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Sanitation In The Food Industry (DVD)


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This video covers bacteria, micro-organisms, proper food temperatures, handling raw foods, cross contamination, food storage, chemicals, cleaning/sanitizing procedures, acidity reactions with metal cans, insect/rodent control

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Additional information about Sanitation In The Food Industry (DVD)

Sanitation In The Food Industry - When a restaurant, meat market, seafood, grocery store, or food processing facility is open, that means it has a satisfactory sanitation and health rating. Satisfactory doesnít mean there arenít problems; it just means that on the day the health inspector visited, the establishment passed the minimal requirements. Some are closed down until they correct deficiencies. This program is designed to help you reduce the risk of potential of foodborne illnesses and other related diseases.

Topics included in this safety video are: protection from contamination, bacteria, temperature control, hygiene and personnel practices, communicable diseases/injuries, hand-washing, personal cleanliness and conduct, outside surroundings, overhead structures and lighting, non-food chemicals, general cleanliness and housekeeping, cleaning and sanitizing equipment, and pest control.

Runtime: 20 Min.

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