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Law Enforcement High Risk Response Videos


Use Of OC/Pepperspray in Corrections - DVD

Trainers who specialize in pepper spray show the benefits and the special considerations of using OC in a correctional facility. They provide useful information for training Correction officers in the proper use of OC/Pepper Spray. This program can be used to teach a Corrections Officer how to gain control and compliance without having to use lethal force by using OC/Pepper Spray.
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Special Response Team Training 1: Overview & Objectives - DVD

Trainers teach when special response is necessary and who should deploy the team. Each team members role is examined. Demonstrations focus on proper restraint and handcuffing techniques
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Special Response Team Training 2: Application & Technique - DVD

This law enforcement training covers the basics and the team duties, the application and various uses of force.
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Bio-Terrorism / Anthrax Awareness - DVD

Bio-Terrorism/Anthrax Awareness: One of the most sought after topic experts in the teaches you about Bio-Terrorism. Anthrax and other weapons of mass destruction are discussed.
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Citizen Homeland Security (DVD)

Citizens Homeland Security program will help provide knowledge you may not know or may simply reinforce your understanding of terrorism and how you can help. In addition to the national and technological hazards we face, people around the world face threats posed by hostile governments or extremists groups. These threats to national security include acts of terrorism and acts of war.
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Nuclear and Radiological Weapons (DVD)

Nuclear and Radiological Weapons program provides factual information of the real threat and how to protect yourself. This program today will provide you factual information and an understanding of the real threat and how you can reasonably protect yourself in a worst case scenario. People think of nuclear weapons as a massive mushroom cloud. Terrorists are unable to obtain nuclear weapons for large amounts of money. Knowledge about radiological weapons will help in the event of a disaster.
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Seizure Vs Non-Seizure of Persons Part 1 (DVD)

Seizure Vs Non-Seizure of Persons Part 1
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Control & Compliance 1: Ground Defense & Custody Control Belts (DVD)

Officer survival based program teaches defense should you be on the ground facing an upright adversary. Custody control belts are growing in popularity and are demonstrated.
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LVNR (Lateral Vascular Neck Restraints) for Corrections

Jim Lindell's famous LVNR taught by Corrections trainers. Special medical and legal considerations are examined.
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Traffic Stops 1: Unknown Risk (DVD)

Constant safety and awareness are the hallmarks of this multimedia training course. Remove the terms "ordinary" and "routine" from your vocabulary regarding traffic stops
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Response to Illicit Drug Labs DVD

Response to Illicit Drug Labs DVD training video trains law enforcement and other responders to safely handle situations where illegal drug labs, including meth labs, are a factor.
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1st Response to Armed & Barricaded Situations Part 2: Non-Verbal & Verbal Communications-DVD

Communications trainers teach this course in correctional officer safety,
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Traffic Stops 2: Known High Risk Contacts (DVD)

Special, high alert techniques for known high risk stops. Approaches, positioning and other potentially life saving tactics are trained.
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Domestic Violence Part 1 (DVD)

Domestic violence is increasingly becoming a big problem for law enforcement officials. In this title (DVD or video), ALERT covers the ABC’s of responding to domestic violence abuse calls, as well as covering the understanding of the three phases of the cycle of violence. Tactical and legal issues surrounding domestic violence response are also covered. Special focus on first response and victim assistance. Your officers need this reminding to be ALWAYS prepared for any surprises.
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Control Holds & Take-downs (DVD)

Larry Smith, retired from the San Diego P.D., demonstrates a variety of empty hand control techniques. Learn how to quickly and safely control subjects, possibly lowering the need to move up the force scale.
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Video Reference Library for Terrorism Preparedness DVDs

A complete emergency preparedness reference library for terrorist/WMD incidents. Seventeen DVDs with Leader's Guides and companion CD-ROMs provide training for law enforcement, firefighters, EMS and emergency management personnel.
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Edged Weapon Defense & Disarming - DVD

Experienced defensive tactics instructors train in the art of knife defense. An array of shanks and home made weapons confiscated from prisoners is shown on the tape.
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Subject Control - Package 2 (DVD Set)

This law enforcement training package covers custody deaths, transporting subjects, searches, swarm methods and managing force.
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Drug Enforcement 2: Airports, Hotels & Buses (DVD)

Drug Enforcement 2: Airports, Hotels & Buses Part 1
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Vehicle Searches (DVD)

Drug enforcement experts from South Florida and the Midwest demonstrate how to check a vehicle for drugs, weapons, etc. Emphasis on thoroughness and officer safety.
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Firearms Training - Package 4 (DVD Set)

This law enforcement training package covers firearms, use of cover, team shooting, tactical shotgun use, less lethal force and the lawful use of force.
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Tactical - Package 6 (DVD Set)

This law enforcement training package covers defensive driving, search warrants, high-risk stops, forced entries and more.
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Line Officer Survival & Safety: Building Searches, Frisks & Equipment (DVD)

This multimedia training deals with some of the most common duties of a law enforcement officer. Training is given in safety and survival during searches, citizen contacts and vehicle stops. Have a plan, stop, look and listen, etc.
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Defensive Tactics - Package 1 (DVD Set)

(6-DVD Set) This law enforcement training package covers handgun retention, counter assault and survival, subject control, ground defense and the use of force.
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