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Modern American History Videos


Understanding My Community Series (5 Pack) DVD

What does it mean to live and work in a community? Why do communities have so many rules? What are the different types of communities? These and other questions are answered in this visually appealing and informative series.
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Causes And Crisis: Life After The Crash DVD

From 1929 to the early 1940s, the Great Depression took its toll on an entire nation. Those especially hard-hit were the middle class, children, and racial and ethnic minorities.
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Ploughed Under: Plight Of The Farmer DVD

The early 20th century marked a time of change for agriculture in America. This program tells the story of the farmers who lost their farms and struggled to build new lives.
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The American Legacy: Great Depression Series DVD

Triggered by early 20th-century economic policies and the 1929 stock market crash, the Great Depression was a time of chronic unemployment, severe drought and widespread migration. Students learn how FDR's New Deal and the onset of World War II ultimately ended the Depression and redefined the American economy. Written to National History Standards.
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U.S. Symbols Video Quiz DVD

Give students a close-up look at the American symbols that reflect the spirit of freedom for which our country stands.
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After The Fall - Video

This films documents the scientific, technological and engineering effort involved in unearthing the details of the New York's World Trade Center collapse.
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Just the Facts: Exploring Our Nation: High School Superpack (DVDs)

This video series will teach high school students about the U.S. Constitution and it's Amendments, American Government and more.
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