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Gory Stories Safety Training Videos


Accidents - "It Can't Happen To Me" (Gory) DVD

This program is designed to make you think more about accident causes and how you can prevent injuries. Accidents and injuries can be prevented, so let's begin that journey right now. If you look at the word “accident” itself, it's defined as an unplanned, uncontrollable event.

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Fire Prevention - Gory Story DVD

This program will graphically impact employees in the need for greater prevention of fires. Features dramatic footage and photos of people who have been badly burned and stresses the need for proper handling of flammables, bonding/grounding and fire prevention in general.

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Forklift Operations High Impact-Gory Story

This program reviews case files from the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). We all know that forklift operators work and act safely on a daily basis.
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Hand Injuries - Gory Story DVD

Hand Injuries - The Gory Story is the leading causes of hand injuries include hand contact with objects and equipment, but it doesn't make much difference how your hand is injured, because the result is the same; trauma, pain, misery, and severe damage to your life-style. Normally, hand injuries are caused by either physical trauma or chemical contact. Injuries range from cuts, blisters, abrasions, lacerations, burns, punctures and fractures to amputations, chemical skin exposure and impact from falling parts.
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My Precious Eyes - The Gory Story (DVD)

My Precious Eyes - The Gory Story - Please be warned that some of the pictures and information you are about to see are very graphic. If you do not want to see graphic and explicit pictures of serious eye injuries, notify your trainer so you may be excused. No further warnings will be given. In this program, we're going to help increase your Safety Awareness on one of the most basic and most talked about topics in the entire safety industry; eye injury prevention.
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Lockout/Tagout - Gory Story/High Impact (DVD)

Years ago, companies had training programs, but nothing like today. Worker comp hadn’t been invented just yet. Even back in those days, the owners of the companies used something called lockout. Didn’t have fancy tags or even very good locks, but maintenance people were supposed to lock out any electricity that was supporting machinery.

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How To Have A Chain Saw Accident and Suffer The Consequences DVD

You, your family, and your employer don’t want you to have an accident, especially with chain saws. We believe that if we explain how to have a chain saw accident, you may be more able to prevent one. Topics discussed in this safety training include: the basics, operating a chain saw, kick back safety tips, transporting the chain saw.

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