program provides information on safe cutting torch procedures and operation.
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Gas Welding Safety Training DVD

Each company is responsible for developing specific guidelines, policies and procedures. Welding or cutting material can be a safe operation if you follow the rules and not take shortcuts. This program focuses on gas welding safety awareness.
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Valves Combo-Pack

Together, our two Valves courses provide a broad yet detailed understanding of the use and evaluation of valves in industrial and manufacturing workplaces.
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Overhead Crane Basics

This course covers the basic components and functions of floor-operated overhead cranes used in industrial facilities. It also covers the inspections of cranes and rigging components that many facilities require to be performed before a crane can be operated.
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Preventing Hand Injuries (DVD)

This program presents information on how hands get injured and what workers can do to prevent them including common injuries, the hazards to look out for and safe practices workers need to take to protect their hands.
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Advanced Marine Firefighting: Pre-Planning the Emergency

Advanced Marine Firefighting: Pre-Planning the Emergency DVD covers the basic components of effective pre-planning for fire emergencies in port fires.
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Advanced Marine Firefighting: The Fire Command Process

Advanced Marine Firefighting: The Fire Command Process DVD features a demonstration of an actual shipboard fire. This program shows how the commanding officer can use and interpret information to cross-train firefighting teams. Also covers drill debriefing and the duties of the captain, chief officer, junior officers, and general crew.
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Advanced Marine Firefighting: Strategies and Tactics

Advanced Marine Firefighting: Strategies and Tactics DVD teaches firefighting strategies to use in drills and actual fire emergencies. Explains tactical components, including rescue, exposure, confinement, extinguishable, overhaul, salvage, and ventilation.
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Energy 503: Specialized Drilling (Online Course)

This course describes two types of specialized drilling: extreme drilling and offshore drilling.
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Advanced Marine Firefighting: Size Up

Advanced Marine Firefighting: Size Up DVD demonstrates the commanding officer's role during an emergency.
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Maritime Security: Keeping Ports Safe DVD

Maritime Security: Keeping Ports Safe DVD training video addresses the rise of hostilities in the Middle East since 9/11.
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The Maritime Transportation Security Act

Marine Facilities Security Interactive Training

The Maritime Transportation Security Act of 2002 (MTSA), regulated by the US Coast Guard, covers vessels and facilities operating on or adjacent to waters under the jurisdiction of the United States. 95% of our nationís international cargo is transported by ships. The MSTA regulation will directly affect an estimated 10,000 vessels, 5,000 facilities, and 40 outer continental shelf facilities.
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Dangerous Cargoes Package DVDs

Dangerous Cargoes Package includes five programs that cover the five commodities that are considered the most hazardous when carried in bulk and are the ones focused on by the US Coast Guard.
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Hazmat Containers DVD

This training video program is the most comprehensive study you will find of containers used to store and transport hazardous materials, focusing on safety. Available separately or as a part of the series.
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Emergency Film Group's Complete DVD Library

This package includes every DVD in EFG's library - providing all hazards training for every discipline of emergency response issues. Save over $7,000 with complete library purchase.
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Oil Spill Response Series DVDs

Oil Spill Response Series DVD video training teaches oil spill clean-up safety and provides OSHA training for oil spill clean-up contractors. It addresses major oil spills and describes countermeasures for both land and sea spills.
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Industrial Incident Management Library

The Industrial Incident Management complete training library contains fifty-three DVDs, ten Instructor Guides, and thirteen resource CD-ROMs.
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