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Media Communications Educational Videos

Media Communications Educational Videos

Our media communications educational videos for students cover a wide range of topics, including journalism, social media, and advertising. These engaging and informative videos are designed to help students develop the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the dynamic and rapidly evolving field of media communications. Whether you're looking to explore new ideas, brush up on existing skills, or learn about emerging trends, our videos provide a valuable resource for students at all levels.
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Nike TV Commercial

Every aspect of a NIKE ad is dissected to reveal the extraordinary path of the making of a TV commercial.
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Cultural Studies & The Scholarship Of Journalism: James W. Carey

Cultural Studies & The Scholarship Of Journalism with James W. Carey: James W. Carey, cultural historian, communication scholar, theorist, writer and teacher of journalists, discusses Cultural Studies and the scholarship of journalism.
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Basic Radio Skills: Radio Production Making A Commercial

The production processes of a humorous insurance commercial is amusingly narrated by producers Street Remley and Bob Dennis. We see them at work with the client and with the actors as the recording session proceeds.
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The Business Of TV News: Covering The Big Story

Kevin Reece Reporter KHOU CBS Houston Texas is interviewed on location at the site of Hurricane Ike. It could be an earthquake, a tornado, a plane crash or possibly a hurricane at some point in your career the big story is going to break and you better be prepared to tell it..and tell it well. Reporter Kevin explains his approach to the Big Story and how he prepares and delivers.
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The Business Of TV News: The Contract

The all important contract with famed broadcast attorney Bob Teaf and Small Market News Director Shannon Maze KWST Yuma, AZ. After years of education, internships and sending out hundreds of demo tapes, you get your first job offer.
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The Business Of TV News: The Legend Tells His Story

Stan Chambers - KTLA - 61 year news reporter veteran. Believe it or not there was a time when TV News had no established formats, no set rules on how to cover a story, no tried and true formulas.
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The Business Of TV News: Sports Broadcasting

Sports broadcasting revealed with KUSIs Sports Director Paul Rudy. The TV newscast can be nothing but crime, fires and robberies until we get to the fun and opinionated portion of the news - Sports.
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The Business Of TV News: Editing TV News

Editing TV News - Joshua Sheehan Chief Editor, XETV San Diego, Austin Hill 2nd year news editor, XETV, and Andy Neil, former Chief Editor XETV, now Hollywood Editor.
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Advertising The Hidden Language

Dr. Philip Bell of the National Academy of Advertising shows how successful ads implicate the viewer in the completion of fantasy narratives.
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Basic Radio Skills: Radio News

Five seasoned journalists present an in-depth view of radio news at work. Topics include news sources, item selection and scripting, preparation for broadcast, presentation skills, telephone interviews, field reports and more.
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The Business Of TV News: The Bosses

Meet the Bosses - Bill Lord, WJLA Washington DC, Steve Cohen, News Director KUSI San Diego, Christine Miceli Exec Producer-KTLA Los Angeles, John Coleman Weatherman KUSI San Diego (55 years in business- created the Weather Channel) Andrew Wyatt GM, KWST Yuma, AZ. Shannon Maze ND KWST Yuma, AZ and David Plummer VanderPloeg News Operations Manager, KUSI San Diego. These are the veterans, the bosses, the suits.
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The Business Of TV News: Making It the Rookie & The Veteran

With Frank Buckley KTLA Los Angeles Anchor and Cambi Brown first year reporter KWST, Yuma AZ. Move away from home to a small market station being paid little to nothing, move up from that first tiny station to become a CNN correspondent or become a reporter and anchor in the number 2 market in the country.
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Techniques Of TV Interviewing

Respected television journalist Mike Minehan highlights the ingredients of a dynamic and successful television interview, using well chosen excerpts that include examples of great technique, as well as, of the pitfalls that await the unwary interviewer. This program is full of role models and cautionary tales. One classic excerpt, in which Margaret Thatcher turns the tables on an ill-prepared journalist, is worth the price of admission all by itself!
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Advertising & TV Commercial Series

This series of training programs examines how television commercials are made and who they affect. Each program is accompanied by comprehensive study notes.
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Acting In Film with Michael Caine

Academy Award winning actor Michael Caine, internationally acclaimed for his talented performances in movies for over twenty-five years, shares his personal insights into the art and science of film acting.
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Acting In High Comedy with Maria Aitken

By Maria Altken. "A lively session on high comedy, with examples from Coward, Wilde, Sheridan and Cosgreve." - The London Sunday Times. This program reveals the spark that transforms a routine reading into a vibrant one in a scene from Private Lives, which by the time Aitken has finished with it, it has attained something close to brilliance.
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Acting In Restoration Comedy with Simon Callow

By Simon Callow. "Taking scenes from The Relapse by Sir John Vanbrugh as the text, Callow directs a workshop of young actors and subjects them to his own rigorous and scrupulous appraisal."
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Acting In Shakespearean Comedy with Janet Suzman

By Janet Suzman. Totally and incisively in charge, her unscripted preamble is a dramatic lesson in itself; with all the right places to create a dramatic effect you can cut with a knife. Her dissertation on the difference between tragedy and comedy is masterly." - The London Sunday Times.
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Acting In Tragedy with Brian Cox

In this terrific 60-minute master class, Brian Cox covers the fine points of tragic acting. The London Times calls this video, "Full of common sense ... In the end, it is we actors who are on the spot ...
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Ad: Organizing The Filmset

With a low budget and tight schedule plus setback and disasters ranging from the arrest of the caterer on day one of production to sudden schedule changes, actor illnesses and almost constant rain, this is the role of the AD in real-world production.
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Advanced Screenwriting Series with Linda Seger

Get the 3 DVD Set. 3 DVD Set Includes: Advanced Story Techniques, Deepening The Theme and Broadening The Characters. Advanced Screenwriting, script consultant and screenwriting teacher, Dr. Linda Seger, takes you to another step to further integrate your story and theme and characters.
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Robots, Our Future Servants - Video

Discover the developments in robotics and automation technology and explore the limitations of our current knowledge along with breakthroughs in this field of study.
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Robots, Our Future Servants - Video

Discover the developments in robotics and automation technology and explore the limitations of our current knowledge along with breakthroughs in this field of study.
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Basic Radio Skills: Announcing And Presentation

A lively montage takes us through a typical radio day as six announcers on talk, news and music shows provide insights into the specific requirements of their formats and into their personal approaches to gathering, organizing and presenting material.
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Basic Radio Skills: Radio Drama

Shaun Mclaughlin, director of over 200 BBC radio plays, leads a master class at the Australian Radio, Film and Television School in the rehearsal and production of a short radio drama.
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