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Problem Solving Training Videos


50 Activities for Developing Supervisory Skills

Ian Nicholls

Training Objective

  • Define the role of the supervisor
  • Develop key supervisory skills, including planning, organizing, and controlling
  • Improve communication skills
  • Develop skills for running effective meetings
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    Four Generations: The Greatest Potential (DVD)

    Video Streaming Also Available

    With four generations in today's workplace, differences in attitudes, values, and communication can create misunderstandings and trigger conflicts that reduce morale, teamwork, and productivity. But these differences need not be barriers to a bigger bottom line.

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    How Do You Put a Giraffe Into a Refrigerator?

    This meeting opener will challenge any audience to think out of the box right away. With fun riddles and entertaining animation, it will supercharge everyone's brain before the session begins.
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    Toxic Talk: What Would You Say? (DVD)

    Video Streaming Available!

    Gossip, gripes, and rumors have become a national past time in the workplace. Unfortunately, these forms of toxic talk can have serious repercussions for your employees, your managers and supervisors, and for the profitability and productivity of your entire organization.

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    EXCEL - Managing to EXCEL - 12 Workshop Series

    Excel is a collection of 12 half-day off-the-shelf workshops, each dedicated to the development of a single critical competency. Each workshop is detailed below.
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    Training House Reproducible Games and Simulations

    Hands-on experience is the name of the game with this unique spectrum of learning opportunities!

    This diverse collection of reproducible games and simulations makes learning a fun and participative way for employees to gain experience in the key concepts and skills essential to their success in the workplace. It is an ideal resource for trainers looking for a creative way to instill new ideas and skills, but who do not have the time to develop a new game on their own. This valuable assortment of 18 unique training games is ready-to-use and includes clear objectives, detailed instructor guidelines and reproducible materials for participants.

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    Customer Service Skills Profile Leader's Guide

    This easy-to-use assessment solves one of your biggest headaches in customer service - ensuring consistency in your staff's performance. How? By giving employees a clear picture of their unique strengths and areas they need to work on - and the motivation to acquire all the skills of an all-around good customer service giver.
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    Conflict Resolution 1: Basic Problem Solving (DVD)

    Learn the definition of and objectives of problem solving as a correctional officer. This program taches that sometimes inmates problems are beyond some officers capabilities - when to call for backup.
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    Problem Solving Tools and Techniques Courseware

    Problem Solving Tools and Techniques is a comprehensive two-day workshop that builds problem solving ability in any professional by providing conceptual mastery of a set of tools. Participants work cooperatively to structure and solve problems using a series of proven methods.
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    Work Play: 36 Indoor/Outdoor Activities for Leadership, Team Building, and Problem Solving - Download

    Have you noticed how employees get engaged faster and learn better when the training process is fun? Now, with this facilitator-friendly handbook, you can inject play you’re your training to accomplish a variety of learning objectives and make learning fun and memorable.
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    Rapid Skillbuilder Library - 2 Volume Set

    The Rapid Skillbuilder Library - 2 Volume Set comes complete with one copy of all 42 of the Rapid Skillbuilder Series. Each Volume includes 21 different skillbuilders.
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    4 Volume Collection of Questionnaires

    This special offer includes 4 fully reproducible Volumes of assessments. Volumes I and II of Sarah Cook’s Compendium of Questionnaires and Inventories, The Compendium of Learning and Development Quizzes, and 25 Reproducible Instruments for Team Building by Glenn Parker. A total of 163 questionnaires are included in this 4 volume special.

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    In An Instant - Volume 4: Employee Development DVD

    Anthony Salemi - We know you just don't have the time to read all the articles and business books to solve every business problem. Noted industrial psychologist, Dr. Anthony Salemi has developed this In An Instant series to help you solve these problems.
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    Total JWA Video Library (45 DVDs)

    The total library package for $5,995.00 contains every program found in the JWA Video catalog in DVD format.
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    A.C.E. It! How To Solve Tough Workplace Problems

    Video Streaming Also Available

    Does your organization recycle the same tired approaches to problems that never seem to go away? Equip your workforce with a proven problem-solving model to tackle poor quality, inefficiency, uneven performance and more. Individuals or teams can solve any problem once and for all when they learn to A.C.E. It!
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    Professional Skills Courseware Collection

    8 customizable, interactive, experiential, soft skills training programs ranging in length from 1-2 days that come complete as Microsoft Word files, but can also be edited to match your specific situation.
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    Management Essentials (e-Learning Course)

    Managers build the basic management skills required to coach employees, deliver feedback and recognize the achievements of others. (15 courses)
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    Secrets: Landing and Keeping a Job Training Video

    What are transferable skills and why do we need them? They are skills acquired throughout your life that can be used at any job. Filmed in a sitcom format, like "The Office", this entertaining and informative DVD explains important job transferable skills including communication skills, problem-solving skills, and teamwork.
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    Managing for Success (e-Learning Course)

    Building off of the Management Essentials, managers continue developing their ability to manage, inspire and lead employees towards success.
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    Thinking and Deciding Clearly Workshop Series

    This interactive workshop helps managers develop the necessary skills for problem solving, decision making, risk management, and thinking clearly.
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    50 Activities for Team Building, Volume 3 (Download)

    Comes complete with learning objectives, facilitator guidance, and reproducible materials for 50 distinct activity sessions. Implement successful self-managed teams in your organization.
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    Stanford Executive Briefings Library

    Stanford Executive Briefings Library
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    Our special selection includes new, best-selling and classic Stanford lectures, filmed on campus and featuring business experts, executives and CEO's, and noted academics from Stanford and elsewhere.
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    100 Reproducible Workshops (PDF Electronic Delivery)

    For many professional skills and competencies, this 5-volume set can start you in the right direction or complete existing programs that lack a key skill. You get 100 workshops that range from 1 to 3 hours in length.
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    The 50 Activities Library - Download

    The 50 Activities Library provides trainers and other professionals with a comprehensive library of ready to implement training activities targeted at specific competencies. Everything you need is provided and is right at your fingertips.
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    Supervision Basics (e-Learning Course)

    Managers learn the supervision skills needed when they are responsible for guiding the performance of others.
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