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Sexual Harassment Training Videos & Courses


Legal Briefs Harassment & Discrimination: Promoting Respect & Preventing Discrimination

Managers are the first line of defense in dealing with harassment and discrimination issues. Because their actions—and inaction's—directly represent the organization, they need to know how to prevent, rather than contribute, to lawsuits.

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Intimate Partner Violence Tri-Fold Brochures

This tri-fold brochure is a part of the RelationShapers series of informative and easy to ready brochures that promote healthy relationships and raise awareness of sexual violence and domestic violence and how to prevent it.

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10-Minute HR Trainer

The 10-Minute HR Trainer is the easy way to deliver valuable human resource management training meetings in as little as 10 minutes. It includes everything you need for training- meeting outlines, handouts, quizzes, etc. Put it to work in your organization and stop worrying!
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Sexual Harassment: A Commonsense Approach - California Manager's Version - DVD

This California sexual harassment training video for managers helps you meet the requirements of AB 1825. (DVD or Video Streaming)
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Helping a Friend Who Was Sexually Assaulted Tri-Fold Brochures

Supporting a friend or family member who was a victim of sexual assault is an important step for his or her recovery. The Helping a Friend Who Was Sexually Assaulted Tri-Fold Brochures explain the importance of being a supportive and trustworthy friend and what steps should be taken to help a friend cope with the sexual assault.

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Harassment Hurts: Gossiping, Taunting,and Bullying DVD

This program gives youngsters the opportunity to consider and discuss strategies for coping with the effects of gossiping, taunting and bullying. Free Preview
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Sexual Harassment: A Commonsense Approach - Connecticut Manager's Version (DVD)

Speaking directly to supervisors and managers in Connecticut, this sexual harassment training DVD offers clear guidance on how to recognize and prevent sexual harassment in the workplace, and explains their responsibilities to respond promptly and appropriately.
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Guidance Systems: Bullying and Sex Facts for High School Series DVD

3 video programs plus a digital workbook with activities, program summaries, discussion questions and further resources corresponding to each video. The series covers topics in bullying, sexual harassment, and sex education as well as present social issues that result from modern day technology.
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Harassment & Diversity: Respecting Differences - Employee Version

Employees are just as responsible as managers for maintaining a harassment-free workplace. This diversity training video focuses on sensitivity and awareness, teaching why respect for coworker differences is not only required by the law but is also the right thing to do.
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Sexual Harassment: A Commonsense Approach — Employee/CA Manager Combination Package DVDs

Viewers will see realistic scenes that are clearly sexual harassment, and others that are probably just a lapse in good judgment. Free Preview
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What to Do About Sexual Harassment Complaints in the Workplace (Handbooks/25 Pack)

Avoid the high cost of litigation by making sure everyone understands the proper procedures to follow. This booklet explains what harassment is and the steps to take to ensure a fair investigation.
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Recognize & Prevent Sexual Harassment (Handbooks/25 Pack)

This best-selling sexual harassment training booklet puts clear, easy-to-understand help in the hands of all your employees. Helps educate your staff on the often confusing subject of what constitutes sexual harassment at the same time it prevents expensive and disastrous lawsuits and claims.
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Training for a Harassment-Free Workplace eLearning - Employee Version

This award winning video is now available as an interactive eLearning course with exercises and thought-provoking questions designed to keep users engaged with realistic examples, variety, and unexpected twists.
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California Immigration & I-9 Compliance Update: New AB 450 Obligations in Effect January 1, 2018 - On-Demand

Learn how to comply with AB 450, California’s new employment law impacting on immigration and I-9 compliance.
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Sexual Harassment: A Commonsense Approach — Manager's Version

Managers have to be as educated about sexual harassment as their employees. This award-winning harassment training video program features six real world scenes depicting different kinds of unwelcome behavior, including inappropriate comments, unwanted touching, and quid pro quo harassment, in which a superior uses his power to coerce an underling. (DVD or Video Streaming)

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Wide Eyed with Jane Elliott - DVD

Join a diversity training session using clips from Jane Elliott’s previous documentaries and a detailed Facilitator’s Guide written by Jane Elliott. A MUST BUY for all Diversity Trainers.

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It's Up to You: Stopping Sexual Harassment (2-Part Series)

With recent legal changes, and the ever-increasing need to confront sexual harassment issues in the workplace, the challenges to comprehensive training have grown. Free Preview
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HR and Soft Skills Combo-Pack

Prepare your team to handle challenging work situations from how to perform effective on-the-job training, to handling conflicts and workplace stress. Help your employees understand how to handle diversity, discrimination, and sexual harassment. Also, help your employees recognize potential substance abuse and how to handle violence in the workplace.
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Harassment Is (Office Version)

Video Streaming Also Available

Harassment represents one of the most destructive workplace issues faced by public and private employers today. Now more than ever, it's important to train all personnel to recognize the various forms that harassment may take and implement measures to prevent it in your organization!

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A Clear Picture: Harassment In The Public Sector - DVD

The EEOC receives nearly 20,000 workplace harassment and discrimination complaints each year, resulting in expensive lawsuits, negative media coverage and damaged morale
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A Class Divided with Jane Elliott - DVD

A Class Divided with Jane Elliott - Video
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Over the years, A Class Divided has become a classic – a powerful exploration into the nature of prejudice which has been used in classrooms, corporations, prisons and other governmental and educational settings.

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The Angry Eye with Jane Elliott - DVD

Taking pigmentation – in this case, eye color – as an arbitrary dividing line, Jane Elliott builds a microcosm of contemporary American society, compelling her more privileged blue-eyed participants to live in another world for the longest two and a half hours of their lives.

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It's Up to You: Stopping Sexual Harassment, for Managers

Building on the extensive content of the employee version, this program delves deeper into the issues that confront supervisors and managers when dealing with sexual harassment. Each real-world scenario is followed by comprehensive discussions about tools, techniques, and the powerful roles that managers and supervisors play in stopping sexual harassment.
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Office Policies Procedures Manual (Download)

Quickly create the office policies and procedures you need for multiple departments of your business. The easily editable prewritten MS Word templates speed your development time and improve performance.
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HR Policies and Procedures Manual (Download)

Define HR Employee policies procedures for administration, employees benefits, hiring, compensation, payroll, training, development, and HR compliance. Download Human Resource Policy Procedure Manual Templates in Easily Editable Word Documents.
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In This Together - Video

The In This Together training package presents an engaging look at harassment and respect in the workplace. Seven front line employees from a variety of businesses speak directly to their peers as they lay out the issues of respect and harassment head on.

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VIOLENCE: The Risk From Within Video

Open channels of communication provide outlets for employees to express their personal and professional frustrations. Knowing how, when and with whom to open those channels is the subject of the VIOLENCE: The Risk From Within training video.
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Harassment & Diversity: Respecting Differences - Manager Version

As a manager, you have a responsibility to keep your workplace free of any form of harassment. In this popular harassment and diversity training program, an office “comedian” uses his coworkers’ race, religion, and age as the basis of snide comments that no one else finds particularly funny. (Available in English & Spanish)(DVD or Video Streaming)

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Harassment: Sex, Religion, and Beyond - Employee Version (Spanish Version) DVD

This new training program brings this message home, showing that bad behavior is not OK—whether it applies to sex, religion, or anything beyond…and whether it actually crosses the line into illegal harassment or not. This course is also a California AB 1825 compliant training solution

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Wrong Way Right Way: Ethics Cases (Complete DVD Set)

Many organizations today are incorporating humor into their corporate ethics training programs to engage their employees, improve retention, and reinforce ethical practices.
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Harassment: A New Look (Employee version) DVD

Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act forbids harassment and discrimination based on a person's race, color, religion, sex and national origin. However, many recent forms of harassment, such as workplace bullying, are not necessarily covered by this landmark law.Free Preview
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Sexual Harassment For Education (Student Version) - DVD

This program focuses on teaching the important difference between innocent flirtation and sexual harassment.
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Sexual Harassment: Is It or Isn't It? (Manufacturing Version) - DVD

Here's a practical solution when you need to provide sexual harassment awareness and prevention training to a mixed group of office personnel and manufacturing employees.
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Sexual Harassment: Understanding The Law - Employee Version (DVD)

The EEOC has extended the Supreme Court's rulings on Sexual Harassment to all forms of harassment prohibited by federal anti-discrimination laws.
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Harassment Is (Retail Version)

Harassment represents one of the most destructive workplace issues faced by public and private employers today. Now more than ever, it's important to train all personnel to recognize the various forms of harassment and eliminate it in your organization!
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