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Professional Careers Training Videos


Career Enhancement (Video 4 Pack)

It's time to brush up on those career development skills now that school is out! Land your dream job!
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Career Enhancement Life Skills Super Pack DVD

These programs will help you land the job of your dreams, and polish the skills necessary to climb the career ladder.
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Career Exploration Kit

Get middle school students thinking about what their future has in store with the Career Exploration Kit. Items in the kit help identify career possibilities, explore career options, and introduces job skills, interviewing, and resume writing.
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Career Interest Areas Package

Career Interest Areas Package
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Ideal for career development curriculums based on the U.S. Department of Education’s career interest areas, this package of resources helps students explore careers, plan their futures, and understand the connection between education and careers.

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Clothing/Fashion Merchandising Lesson Plans

This fashion lesson plans teaches you about fabrics, fibers, clothing care, merchandising, careers, advertising, consumerism and more.
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Confessions of a Food Stylist Training DVD

An interview and behind the scenes footage with Lisa Golden Schroeder, food stylist, cookbook author and teacher, gives the audience insight into the career of a food stylist.
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Confessions of an Event Planner Training Video

An interview and behind the scenes footage with Dena Marie Modica, Director of Sales and Marketing for Solera Restaurant and Event Center, gives the audience insight into the career of an event planner.
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Confessions of an In-Home Childcare Provider and Montessori Teacher Video

Peer into the world of experienced Montessori teachers and in-home childcare providers in this insightful video. Through interviews and live foot age of the experts, students will discover what it takes to succeed in these professions
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Confessions of Interior Designer Training Video

Brandi Hagen shows students exactly what it takes to be an interior designer. Hear Brandi discuss the education needed to succeed in the field, and the pros and cons of a professional interior design career.
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Exploring Careers: What Would I Be Good At? (2 Pack) DVD

Guided by two narrators, young teens have the opportunity to recognize their strengths, preferences and interests, and identify career categories that showcase their talents.
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Exploring Careers: What's Right for You? (2 Pack) DVD

This program stresses that people who are happy and successful at work most often are pursuing careers that match their personality type.
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Keys to Getting Hired Video Series

Keys to Getting Hired Video Series
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Job seekers who are proactive in the job search land better jobs in less time. With the help of this video series, your clients or students can too!
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Mike Fentons Actors Workshop Video

Mike Fenton, with over 35 years of casting experience and renowned casting director of titles such as The Godfather II, Back to the Future I, II & III, Total Recall, E.T., shows his expertise covering in depth, topics such as Entertainment Business Primer, Resumes, Headshots, Video Demo Reels, Managers, Agents, Auditions and more.
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Quick Job Search for Ex-Offenders, 2nd Edition (10 Pack)

Quick Job Search for Ex-Offenders helps ex-offenders find a job quickly. Using Michael Farr's time-tested techniques, combined with additional tips and guidance from Maurice Stevens—a career counselor who works extensively with ex-offenders—this book coaches ex-offenders through the seven key stages of the job search

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The Business Of TV News - The Creative Series

Valuable For Students Ready to Enter TV Broadcasting. This series takes you beyond the text book, beyond the classroom and directly Behind the Scenes of TV news, revealing not just the triumphs of news reporting but the failures and problems too.
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Transition to Work and Self-Sufficiency DVD Series

This empowering series is ideal for people in programs like TANF, voc rehab, and Ticket-to-Work; for anyone having trouble keeping a job; and for adults who have never worked or been out of the workforce for a long time.
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Transportation In The Next Century - Video

Advances in science, technology and engineering will make cars and roads safer to drive. The size and shape of cars and how they are designed and built in the future will also change.
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Young Person's Occupational Outlook Handbook Package

Based on the U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Outlook Handbook, this popular guidebook is ideal for helping young people explore careers. It groups together related job descriptions, making it easy to study job options based on interests. The text stresses the connection between school subjects and needed job skills—important in school-to-career research.
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Industrial Safety Career Series - Truck Driver Safety

Careers in safety are challenging and rewarding. The primary focus of safety practice is to prevent incidents and accidents that may lead to injuries, damage to property and equipment, or harm to the environment.
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How to Make Yourself Indispensable Customizable Course

Indispensable employees are always indispensable, no matter where they go or what they do. that's because It's more about attitude than skill set. They know the key to their success is to work smarter, not harder. They understand whereto focus their energy to get the greatest return on their efforts.
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Productive Work Habits Customizable Course

Good work habits are essential for anyone who wants to succeed on his or her job. They increase your organizational value and job satisfaction and help you have better relationships with your boss and coworkers. Productivity isn't about quantity. It's about doing the right task, at the right time. In other words, It's about recognizing what to do when. But sometimes that's easier said than done.
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Remarkable Performance Development - Facilitator Set

The ideas and practices shared in this program are applicable no matter your organization's current approach. The tools and techniques provided allow leaders to make significant and important change within the confines of existing systems, offering ways to implement a proven and reliable process for ongoing, improved performance that has real results.
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Learning to Manage Customizable Course

Learning to Manage walks you through the process of successful management by introducing the tools and techniques for effectively handling five target areas – people, projects, performance, problems, and even personal development because successful management starts with being able to manage yourself.

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