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Safety Inspections Training Videos


Workplace Safety Inspection Checklist DVD

One of the benefits of workplace safety inspections is compliance with Health and Safety Regulations and Standards; however, the main purpose of inspections is accident prevention.
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Employee Involvement: The Key To Safety - Video

Employee Involvement: The Key To Safety encourages employees to participate in safety programs and outlines how they and their organization can benefit by getting involved.
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Roadside Inspections for CMV Drivers - DVD Training

This program is designed to help properly prepare drivers for roadside inspections and help them understand the consequences of a failed inspection. It also addresses the proper way to show your ELDs during an inspection to help comply with officers.
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Restaurant - Accident Investigation (DVD)

An effective safety program is developed from a wide range of integrated systems such as safety rules, training, hazard control, safety enforcement, inspections, supervisor leadership, and many others. Accident investigation is a fundamental and integral part of every good safety program.
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Asbestos Building Inspection - Video

This program is designed to give a brief overview of the many particulars concerning these disciplines. It’s not designed to make you an expert in the art and science of asbestos identification or removal. Asbestos is a mineral, which occurs naturally in the environment. It is distinguishable by long thin fibers. There are two groups of Asbestos minerals…they are Serpentine and Amphibole.

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Hotel Safety Series - Fire Extinguisher Training

The very first rule to remember is that life safety is paramount. This means that if your life is endangered by attempting to extinguish a fire with a fire extinguisher, don’t do it! Make sure you or others are not put in a dangerous situation and make sure that you can exit the building if the fire gets out of hand. Life safety is the most important part of extinguishing fires.

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Hazardous Energy Source -Lockout/Tagout (DVD)

This program is designed to explain the basic procedures, some terminology used in the procedures, and general requirements. Before this requirement was released in September of 1989, organizations used the lockout and tagout procedures to protect employees from machinery and equipment hazards
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Propane Safety Training DVD

Propane Safety - Liquefied petroleum gas, commonly called LPG or LP gas is a mixture of several hydrocarbon gases. Propane and butane, used separately or in mixtures, are the principal LP gases.
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Vehicle Inspection (DVD)

Almost every driver knows that they’re supposed to do a pre-trip inspection of their tractor and trailer before they leave the yard. They also know that they’re required to perform and document another complete inspection when they finish their work for the day. What happens too often is that drivers either don’t conduct these inspections at all, or they do them so quickly that they don’t see the things they should identify s needing repair.

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Pre-Trip Inspection - Large Buses DVD

Vehicle breakdowns are costly, inconvenient and frustrating for the operator and passengers. Reducing the chances of a breakdown can be done with a pre-trip inspection. This program will demonstrate a basic pre-trip inspection.
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The Competent Person and Soil Classification DVD

Cave-ins are predictable and preventable according to OSHA. Working around trenches can be dangerous. A cubic yard of soil can weigh 2700 pounds – that’s as much as a small truck. A person buried under a couple feet of soil can experience pressure to the chest causing suffocation. There is no room for risk-taking when working in trenches and excavations. A competent person is defined by OSHA standards relating to trenching and excavation activities. This program focuses on competent person and soil testing.

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Tanker Solutions Compilation - DVD Training

This training video program has been updated to include the current regulations as of 12/18/14, which require drivers to complete pretrip and post-trip vehicle inspections. Drivers must complete a driver vehicle inspection report (DVIR) after a post-trip inspection when vehicle defect(s) are found. Drivers of passenger-carrying vehicles must complete a DVIR whether or not vehicle defect(s) are found.
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New OSHA Safety Regulations For Cranes and Derricks

In response to growing concerns over crane safety, Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) recently released new crane and derrick safety standards. The rules will affect more than 4.8 million employees of crane and construction companies nationwide. This program will elaborate on the new standards and the employers’ responsibilities.

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Advanced Fire Extinguisher Training - DVD

Fire extinguishers and extinguishing materials have been around a long time. You've seen them everywhere; they're very useful and have saved many lives. But not everyone understands them or knows how to use them.
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Construction Safety & Health Compliance Manual

Easy-reading construction safety compliance manual explains complex Part 1926 regs in plain English.

The Construction Safety & Health Compliance Manual helps you comply with complicated Part 1926 requirements by providing straightforward guidance on critical topics including:

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OSHA's Eleven DVD

OSHA’s Eleven - Every factory, mill, and office in this country could well post a cautionary sign next to its front entrance. Warning: working may be hazardous to your health. Safety and loss prevention in the hospitality industry is a job that never ends ensuring that associates have a safe work environment and follow safety rules is a task that demands knowledge, constant vigilance, and dedication.

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Forklift Workshop for Construction - DVD Training

Provides forklift operators - new and veteran - with training on key safety and operation practices
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CSA: Know the BASICs - DVD Training

Train drivers on CSA, the 7 BASICs, scoring & evaluation and FMCSA interventions.

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Introduction To OSHA (DVD)

Introduction To OSHA - Today’s workers go to their jobs confident that they will return safely, and in good health. While hazards still may be encountered on the job, for the most part these risks are controlled. Prior to the OSHA Act more than 14,000 workers died and more than 50 million workers suffered disabling injuries every year simply by doing their jobs.
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Competent Person - Trenching and Shoring

Competent Person - Trenching And Shoring - It occurs year after year, workers needlessly dying in trench cave-ins. The tragedy lies with the fact that these workers should have never have been in a situation in which their lives were on the line. Based on National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health statistics, an average of 60 workers die in cave-ins annually. According to NIOSH, these deaths are entirely preventable.
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Manufacturing Training Courses - 15 Videos

The standard manufacturing training package includes 15 videos and a CD-Rom of written materials.

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New Employee Safety Orientation Video - Advanced

The goal of this training program is to help you understand some of your job responsibilities that include safety. Safety is a major part of your job, no matter where you work or what type of job you perform. Meets OSHA training requirements for training new employees on safety basics.

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Advanced Fire Extinguisher Training (Long Version)

Fire extinguishers and extinguishing materials have been around a long time. You've seen them everywhere; they're very useful and have saved many lives. But not everyone understands them or knows how to use them. The subject of this training program is understanding more about extinguishers and how they work. The objective of the training is to save lives and property, in that order. Always remember that life safety is much more important than property.
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Asbestos - Building Inspections - Video

This program is designed to give a brief overview of the many particulars concerning these disciplines. It’s not designed to make you an expert in the art and science of asbestos identification or removal.

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Order Picker Operator Safety Video

Orderpickers are very unique industrial vehicles. Rather than having to get in and out of the machine to pick an order or take inventory, orderpickers allow the worker to operate the vehicle while riding up and down with the load.
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