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Pallet Jack Safety Training Videos


Powered Pallet Jack Operator Safety Video

Powered pallet jacks can be found in almost any warehouse, manufacturing facility or loading dock. They’re real work-horses that are simple to operate – but can cause serious damage or injury if not used correctly.

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Motorized Pallet Jacks: Safe Operation - DVD Training

Provides training regarding the safe operation and dangers of the two most common types of motorized pallet jack trucks: “walkies” and “walkie-riders."

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People and Equipment DVD

This program will discuss some basic rules that apply to both equipment operators and warehouse personnel. Basically, forklift operator rules generally call for pedestrians to have the right-of-way but forklift operators don’t always see pedestrians until it’s too late. Stay alert and pay attention to the sounds around you.

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Forklift Safety - Site Specific Training Modules DVD

This program covers the topics of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning, Electric Pallet Jack, People and Equipment, Battery Charging Safety, Propane Safety, Basic Operating Procedures, Engineering Principle and Centers of Gravity.
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Material Handling Equipment Safety - The Ups and Downs - DVD Training

Topic-specific training covers the safety issues unique to drivers, loading dock workers, and warehouse employees
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Forklift Training Package (DVD)

This package covers forklift rules and certification, certification, general types of equipment, engineering principles, automobiles and forklifts, fulcrum principle and more
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Electric Pallet Jack (DVD)

Electric Pallet Jack - A very important piece of equipment in the warehouse and material-handling areas is the electric pallet jack. It’s an economical and versatile unit, designed to move stacks of materials from one place to another safely and without injury or product damage.

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Battery Charging Safety Training - Video

Battery Charging Safety - Regardless of the type of electric material handling equipment you use such as forklifts, pallet jacks, rider pallet jacks, walkie-stackers, personnel carts, or others, one thing is assured and that's charging the batteries
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Manual and Electric Cart Safety (DVD)

Manual And Electric Cart Safety - Manual and electric carts are valuable tools used for a variety of applications. They differ in size, design, and complexity, but they all require the same attention to safety. No matter what types of equipment you operate or what type of material you're moving, always follow your company's policies and procedures.

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Order Picker Operator Safety Video

Orderpickers are very unique industrial vehicles. Rather than having to get in and out of the machine to pick an order or take inventory, orderpickers allow the worker to operate the vehicle while riding up and down with the load.
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Pallet Jack Safety

Train your employees the principles of operation and instructions for safe use of a manual type pallet jack.
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Forklift Safety Training Package

Topics included in this safety video are: rules and certification,certification, general types of equipment, engineering principles, automobiles and forklifts, fulcrum principle, forklift data plate, attachments, load centers, centers of gravity, technical terminology, operator responsibility, basic forklift operating rules, speeding, riders, seat belts and turnovers, raised loads, steering, operating surfaces, docks and ramps, braking and parking, pedestrians, and forklift maintenance.
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Manufacturing Training Courses - 15 Videos

The standard manufacturing training package includes 15 videos and a CD-Rom of written materials.

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Safe Handling of Wooden Pallets (DVD)

Safe Handling Of Wooden Pallets - Regardless of your job in a warehouse environment, you're going to be using and handling wooden, plastic, or metal pallets. Pallets are very useful in material handling business because they allow us to stack and move materials safely and quickly.

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Forklift Safety (DVD)

This course can be used as an introduction to forklift safety or as a refresher on forklift basics. Free preview
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Forklifts - Reducing Product Damage

This course covers the common ways forklift operators cause product damage in a warehouse environment, and recommended practices for avoiding this damage. It is meant to be used as an introductory or refresher course for forklift operators. It is based on research of the most common types of forklift product damage and on industry best practices.
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Ultimate HPC: FORKLIFTS - DVD Training

Helps with forklift certification and keeps operators in compliance and OSHA's Powered Industrial Truck Standard (1910.178)
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Warehouse and Distribution Center (DVD)

Warehouse and Distribution Center Safety program will help you to be more aware of your responsibilities and improve safety in your distribution center. Safety retail distribution centers are the nerve centers of retail corporations.
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Warehouse Safety Combo-Pack

The ultimate in warehouse safety training these 26 DVDs cover subjects that apply to virtually all general industry workplace environments. Get your material-handling workforce up-to-speed on important OSHA regulations and recognized best practices.
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